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15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iPhone

15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone

Looking for the Best Screen Mirroring Apps? Here at, you will find the 15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iPhone.  Screen Mirroring refers to the technology with which a view of any of the given devices (tablet, smartphone, monitor, laptop) screen can be wirelessly displayed over the screen of another device. It has always been a quite favorable thing for official and commercial sharing of the required information. Speaking of this zoom era, where work from home or mobile working is the only way of getting work done, screen mirroring has undeniably become a dire need of the hour, or frankly of the year(s).

By making use of the screen mirroring applications, you can very conveniently make it to share your desired content with any other person or persons (your co-workers!) over their screens and have the perfect sustenance of your workflow. With that said, screen mirroring has got its widest functionality within nearly all of the activities carried out online today, such as virtual meetings, presentations, lectures, remote schooling, and every other task needing to be done, specifically during these pandemic times.

Have A Look At The 15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps For Android And iPhone

Prior to knowing about the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone”, there are a few important things that must be understood, in order to have the right comprehension of screen mirroring and also to not confuse it with any other technology, as well.

Screen Mirroring; Crucial Factors To Know

Screen Mirroring; Crucial Factors To Know

Ahead are those factors that will provide a better understanding of the screen mirroring technology as well as those situations and requirements, necessary for its smooth working. You’re surely gonna have much fun taking a look at these:

It’s Not Your Regular Online Meeting

Screen Mirroring isn’t a cliche screen-sharing software or some sort of online meeting software in the first place. Rather it is more of a “localized” or “personalized” action between the screen-sending device and the screen-receiving one. Your shared screen data neither will cross the internet nor it’s gonna require an internet connection, as well. It’s the local and point-to-point sharing that mostly happens between two or more devices present in the same room. However, it isn’t always necessary for the involved devices to have a similar network.

Don’t Confuse It With Media Streaming

Pretty unlike that of Youtube or Netflix which are audio and video being run in a constant playback, screen mirroring does not offer media streaming, not to mention to confuse it to be the ‘media streaming, as well. Screen mirroring primarily is what aids content collaboration or presentation.

It’s Totally Wireless

Which does mean there’s no need for any adapters, cables, or dongles at all. To be more clear, screen mirroring does not require any sort of ‘physical’ connection for its work. Our following enlisted description at contains the precise info about the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone”. 

The Way It Works

Screen Mirroring primarily needs two major components for its working that is the screen-sending device and the screen-receiving device (mentioned earlier, too). Screen mirroring is done by the screen sending device utilizing a Screen Mirroring Protocol” such as the Google Cast (used for Chromebook) and Apple AirPlay (used on iPhones), followed by using a receiver. This receiver is actually the receiving (destination) point for the content that has been sent to be displayed.

The Bad Side

There are also certain issues that might be faced while the screen mirroring takes place, such as devices having different native screen mirroring technology and thus can’t possibly share the same level of compatibility. The good news here is that there are several third-party screen mirroring solution providers for the effective elimination of such drawbacks (technological barriers). These work by bridging the gap for seamless cross-platform compatibility.

The Distinctive Working

Screen mirroring functions differently for all the operating systems i.e. Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. This means that you’ll have to go for the intended means of screen mirroring, in accordance with the operating system of your device(s) and so goes for the various settings you’ll need to go through, in order to have the screen sharing among your working media (people, devices, etc.)

List of the 15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone

At this very point, there’s this quite interesting fact that Screen mirroring apps are fairly less in number than the ones available for Android. Upcoming, nevertheless, is a compilation of the apps for both.

1. Mirroring 360

It’s the top screen mirroring app working for both iPhone and Android. As far as working on your Mac or PC is concerned, you’ll need to install the Mirroring 360 software, in order to have the application functioning on your device(s). It supports the iPhone with version iOS9 and above and for the Android, the support is available for the 5.0 versions and those above that.

2. AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect

As the name suggests, AirServer Connect is the iPhone screen mirroring app which can effectively cast the desired phone screen to a number of synced devices. However, it does not offer audio support for either iPhone or Android. You can connect your desired devices by scanning the QR code and have fun with the brilliant picture quality of the screencasting.

3. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

This, as well, is a screen mirroring app meant for both iPhone as well as Android and it can also efficiently connect with several operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. It requires the installation of a VNC server on your intended device for its working and you can also have a backup of all the connections this way. It also provides support for Bluetooth peripherals.

4. Screen Mirroring- TV Cast

It’s the iPhone Screen Mirroring App, which is used to mirror an iPhone screen onto that of the TV screen and there’s also no need for the installation of any additional application. It stands out among the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone” due to its efficient mirroring working with a one-click start and stop and which takes place over Wi-Fi.

5. ApowerMirror


The ApowerMirror screen mirroring app provides screencasting for Mac as well as Windows and functions with both iPhone and Android. It displays the mirrored content in HD and is amazingly easy to use. It can also be used for live streaming and is perfect for displaying PDF files and ppts.

6. LetsView


It’s the all-rounder screen mirroring app meant for both iPhones and Androids, which has got a number of excellent features such as screen recording and wireless sharing via the Whiteboard. It is, by far, a greatly user-friendly app giving off amazing features.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

It’s the screen mirroring app from Google showing a remarkable functionality, which makes it a top choice among the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone”. It effectively works overall devices rather than just the smartphone and offers a super-secure connection for both Android and iPhone. You can easily access your smartphone remotely and there is no requirement for any extra software as well. It makes use of a pin for authenticating devices.

8. AnyDesk


It’s an amazing iPhone and Android screen mirroring app that works in a really unique and wondrous way. Once you’ve got it installed on your smartphone, you’ll get this unique code which is to be confirmed by the other device, thus maintaining exquisite security. AnyDesk is known to be the fastest screen mirroring app and it can effectively work over a number of remote devices. It’s a good app for personal usage as well and quite a lightweight one.

9. Castto


Castto is an Android screen mirroring app from SoomApps working simply over the Wi-Fi and is super easy to use, without any complicated technicalities. It gives off a fine performance by detecting the intended device much quickly, which explains its distinctive positioning among the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone” 

10. SecondScreen


SecondScreen is another amazing screen mirroring app meant for Android, which can also be connected to a larger screen the way a TV does. It shows an excellent bigger picture view and there are a number of options available as well, in order to suit different profiles. You can have easy navigation due to the built-in shortcuts and can also adjust your screen resolution according to your requirement.

11. TeamViewer


TeamViewer is more of a software, in addition to just being a screen mirroring app. It has its wide usage in effectively solving a number of technical issues. It offers an amazing quality real-time screen sharing and runs over a passcode-protected connection for the data/file transfer. You can also chat with those working with you or around you, apart from the work stuff sharing.

12. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

The screen mirroring app of Microsoft Remote Desktop mirrors the PC screen to that of the phone and can also be effectively used to access a desired remote desktop. In order to acquire the incredible functioning of this screencasting app, all you need to do is get started with the application on your smartphone, making it connect with a Windows PC, followed by simply configuring the computer. You can have access to the Virtual apps and enjoy audio/video streaming as well as the built-in multi-touch gestures too.

13. HD Screen Mirroring

HD Screen Mirroring

HD Screen Mirroring is the Android screen mirroring app. It’s a well-known one amidst the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone” for providing video streaming and gaming or larger screens. You’ll need to enable the Miracast on your TV in order to have it connected to your smartphone. It can efficiently support all of the Android devices as well as versions and the only requirement is a similar Wi-Fi connection on both the connected devices.

14. Reflector 2

Reflector 2

Reflector 2 is primarily the screen mirroring app for Android yet it can mirror your iPhone as well as iPad on the Android device. It’s got a built-in Airplay feature for iOS devices and is used to connect two devices. You can record your screen and can also hide the connected devices. In addition to that, it also supports the connection for multiple devices, ensuring higher productivity.

15. Samsung Smartview

Samsung Smartview

The Samsung Smartview is more of a substitute for the screen mirroring app that can be used to mirror a smartphone screen on a TV screen, however, both devices must be connected with the same Wi-Fi connection, which then gets recognized (detected) by the app. With the Samsung Smartview, you can have complete control over your Samsung Smart TV like that of remote control. You can create your favorite playlists as well as stream videos on your smartphone to be later watched on the TV.

To Conclude

We’ve come up with a comprehensive listing of the “15 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone” from which you can easily choose your suitable one and have a significant productivity improvement within your workflow. And same goes for the entertainment as well, which you can customize and enhance according to your desire. We’re pretty hopeful that this info shall be really interesting and helpful for you!

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