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Acer G226HQL LED Monitor Review

Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

Looking for Acer G226HQL LED Monitor Review? Here at, With great specifications, everyone considers that this LED monitor as an expensive gadget with great features. But you will be surprised to know that this is one of the best budget LED monitors with multiple advanced features and specifications. You can get a great performer even if you have a tight budget.

Let’s Explore The Advanced Features of Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

This all-rounder LED monitor has a full HD 1080p display with an attractive and slim design. The bezels of this monitor make it more modern and sleek. At an affordable price, this LED monitor does not serve you additional or fancy features but only the required ones. All in all this Acer G226HQL LED Monitor provide you satisfactory results at such a low price.

Quality of Acer G226HQL

Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

Acer G226HQL provides you a screen that is more bright than any other expensive LED monitor. But that brightness is not harmful to your eyes because the brightness is set to the level of your satisfaction and also you bought the monitor for less eye strain. The glowing monitor is everyones’ favorite and this incredible monitor comes with an accurate level of brightness.

Moreover, you can also adjust the level of brightness according to your situation, or you can set it to auto function. But if you do such settings you have to compromise on the FPS rate. And if you are having a powerful GPU setup then there is no need to compromise on the FPS rate.

This Acer G226HQL LED Monitor can be the best performer for gamers as it can really optimize your display. The brightness of the display and the vibrant colors of this LED monitor are combined with wide viewing angles.

These incredible color combinations and viewing angles result in really outstanding color scheming on the screen and can make your gaming more like a 3-dimensional painting with a 1.78:1 ratio. Furthermore, you can adjust the angle of view according to your needs.

Performance of Acer G226HQL

Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

The new Acer G226HQL comes with a TN panel that delivers a really quick response time in just 5ms. And this short time is enough for the ghosting elimination of fast-moving objects on the daily use of computers. The best gaming monitor under 150 performs really very well even in fast-paced gaming and the TN panels of this LED monitor are eligible for a response time of 1ms.

For the rotation of the screen at different angles you can slightly tilt the screen according to your desired angle. This Acer G226HQL LED Monitor comes with 160 degrees of viewing angle of vertical and horizontal on both sides and when you tilt the screen to your desired position, it will not lose its colors or pixels and you can enjoy your gaming or watching experience.

Here we are going to mention the different aspects of the ratios.

Acer G226HQL Static Contrast- 600:1 (This static contrast ratio is smaller than regular static contrast ratio)

Acer G226HQL Dynamic Contrast Ratio- 100,000,000:1 (this dynamic contrast ratio provides the perfect combination between the bright and dark color tones)

Moreover, in the OSD menu, the Acer Adaptive Contrast Management or Dynamic Contrast ratio can e enabled or disabled manually.


Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

You can adjust the contrast by going into the OSD settings or there is another way to adjust the contrast from the monitor’s hotkey from which you can pre-calibrate the presets. For the navigation among the various modes of the eColor Management feature, you can use the OSD button on the Acer G226HQL LED Monitor.

You can enjoy the incredible picture quality by optimizing the dynamic contrast with this feature whether you are enjoying a game or watching a movie. In the picture presets different modes are involved such as ECO, User, Graphics, Standard, and Movie modes.

The power consumption can be saved for up to 68% by ECO mode. And the colors are enhanced by the graphics mode and delivers the original colors of the gameplay or movies to your screen. The detailing of the scenes can be enhanced by the movie mode. Hence, all the modes are equally valuable for delivering the best quality image to your screens.


Acer G226HQL LED Monitor

The advanced Acer G226HQL monitor enables VGA and DVI-D ports. For the connection of the gaming console with your 27-inch gaming monitor under 300 initially, you have to buy the HDMI or DVI converter. The cables of VGA and DVI-D are already provided in the package of the Acer G226HQL LED monitor. Moreover, you can watch the digital and copy-protected content by the HDCP as it is supported by a DVI-D port.

Final Verdict!

Acer G226HQL is one of the best-LED monitors at such a low price. You can enjoy highly responsive, great quality, and full HD digital movies and gameplay. The attributes that are mentioned in this article are enough at this price value. Moreover, this best Acer G226HQL LED Monitor is just available for under $100. Yes! What else a gamer can want? So go grab your piece as early as possible before it gets out of stock. And must share the review in the comment section below!

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