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AOC G2490VX 24 Review – Best Gaming Monitor Under $200

AOC G2490VX 24 Review Featured Image

If you want the cheapest yet good quality monitor, then AOC G2490VX 24 is your monitor. It falls under the category of gaming PC monitors because of higher refresh rates and unique color combination that refers to gaming scenarios as well. After getting this monitor, you will enjoy a lot of features at such a low and pocket-friendly rate.

These competent features include extensive color gamut, AMD FreeSync Premium Technology, 1 ms response rate time (MPRT), and many other additional characteristic features as well. So let us explore all these unbeatable features that have general importance in the gaming field, down here in the AOC G2490VX 24 Review.

Reasons To Buy
  • Contrast ratio is high
  • Wide color gamut
  • FreeSync
  • 144 hertz refresh rate
  • Tilt on stand only
  • GTC pixel response is very slow

Specification Table Of AOC G2490VX 24 Review
Size 24 inches
Resolution FHD 1920×1080
Max Refresh Rate 144 hertz
Pixel Type VA
Refresh Rate Technology AMD FreeSync Premium
Response Time 1 ms
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AOC G2490VX 24 Review | In-Depth Monitor Analysis & Specifications

AOC G2490VX 24 Review | In-Depth Monitor Analysis & Specifications

With a perfect display quality, the AOC G2490VX is the most cost-effective and prime gaming monitor in the battle of AOC G2490VX vs AOC 24G2 as well. The monitor is worth your money in a true sense because it provides you with a lot of features that are definitely exceptional to be present in this under $200 gaming monitor.

These features are the most attractive plus points that aid in attracting gamers to use this device for impressive gameplay. So let us have a look at all the most mind-striking characteristics in this AOC G2490VX 24 review.

Build-up Quality

Build-up Quality AOC G2490VX 24

They build this device to compete with the rivals as the manufacturing quality is very much exceptional. The plastic used in the chassis creation is very sturdy and durable as well so that you may get long-lasting serviceability facing no kind of hassle or problem for a longer time period.

The screen is resistant to minor scratches and scuffs and provides the consumers with amazing display quality. Besides these components, they manufactured the base from matte-finished plastic that shows up both sturdiness and enticing looks that appeal to users the most.

Aesthetical Design

Aesthetical Design AOC G2490VX 24

The AOC G2490VX 24 frameless gaming monitor 144hz comes up with a borderless or frameless design on the 3 sides that entices up the looks of the whole screen for the quite mesmerizing gaming experience. It is done with an anti-glare matting coat as well so that it resists most of the scuffs easily.

The color combination is very much interesting as it is a combo of red and black colors that shows perfection in the gaming environment of your room. The blazing red color at the lower border of the screen will make you feel that you have added an exception to your gaming inventory.

Ports Selection

Ports Selection AOC G2490VX 24

In order to enhance your gaming experience, AOC has added an excellent selection of gaming ports to this monitor as well. By using these ports you can easily add or connect your external devices and other peripheral gaming aid products facing no kind of trouble.

It comes up with a 1.2 DisplayPort and 1.5 HDMI port as well, so that you may connect to your gaming PC easily and enjoy better display results for an unmatched gaming experience at your end. Besides these connective ports, you will also get a headphone jack (3.5 mm) in order to connect any headphones or external speakers with your monitor.

Viewing Angles

Viewing Angles AOC G2490VX 24

Because of the VA panel in this monitor, you will get wide angles for viewing that enhance the viewing approach of the consumer no matter in which position or height he is sitting. Because of these perfect angles, you do not even require high brightness shifts as well.

The 178 degrees wide viewing angles will boost up the overall visual experience and do not compel you to shift the contrast, colors, and brightness even at different skewed angles. Like TN panels, all these practices are no more observed in these high-quality VA panels.

Ergonomics Characters

Ergonomics Characters AOC G2490VX 24

The AOC G2490VX 24 Review reveals that the ergonomic style there have some drawbacks that the company should improve. The base stand only offers til option and there are no rotates, pivot, and swivel features you can enjoy in this monitor. But by observing VESA mounting techniques, you can mount this monitor for better display options.

By -5­°/23­° there is only a tilt in the stand of this monitor. Otherwise, if you have to pivot your screen or swivel it, then you must purchase mounting products that will cost you more than even the entire cost of the monitor. So in such a case, you can go for better alternatives for this price range.


Resolution AOC G2490VX 24

The monitor gives you vibrant colors, appealing whites, and deep dark black all because of the extraordinary resolution and accurate detailing of the screen. The 1080p resolution gives you a decent display density of about 92 pixels per inch.

Such pixel density is amazing for brighter texts, mind-blowing visuals, and appealing gaming screen displays as well. So with this AOC G2490VX 24, you will definitely enjoy updated gameplay that will offer your eyes a plush and very relaxing treat on a louder note.


Brightness AOC G2490VX 24

A much stronger and magnanimous screen brightness is waiting for you if you are going to purchase the AOC G2490VX gaming monitor. The overall brightness capacity is 350 Nits, which would be better if you are using the monitor even in the daytime to offer you visuals of every area significantly.

You will not see any obvious difference in the contrast ratio and brightness combination during full light scenarios as well. Because most of the consumers use the screen under moderate to normal lighting conditions which do not pose any serious impact on the eyes of the viewers.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast Ratio AOC G2490VX 24

The static contrast ratio of this product is 4000:1, and it is even more optimized and brighter than compared to the other monitor in the same price range. As they got contrast ratios of about 3000:1 with 250 Nits of brightness. So the AOC G240VX 24 is an amazing machine in terms of the overall display.

Apart from other adjustment tools stated in this AOC G2490VX 24 Review present in the display menu, you have also got brightness and contrast ratio adjustment options that will definitely aid you in making the display quality more appealing and better just according to your ambient light. By doing so, you can boost up the image quality and can view the darker areas of the screen more precisely as well.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Response Time & Refresh Rate AOC G2490VX 24

Despite all the features, the response time of this monitor is the slowest that we have ever reviewed in any of the other monitors since date. The GTG responding pixel time is very much disappointing in such a high-rated refresh rate computer gaming monitor.

You will get a variable refresh rate (VRR) on this monitor for a better gaming experience that adjusts itself just according to the needs of your game. AMD FreeSync technology helps this device to achieve high refresh rates that range from 48 Hz to 144 Hz.


Performance AOC G2490VX 24

Considering the price in the account, this 24 inches AOC G2490VX 24 gaming monitor shows up exceptional display quality. You will see every single object’s motion with great precision and fine detailing in this 144 Hertz gaming monitor. The refresh rate is outstanding for better gameplay that definitely fascinates gamers.

You have got a lot of features in this gaming monitor, but the only downside is the slow response time that we have never seen in the monitors having high and variable refresh rates. In order to attain overall good gaming performance, this gaming monitor is a pro!

Bottom Line!

You will make your purchase for the best gaming monitor under $200 more accurate and wiser after going through this article thoroughly. Here in the AOC G2490VX 24 review, we have mentioned all the facts and the most credible data about the specifications of this gaming monitor for you people. So you can have a wiser purchasing approach after finding out whether this product can fulfill your requirements.

In our last take, we will suggest you purchase this monitor if you have got a low investment and want to get an amazingly featured gaming display monitor for you. The excellent picture quality and other features like color gamut and many more will definitely be your perfect gaming companions.

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