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AORUS FV43U 43 Review – The Best 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor

AORUS FV43U 43 Review Featured Image

If you are looking for a large gaming monitor for Xbox, then this AORUS FV43U will be the most appropriate choice. This large-sized (43 inches) monitor gives you the best 144 Hz results and makes your overall gaming experience much improved and enjoyable to the next level as well.

There are a lot of features that you can avail of in this giant gaming monitor. So here, in the most honest AORUS FV43U 43 Review, we have described the pros, cons, and other specification details of this product as well. Let us grab all the information in the following brief review about this lavish gaming monitor.

Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent contrast ratios for deep blacks
  • High brightness
  • A lot of features
  • Connectivity options are rich
  • Built-in KVM switch
  • Minute tearing in fast-moving games
  • Brightness flickering sometimes
  • Grey text on black shows issues

Specification Table Of AORUS FV43U 43 Review
Size 43 inches
Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
Max Refresh Rate 144 hertz
Pixel Type VA
Refresh Rate Technology NVIDIA G-SYNC
Response Time 1 ms
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AORUS FV43U 43 Review | In-Depth Monitor Analysis & Specifications

AORUS FV43U 43 Review | In-Depth Monitor Analysis & Specifications

With the best 43 inches gaming display, AORUS FV43U 43 stands at top of the list in the category of most amazing gaming monitor present in the market nowadays. With a high contrast ratio, peak brightness, and extensive color gamut, you will definitely enjoy an immersive gaming experience with this monitor.

Besides the plus points, this ultrawide gaming monitor also comes with a downside is the VA panel. The issues related to this panel are black smearing issues behind the speedily moving objects, and some dark scenes also get affected by the flickering in VRR brightness. Below in our detailed AORUS FV43U 43 Review, we have summarized the major characteristics of this product.

Build-up Quality

Build-up Quality AORUS FV43U 43

The build-up quality of this monitor is really up to the mark. The plastic used in manufacturing is very much sturdy and can give you a very long-lasting serviceability approach with no issues at all. You can use this monitor in harsh conditions as well.

Despite anti-glare matte glass, this monitor has a coating that is semi-gloss (present on the screen) which avoids all kinds of scratches and scuffs as well. The overall crafting approach of this AORUS FV43U gaming monitor is very much reliable and perfect for long-term use.

Aesthetical Design

Aesthetical Design AORUS FV43U 43

The design is very much large such as a giant or beast. This 43 inches gigantic gaming monitor is designed for hardcore gamers that want to enjoy their gameplay in a cinematic view in a true sense. If you are such a gamer that wants the most lunatic gaming style, then this hugs screen is the best option for you.

The stand has two pairs of legs (4 in total) by which you can easily place the product on your gaming desk with no add-on product. The entire design and the aesthetical approach of the monitor are mind-blowing, which attracts the focus of the consumers towards itself as well.

Ports Selection

Ports Selection AORUS FV43U 43

Gigabyte gives its users a very amazing port selection so that they do not require any kind of external hub for the connection of their peripheral devices. The port options are 1.4 DP with DSC, a pair of 2.1 HDMI ports, there is also a USB-C port in this monitor.

A 3.5 mm headphone jack for the connection of headphones or any external speakers is also present. You will also get an audio line-out port, a hub with Dual 3.0 USB, and additional KVM as well. This rich selection of ports shows up the actual worth of this Gigabyte AORUS monitor.

Viewing Angles

Viewing Angles AORUS FV43U 43

The company claims 178 degrees of viewing angles for the AORUS FV43U 43, but in our AORUS FV43U 43 Review, according to our experts, minor shifts in colors and brightness can be seen if you try to watch the screen from different side angles. Sometimes at normal positions of viewing the saturation or gamma shifts are also visible because of the large size of the monitor.

But this issue is not such a big deal if you are going to use this monitor screen for your daily purposes or gaming usage as well. But keep our suggestion in mind that we will never recommend this monitor if you are going to perform color-critical works on it.

Ergonomics Characters

Ergonomics Characters AORUS FV43U 43

As this monitor is large enough for its size, there are no ergonomic features of shifts in this monitor at all. You can not swivel, tilt, rotate, or pivot this big screen on the stand. This is the real downside of this giant gaming monitor you will be going to hate.

However, there are no ergonomics characteristics, but you can use a VESA Mount of 200×200 mm size as it is compatible with that and then it gives you more enhanced and improved viewing angles. This add-on will definitely add to your gaming experience in a positive sense.


Resolutions AORUS FV43U 43

This Gigabyte AORUS FV43U gaming monitor comes up with the most energetic 4K Ultra HD resolution approach that looks even brighter and sharper in such a huge 43 inches size. With a 3840 x 2160 Pixels resolution, this gaming display has a pixel density of about 104 pixels per inch.

With such numerics, it is very arduous to notice every single pixel when looking from a distance at normal viewing angles. You will notice fringy text on the screen because this device uses layout pixels based on BGR sub-pixel technology instead of normal RGB.


Brightness AORUS FV43U 43

As this monitor got two kinds of display modes viz; simple and the HDR picture display mode. The brightness that we have observed in simple mode during our testing is 750 cd/m² while this brightness increases in the HDR display mode to 1000 cd/m².

The peak brightness of this monitor is very much impressive. This AORUS FV43U gaming monitor exhibits the highest brightness of approximately 750 Nits and this brightness increases up to 100 Nits when you switch towards HDR viewing. Even at places with high ambient light, you can use this bright screen to view vivid, clear, and punchy graphics details.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast Ratio AORUS FV43U 43

You can enjoy the deep black colors on this screen amazingly and all thanks to the high contrast ratio. The contrast ratio at static is 4000:1, which is much higher than compared to ordinary gaming monitors. It ensures perfect picture quality, deep-colored blacks, and vivid clear details of shadows as well.

In the 8 dimming zones the colors get faded out but in the AORUS FV43U gaming monitor thanks to the peak contrast ratio that increases effectiveness and does not let any of the dimming zones get prominent. This elevates your gameplay in a genuine sense.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Response Time & Refresh Rate AORUS FV43U 43

As compared to the other monitors with a high refresh rate in VA panels, this monitor comes up with the most amazing response time among them all. But there is a con as well. Because of this high response time, you will see dark smearing behind the fast-moving objects on your screen.

You can get a variable refresh rate on this monitor that is the lowest of 120 Hertz and the maximum of 144 Hertz. By keeping our testing results in mind, we will recommend you to make an appropriate balance between these two limits for the least ghosting issues.


Performance of AORUS FV43U 43

Gigabyte AORUS fan control is present in this outstanding gaming monitor so that you might get a highly increased performance. You will notice no input lag, which results in responsive and mind-driving gameplay that will not show any kind of lagging or delay between the actions on the screen and your commands.

With the most advanced refresh rate technology, the Gigabyte FV43U is the best monitor in the gaming industry for providing consumers with a complete tear-free gaming experience. But most sadly, this machine comes with the most common VA panel problem, “the variable refresh rate flickering brightness” issues.

Bottom Line of AORUS FV43U 43 Review!

Besides having some disadvantages, the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U is the best option available in the market if you are in search of a UHD, 4K, and 144 Hertz gaming display with 43 inches screen size. Because of the BGR layout for the sub-pixel, it has some limitations in the viewing angles as well, so we will not recommend this monitor for office work or color-critics tasks.

But these issues are not of major importance in case you want to get this monitor for gaming with the deep blacks and perfectly responsive 144 Hertz gameplay in a true sense. But if you want a visually sensitive monitor, then you might look for something other than this monitor.

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