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Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops | A Critic Review of Apple Vs HP

Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops

In order to compare or find out the difference between the two largest brands, you have to break the things down into minor levels. Apple laptops VS HP laptops are one of the biggest rivalries in the market and people want to know which brand has clear superiority over the other. But as a matter of fact, being the top brands both these companies offer such solid laptops that have pretty significant features.

So to collect this information you might have accessed the internet and to get the answer to this question you are here. And you are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know about the features of both brands. So without any delay let’s have a look at some of the major differences between Apple and HP laptops.

A Quick Overview – Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops

Before getting into the article, we have mentioned some of the best models by both these companies that have ruled or are ruling the market to date as well. By having an instant overview of these top-selling models, you will get a proper idea about the specifications and features of these machines on a brief note. Let us move towards it.

Apple Inc – Most Popular Product

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) | HP

Difference Between Apple Laptops And HP Laptops

Quality is the main difference between these two brands. In the never-ending battle of Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops. Apple has the best customer care service as well. But on the other hand, HP laptops provide you with a better and more economical approach. The headquarters of both these brands are located in the United States and most of their parts are assembled in China as well.

So let’s talk about both the brands one by one. But if you are perplexed and trying to figure out which laptop gives the best performance and leads the entire market then you have to take a look at the specifications and other technicalities present in the laptops of both brands.

Difference On The Basis Of Design And Aesthetics

Apple laptops have fantastic and appealing designs that attract users the most. With their aluminum chassis, Apple will make the entire aesthetics of their laptop up to the mark. The magic keyboard is very much great as it gives a plush treat to your fingers as well.

The keyboard is backlit and aids you while typing. You can also enjoy different screen sizes in the Apple Laptops. And the display has the most vibrant colors as well.

While in the HP laptops the aesthetics are also very much enticing and you can get these laptops for a presentable approach. The Hp Envy, Omen, and Spectre series are more beautiful and have a more aesthetic approach as compared to the other HP products.

So you can buy these laptops if you want to get a more appealing and affordable price range as well. The price range and the quality of the machines are the main features that will make you differentiate between these two brands.

Advanced Features

As we know, Apple has recently launched its Apple M1 chip and the chip has come up with the most advanced features and specifications as well. This means that you will get a new 16 core CPU, the latest GPU, and other advanced features as well.

In the advanced features, Apple’s laptops come up with the most prominent virtual assistant (Siri) and it has different thunderbolts and other Type-C ports as well. The display is very much efficient and you can easily work on these screens without getting any irritation in your eyes.

While the HP windows laptop has the old intel processors that are not more efficient than Apple’s M1 chip. So if you are a professional and you want to get a real pro machine then Apple machines would be a great choice to select as compared to these old and outdated windows HP laptops.


But on the other hand in Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops, you only get a single USB-C type port which means that you can not plug any other peripheral at the time of charging. In order to use two or more peripherals, you have to use a dongle.

Both HP nor Apple do not give you enough room for a card slot or full-size USB port, but you can get more ports in the slim design of HP laptops. In HP laptops you can have three USB C-type ports, 1 USB 3.1 port, and 2 Thunderbolt three ports as well. Besides all these ports you can also use them as two 4K display outputs at the same time.

Touchpad And Keyboard

In this round, you should not do any type of comparison as Apple’s keyboard only offers a very little travel of 0.5 mm. While the 1.3 mm of travel in most of the HP laptops like in the Spectre series make these laptops more prior over the Apple’s.

In the HP vs Apple laptops, The HP laptops mostly have a roomy glass touchpad having dimensions 3.75 x 2.15-inch. This is quite enough space but people who use two fingers may find it a little jumpy. While Apple has a 4.4 x 2.7-inch force trackpad that is more convenient to use because of its larger size.


The superior reason for MacBook’s display is the sharpness of the screen and the colors are vibrant as well. No doubt, HP has larger and brighter screens but the quality of the display matters as well. The color vibrancy and the details are more prominent in the MacBook display. Although the display size is is smaller in MacBook, it is sharper and eye-catching as well.

If you talk about the screen size and brightness then definitely it will be a clear win for the HP laptops over Apple laptops. But there are some other factors as well that make Apple’s display more superior than the HP laptops display. So by keeping the above-mentioned factors in view our clear winner this round is Apple.

Audio Quality

I have no idea but MacBook Pro’s speaker out HP’s high-quality Olufsen’s and band speakers to shame. On specific audio that we played on both HP and Apple, the HP vs MacBook Air’s speaker produced a more clear and louder sound as compared to the other rival.

However, HP comes with more powerful and more advanced speakers as compared to Apple but they are not able to produce louder sounds than MacBook although we played different audio tracks as well.

Webcam Quality

When we tested the webcam of both these brands then we came to know that resolution is not everything. As compared to the blurred image produced by HP, MacBook’s image has better quality with a good skin tone and even better details than HP as well.

If you are thinking such a thing that because of high resolution as compared to Apple laptops, HP produces better quality then you are wrong. The images by HP in a side-by-side test failed to produce a good quality result.

Comparison Table

Apple Versus HP – Which One Is User Friendly?

If you want to know about the convenience in the battle of Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops that which laptop is more convenient to use then as a rule of thumb, Apple laptop is more efficient and user friendly as well. The force touch trackpad, mafic keyboard, and true tone technology in the display will make the Apple machines more effective and more convenient to use. But you have to fully understand the proper working of the laptop on a higher note as well.

So here we are going to compare both these brands on the series level as well. Here, we have described the different series by Apple and HP so that it would become easier to understand which one is a better laptop.


In these both brands, Apple comes in the list that made its way towards making itself a leading brand in such a short life span of about a decade or so. Although HP has been the top computing brand in the market for the past few years, the demand for Apple laptops has been surprisingly increasing. But as a matter of fact, it is true that the amount of HP laptops that are sold in the market is greater than the number of MacBooks.

But here we will study the thing that made Apple a top-selling brand in a very short time interval. So let us take a look at the most popular series that are MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These two devices made Apple a more demanding brand in the entire market.

Popular Models

Editor’s Recommendation

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MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021)

The Apple MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) is the beloved laptop that Apple has launched recently. The main feature of this device is that it is very much famous among both commercial and individual users as well. If you are a professional then no device is better than Apple MacBook Pro. As a matter of fact, many educational institutions offer MacBooks to students and many companies recommend purchasing MacBooks to their employees as well because of the exceptional performance and work efficiency.

MacBooks are easy to use. After using this powerful machine for a few weeks you will definitely curse yourself for why you have been using anything else. Many people think that the operating system of Mac is better as compared to the Windows OS that most of the HP laptops offer. So having a MacBook would be a better option if you want efficiency and great performance in your work as well.


Some people consider buying HP laptops while others are busy looking for cheaper Asian brands like Acer, Asus, or Lenovo. More people consider HP laptops in regard because they manufacture top-notch laptops with a very lowered price range.

The name of the brand in some previous years was Hewlett Packard. You can get some of the most selling laptops that the company is manufacturing worldwide and the reason for their fame is their top-quality and decent price.

So here below, let us discuss some of HP’s top series and some products as well so that you can better understand the hp vs apple laptop difference in a better sense as well.

Popular Models

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HP Spectre x360

You can choose from HP’s different models as they have introduced some brilliant series like the Envy series and the HP Omen series as well. The Omen series is specifically designed for gaming purposes. One of the best series by HP is Spectre and it has been the most popular and the most selling series in the whole recent series. And the device in this series is the Spectre x360.

Spectre is one of the most premium series by HP so you will find it more expensive as compared to the other products by HP. The reason for its high rate is its unbeatable specifications and features as well. For example, the price you are going to pay for an 8 GB, 256 GB SSD with a Core i5 processor in a MacBook while on the other hand, you can get a 16 GB RAM 512 GB SSD and i7 central processing unit you can buy HP Spectre x360.

This shows a clear advantage of having an HP laptop as you can get a really amazing machine at a very pocket-friendly rate. This is the only point on which you can criticize Apple as they charge more money for their devices and because of this reason people shift towards Windows laptops.

MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) Vs HP Spectre x360 in a Quick Glimpse


Here in this article, we have discussed briefly the comparison between Apple laptops and HP laptops. Now after reading the whole piece of writing you are now completely able to differentiate between both these brands on a wider scope as well. Both these laptop brands are well-known and you can add to your professional inventory by purchasing these powerful machines as well. But both these laptops brands are none less than each other on any basis.

In this article about Apple Laptops Vs HP Laptops, we are not encouraging or discouraging any of the above-mentioned brands in any sense or scenario. You can choose one just according to your taste and requirements as well. As it is human nature that he selects such a thing that attracts him the most. If you want to get the most authentic and reliable information about tech products of the modern world then you must pay visits to our site on a regular basis.

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