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Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Which Smartwatch Rules The Market?

Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Featured Image

The Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is just a modern part of the old rivalry between the Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch. Here is the biggest showdown between the Galaxy Watch 4 vs Apple Watch 7. You will love this head-to-head comparison between both these masterpieces.

Both these devices are said to be the most high-profile watches on the market today. Perhaps in some sense, you can also say these smartwatches are the best as compared to the other brands. But there is always a single winner. So let us decide which is the winner in our complete review of these watches.

Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 | Complete Head To Head Comparison

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Both of these companies have been bitter rivals for a long time, despite being the most frequent collaborators. So, when it came to smartwatches, both companies announced their top products on the market in order to establish their dominance.

Let’s get started with our Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comparison right here in this article. Read the whole piece of writing to find out which watch has the best ever features and could be the top product of the year 2022. Let us start without wasting a single second.

Availability And Price Range

Availability And Price Range Banner

As pricing is the most crucial factor that everyone focuses on a lot, and when it comes to the price ranges of these two international brands, you simply can not neglect the budget. These top companies manufacture the most expensive and most durable products for the end-users.

Apple Watch 7

The brand new Apple Watch Series 7 came to the international market on October 15, 2021, with its multiple variants. The variants vary on the basis of their size and the cellular approach to wifi data. For the most authentic pricing details, you can visit the official Apple site as well. But the price of this smartwatch starts at $399, and the costliest variant has a price of about $529.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

In the battle of the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung launched its Galaxy Watch 4 earlier in August 2021 in the UK, but it went on sale on September 10 in Australia. The pricing of this watch starts at $349, and the fully-loaded variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 is priced at about $429.

Quick Note

When we see the Samsung vs Apple Watch, when we see the pricing of these smartwatches, it becomes very clear that Apple has priced their watch higher as compared to Samsung. So if you are brand conscious and want only to buy an Apple Watch, keep one thing in mind: you have to pay more.

Features And The New Software

Features And The New Software Banner

With the advancement in technology, the ultimate rivalry between the iWatch vs Samsung watch has also made some improvements and many advancements in their smartwatches as well. Improving these products is a necessary and crucial point for both companies to elevate their place in the market. The following are the most recent advancements and features that have been added to these watches for better performance and work.

Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch Series 7 has been launched on the market with an entirely new Watch OS 8 that now offers you multitasking apps, better performance, and completely new messaging settings as well. This software is no less than a dream software and it proved itself very unique for Apple Watch lovers as it has all the features to grab one’s attention.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

On the other hand, in our Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 comparison, Samsung has made more improvements as compared to the previous models by adding more exclusive options and mindful apps. The better sleep trackers and other mind-striking functions in the Samsung version of the Apple Watch make this device a true performer. Samsung reads the minds of the users precisely.

Quick Note

When we compared the Samsung Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch, it became clear that Samsung had taken the battle in this round because of the extraordinary features. But Apple has competed well, as you can see an entirely new Watch OS 8 in the Apple Watch Series 7, which is a true plus point for this device to maintain its hype in the market.

Display Performance

Display Performance Banner

The display of any device matters a lot, whether it is a watch or any other electronic gadget with a display. The screen size and screen type of the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a very important factor that can make or break the whole impression of the device in the minds of the ultimate users. So let us check out the finest details about the display of the Samsung watch vs Apple watch.

Apple Watch 7

The display of the new Apple Watch Series 7 was larger in a true sense when we compared it with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and even with the previous Series 6 model. Because of the thin bezels, the screen size of this watch increased. With such an extensive display size, you can easily type a message on the screen as well, which makes this watch really very distinctive. 41 mm and 45 mm variants are present in the Apple Watch Series 7.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

As compared to the Apple Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 4 is smaller, lighter, and has a smaller display size. This watch comes in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes, which is comparatively smaller than the smartwatch 7 by Apple. But the Samsung Classic 4 smartwatches have 42 mm and 46 mm size approaches as well.

Quick Note

If you care about the display in these watches, you should go with the Apple Watch Series 7 because it has smaller and thinner bezels than the Samsung Galaxy 4 watch. These thin bezels make the Series 7 a watch that has a larger display screen. But the size and display approach of the Samsung Galaxy 4 watch are smaller as compared to the prior one. If the display is your top priority and budget is not an issue for you, then you should go for the Series 7 Apple Watch.

Design And Styling

Design And Styling Banner

Aesthetical approach and styling are the most prevalent aspects that must be focused on in the never-ending battle of the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. So let us find out what kinds of redesigning approaches and which styles have been modified or changed completely in both these watches by the top-ranked international companies in the world.

Apple Watch 7

Apple has actually redesigned their watch, which is quite visible. When you compare this Series 7 with the previous Series 6 or other previous models, you can clearly see that the Series 7 is curvier and way larger as well. The screen is also about 20% bigger than the previous model, and it is the most prominent redesign that Apple has done in Series 7.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Apple Watch truly comes in two design options. One gives a sporty look and is considered the Samsung flagship design. However, for long-term Samsung customers, the other classy and highly appealing classic design is also available. This classic version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 contains the features and the highly luxurious aspects and characteristics of the older Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as well.

Quick Note

The design of both these watches is very sturdy and designed in such a way that they can serve you for longer periods of time without causing any issues. But buying any watch on the basis of design is totally dependent upon the taste of the user. So you can select one that has the capability to fulfil your needs and you like them as well.

Battery Backup

Battery Backup Banner

People who are searching for Galaxy Watch vs Apple Watch to find out the exact facts about the battery life of both these gadgets can get the most authentic information about this aspect in this part of our complete comparison of the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The following are the exclusive details regarding the battery life of these smartwatches.

Apple Watch 7

Just like the battery backup of the previous models, the very new Apple Watch 7 lasted for about 18 hours. We have got these results from authentic testing while keeping the always-on display mode functional. So there is no improvement in the battery backup of this device compared to the older models. But this device charges 33% faster, which is going to be a real perk up for Apple Watch users.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The battery timing of the Samsung Galaxy 4 is up to the entire length of the day. By performing some tracking activities and setting the always-on display mode on work, the watch lasted for a single day. These results are quite amazing and are better as compared to the Apple Watch. With mild usage without turning on always-on display mode, you can even get a battery life of up to two days.

Quick Note

If your major concern is battery backup, then you should go for the Samsung Galaxy 4 watch. On the other hand, the Apple Watch 7 is also a good competitor in this round. The overall competition was fierce, as the Apple Watch Series 7 also has a faster charging option.

Fitness & Health Features

Fitness & Health Features

Most people purchase smartwatches for their ease and to review their tracking activities. These activities may include walking, running, swinging, and even gyming as well. So, in the side-by-side comparison of both the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, people look towards the health and fitness-related features in the smartwatches of today.

Apple Watch 7

In the Apple Watch Series 7, you are more likely to get a huge number of sensors that are related to your health and fitness tracking activities. The ECG, blood pressure sensors, and many other quick and responsive health features are present in this watch, which makes it a really very appealing choice among the other smartwatches present on the market today.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 thoroughly, we came to know that you can get even more exclusive features as compared to the Apple Watch 7. These highly exclusive features will aid you in managing your sleep activity, running, walking, jogging, and other healthy activities as well. Samsung is a manufacturer that understands the requirements of its users and has designed a smartwatch accordingly.

Quick Note

People who want a gadget in their smartwatch that can add a positive vibe to their healthy activities should opt for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 rather than the Apple Watch 7.Samsung offers a greater number of more exclusive sensors and other fitness options as well, which Apple does not.

Comparison Between Apple Watch 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Characteristics Apple Watch 7 Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Size 41mm and 45mm 40 mm and 44 mm
Display Always-on Retina display with nearly 20% more screen area than Series 6 1.4 inches, Super AMOLED, Always-on display
Display Resolution 352 x 430 (41mm), 396 x 484 (45mm) 450 x 450 pixels (~321 PPI density)
Durability Water-resistance; IP6X dust resistance 5ATM water-resistant, IP68, MIL-STD-810G durability rating
Sensors Blood oxygen, Electrical heart, Third-gen optical heart, Compass, Always-on altimeter, Fall detection, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS/GNSS, Ambient light Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Heart rate sensor, Barometer, Geomagnetic, Samsung, BioActive Sensor, Light Sensor
Processor S7 Exynos W920 (5nm)
Colors and Finishes Aluminum: Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue & Red

Stainless Steel: Silver, Graphite, Gold

Titanium: Natural Black, Space black
Black, Pink gold, Silver
Battery Life Up to 18 hours About a Day
Storage 32 GB 16 GB Internal Storage
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, W3 wireless chip, U1 chip, Emergency SOS, International emergency calling, Optional LTE LTE,Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4+5GHz, NFC, GPS/Glonass/Beidou/Gallileo
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Our head-to-head comparison of the Apple Watch 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is quite authentic and completely based upon reliable testing. No brand is superior to the other in the overall battle, as each has its own importance and manufacturing details as well.

The winner or loser only depends upon the personal preferences of the users, which are based on the usage and the requirements of the specific group of people. Both these watches are from the best brands in the world, so you can trust them blindly.

But we hope that after reading this whole piece of writing, you have gathered a lot of precise and applicable knowledge that will help you make a good decision. Now you know which smartwatch is better and is good for you depending upon your usage and overall preferences as well. Choosing a better watch for you is thus made easier with us.

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