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ASUS MG28UQ Review – Enjoy Console Gaming With Medium-sized Display

ASUS MG28UQ Review Featured Image

If you are searching for the best monitor to use with your Xbox or PS4 Pro, then our ASUS MG28UQ Review will definitely help you out. This ASUS MG28UQ 144hz monitor is really fast and comes up with several customizable display features so that you can enjoy a perfectly administered and personalized screen just under your needs and requirements.

This monitor has a lot of optimizing features that the entire gaming community craves matter you want to enjoy multiplayer gaming or going to set your desk up for having sole gameplays, this high-end 4K gaming monitor will be your perfect partner. Besides these pros, you must also know about the downsides of this monitor, so let us read our complete review and explore all ASUS MG28UQ specs.

Reasons To Buy
  • This is a UHD tv.
  • VESA mount compatible monitor.
  • An ergonomic stand is attached to it.
  • The build-up quality is sturdy.
  • The power supply is internal.
  • Perfect OD.
  • You can not avail 32 inches option
  • Mediocre contrast ratio

Specification Table
Size 28 Inches
Resolution 3840×2160 pixels
Max Refresh Rate 60 hertz
Pixel Type TN panel
Refresh rate technology AMD FreeSync
Response Time 1 ms
Aspect Ratio 1.78:1
Product Dimensions 30.6 x 8.9 x 18.4 inches
Product Weight 23.30 lbs
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ASUS MG28UQ Review | Detailed Specifications Lineup

To the premium ROG products by ASUS, the MG series has always provided the clients with the best ROG alternative, even at lowered prices. There are a lot of choices when you are selecting a 4K gaming monitor for using with your PC or consoles to attain perfect gaming results. So choosing the perfect display for you is an arduous task unless you have the proper information about the product.

ASUS MG28UQ Review - Detailed Specifications Lineup Banner

Our brief ASUS MG28UQ Review will reveal the ASUS MG28UQ best settings and all the specification features as well to boost up your knowledge about this product so that you can get an air of better understanding. Despite reading the ASUS MG28UQ manual, let us overview the following features.

Build-up Quality

The build quality of this ASUS MG28UQ monitor is very solid, and it beats all other monitors at the same price. The ASUS MG28UQ price is really worth it for this sturdy monitor. When we moved towards the chassis of this monitor, it showed up a strong materialistic approach that serves you for years, although it is made from plastic.

ASUS MG28UQ Build-up Quality Image

The stand of this device is just like a string square box with a pillar attached to the body behind the screen that plays an important role in giving a wobble-free standing to the display. The pillar is also made from plastic, but the quality is very high that it will definitely fascinate you.


Unlike other gaming monitors, it is quite easy to pick the ASUS MG28UQ to monitor out from the shelf for your gaming purposes because of its highly appealing and gamers-oriented aesthetical approach. A red strip of paint runs on the base and on the back as well, which makes this monitor a true game-oriented device and also works for adding to the beauty of your desk.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Design Banner

If you look at the sides, then you see that the bezels of this display screen are slightly larger than compared to the other 4K monitors, but it does not influence the beauty of this monitor in the negative sense. For adorning your gaming desk or any office space, you can select this monitor without thinking about any aesthetical hassle.


For all types of gaming performance, you will get a max refresh of 60 Hertz in this MG series of monitors by ASUS that is clear by our ASUS MG28UQ Review. But a bit of screen tearing can be observed in this monitor when you play some modern and heavy games even when you have turned the adaptive sync option off.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Performance Banner

From the performance point of view, this monitor is really very up to the mark and serves as the best screen for your console gaming. With 97% of sRGB color accuracy, you will see a perfectly matched color scheme and highly vivid visual content on the screen of this monitor. ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD is a real performance giant for the hardcore gaming community.


The display resolution of ASUS MG28UQ is 3840 x 2160 pixels which in other terms may also be known as ultra HD resolution or a 4K resolution display. This resolution is perfect or sufficient for any casual gamer to get highly enhanced and brighter images and gaming titles of extra vivacious clarity. ASUS MG28UQ price is pocket-friendly with such an amazing 4K resolution approach.

ASUS MG28UQ Resolution Banner

With the adaptive sync technology, when combined with this 4K resolution, the monitor makes a better visual approach so that the user may get completely immersed in the gameplay with no distraction. Resolution is the key that makes or breaks the popularity and adds to the performance on any gaming monitor as well.

Ergonomics Features

Besides other features, this monitor has also got excellent ergonomic characteristics that are the most admirable and desirable feature for gamers. The stand is high in ergonomics and offers a wide variety of adjustment of screen options to the users for a better viewing approach and good screen positioning. So the monitor could be your most authentic gaming partner in all senses.

ASUS MG28UQ Ergonomics Features Banner

Our ASUS MG28UQ Review shows that the swivel adjustment ranges from +60° to -60° which you can do in both either the left or right direction of the screen. Even if you want to pivot the screen, you can rotate it in 180 degrees and make it stand still at 90 degrees angle as well. Because of these ergonomics, this monitor has made a significant palace in the gamers’ community.

Viewing Angles

When talking about the viewing angles then you will get a widescreen that exhibits a viewing angle of 170 degrees for the horizontal axis. This value is perfect for you if you want to share the screen of your monitor with someone. The better the viewing angles, the better you will enjoy the gameplay or any other task.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Viewing angles Banner

Because of these highly adaptable/flexible viewing angles, you will not see any kind of deterioration in the picture quality, and even no gamma shift will be visible on the screen of this monitor. In case you want more intense viewing angles, you can use a VESA wall mount stand with this monitor as well that guarantees you wide viewing angles options.

Contrast Ratio

The ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD monitor offers a static contrast ratio of about 1000:1which is highly similar to the other 4K monitors. These numerics of contrast ratio shows you can use this monitor even in rooms that are dark or have moderate lighting in them. So if you are such a gamer you want to enjoy the gameplay in the dark, then this monitor is a good choice.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Contrast Banner

In the dark circumstances, this monitor can be your top-notch gaming partner as it can make your screen quite visible with the deep blacks and high-end contrast ratio will enhance your gaming experience as well. No matter if there is light, this ASUS MG monitor is always ready to perform the best.

Peak Brightness

330 Nits are the peak brightness of this monitor that is enough to visualize any kind of visual content even in the high ambient light. This brightness is standard that you can see in different 4K monitors of the same price range. But ASUS MG28UQ 4K/UHD has a bit higher resolution in contrast to its 28 inches screen, which is a real plus point for this monitor.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Brightness Banner

If you had your mood on for immersive gameplay during the daytime, then this screen will not definitely let you down. So for a top-class and hardcore gaming experience, no other monitor is more competent and highly performance-oriented than this powerful ASUS working horse by which you can even do all types of tasks other than gaming which is clear in our ASUS MG28UQ Review.

Ports Selection

For a better and secure connectivity approach, ports are the topmost component in any monitor. If you do not want to use an external USB hub for connecting your peripheral devices, PC, or your gaming console with your monitor then always go for such a high-end monitor that comes up with a good selection of ports and ASUS MG28UQ is such a monitor.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD port section Banner

There are present plenty of ports on this monitor. Let us have a look at them all. A single HDMI 2.0 port accompanied by a pair of HDMI 1.4 ports is present on the back. A DisplayPort 1.2 is also available if you want to connect an external monitor or your PS4 with this monitor. Two USB 3.0 ports and an audio out 3.5 mm jack can also be seen in this 4K monitor.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

With a response time of 1 ms, you can enjoy perfect gameplay with no kind of input lag. This highly effective response time of this monitor ensures complete perfection between the command time and the action time that is displayed on the screen. You will not see any delay in both these things.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K UHD Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

The max ASUS MG28UQ refresh rate that this monitor can produce is 60 Hertz, which seems to be quite perfect for console gaming. You can enjoy your Xbox One or PS4 gaming at this 60 Hertz refresh rate and will not face any screen tearing or any choppy images as well. So you can choose this device as your console gaming monitor as well.



When you have got more choices, then it means the more pocket-friendly monitor you can get. Our ASUS MG28UQ Review completely describes that this monitor is a superb addition to the affordable and pocket-friendly ultra HD 4K monitor’s list. Which does not make any awful blow to the wallet of the clients in a genuine sense. This monitor is a noteworthy device with the AMD FreeSync refresh rate technology.

For a crystal clear gaming experience, the TN panel of this monitor shows up in high-contrasting colors that will definitely add to the beauty of your desk and offer you immersive gameplay as well. The fast response time and peak refresh rate guarantee perfectly smooth gaming. This monitor is an excellent choice for customers with low budgets.

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