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How To Connect Beats Wireless Headphones And Powerbeats Earbuds To My iPhone?

Method To Connect Beats Wireless Headphones And Powerbeats Earbuds To My iPhone?

Connect Beats Wireless Headphones And Powerbeats:

AirPods aren’t the only product that you can get from Apple. Another perfectly designed audio listening product by Apple is a pair of Beats headphones. If you buy Apple products like Mac or iPad for your college at economical prices as a student, then you can even get these Beats headphones for free.

Beats by Dre is an Apple peripheral platform that works under the influence of Apple and it is a quite simple task to pair these high fidelity wireless headphones or earphones with your iPhone or other products from Apple.

Beats Wireless Headphones And Powerbeat

Method To Connect Beats Wireless Headphones & Earbuds With An iPhone

To connect your Beats wireless headphones and Powerbeats Earbuds is not an arduous task. If you have got a new pair, then it is an effortless task to connect them with your iPhone. Follow the given steps to connect your headphones with the iPhone.

  1. Turn on the Power button of your Beats headphones or Powerbeats Earbuds to connect them. On the on-ear Beats headphones, the power button is present on the cable under the right earphone. While on the Powerbeats earbuds, the power button is on the left earpiece.
  2. The power indicator light should flash on and off. It is representative that the device is in pairing mode. If the light doesn’t flash, then it means it is connected to any other nearby device.
  3. You have to turn the Bluetooth off on the order devices if you want to get them connected with your iPhone.
  4. If you do not see a flashing light first, then hold the power button for some seconds to bring the headphones in pairing mode.
  5. Ensure that the Bluetooth of your iPhone is on. For this launch, the Settings App from the home of your iPhone and then go to Bluetooth. Here, toggle the Bluetooth button on.
  6. From the list under the section Other Devices, select your new Beats Wireless headphones or Powerbeats Earbuds.
  7. Next, your wireless device is added to the My Devices section with a text “connected” in front of it.
    After pairing your Beats device once with your iPhone, then it will automatically connect in the future whenever you want. These Beats and Powerbeats devices connect by default with the last devices which were paired with them.
    If you are using your earphones with multiple devices, then you have to go to the iPhone’s Settings again to connect them.Beats Wireless Headphones And Powerbeat

Troubleshooting Tips If Your Beats Or Powerbeats Aren’t Connecting With Your iPhone

If you are facing any problem in connecting your Beats or Powerbeats with your iPhone, then the following are some troubleshooting techniques by which your issue may get resolved.

  • Completely ensure that your Beats or Powerbeats devices are close to your iPhone.
  •  There should be no other Bluetooth device that is present in the range of your iPhone.
  • Some other devices like routers or microwaves can also cause hurdles in the way of connection between your audio devices and your iPhone.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu and see that whether your Beats headphones are connected or not.
  • Tap the information icon (an “i” that is encircled) which is present in front of the name of the device and then forget the device. After this, connect the Beats or Powerbeats again and see if they are working or not.
  • Ensure that both your Beats headphones and iPhone are sufficiently charged to be operational.
  • See for the volume that it is turned in and louder enough to be heard.

It is very much possible that following these troubleshooting tips and techniques you might be perfectly able to connect your iPhone with your Beats wireless headphones or Powerbeats earphones easily.

To Sum Up!

In this article, we have tried to explain the whole procedure that how you can connect your wireless beats headphones or Powerbeats earbuds with your iPhone. The above-mentioned techniques and tips are very easy and everyone can opt for them.

In the end, we have discussed some possible hurdles that might come your way while establishing a connection between both your devices. We have also penned down all the workable solutions to these tricky problems. We hope that now you have ample knowledge and you can connect your beats wireless headphones and Powerbeats Earbuds easily with your iPhone after going through this article.

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