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BenQ EW3270U Review – Best 4K HDR Monitor For Gaming Enthusiast

BenQ EW3270U Review Featured Image

If you are looking for the best 4K monitor for console gaming, PC usage, or watching movies, then our BenQ EW3270U Review will definitely aid you in completing your search. This 4K Ultra HD 32 inches monitor is a perfect display for both types of usage, whether you want to use it for your gaming purposes or office use as well.

BenQ EW3270U specs are of high-end selection that you can even use this screen for your entertainment purposes in homes such as if you want to watch a movie on this monitor, then you are going to get a cinematic feel. This monitor has a 4K resolution that will definitely boost up our overall watching experience by displaying sharp and top-quality visuals.

Reasons To Buy
  • Besides being UHD, it reduces eye strain
  • You can use it for long hours
  • The size is as double as the TV screen
  • Lacks ergonomic features
  • In fast-paced games, minor ghosting is visible

Specification Table
Size 32 in 4K HDR SPK
Resolution 3840×2160 pixels
Max Refresh Rate 60 hertz
Pixel Type VA
Refresh rate technology AMD FreeSync
Response Time 4 ms (GtG)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Product Dimensions 8.46 x 28.5 x 20.55 inches
Product Weight 16.5 lb
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BenQ EW3270U Review | 32 inches 4K Monitor Review

The brand BenQ may not be the first one that comes to your mind wind going to hunt a 4K monitor for your console gaming or other productive tasks. The major brands like LG, Samsung, HP, and other hard hitters will pop up in your mind. But including this BenQ EW3270U 32 inches, 4K Monitor in the conversation is a worthy decision.

BenQ EW3270U Review - 32 inches 4K Monitor Review Banner

In our complete and brief BenQ EW3270U Review, you will come to know about the unique characteristics, features, and a full overview of every single factor that is involved in the manufacturing and performance of this monitor. So with no delay, let us move ahead and explore the most magnanimous features of this 32 inches display screen down here in our review.

Build-up Quality

When we looked at the external build quality of this monitor, we do not find any major issues with the crafting details and the manufacturing material of this monitor at all. However, the entire chassis of this display monitor is manufactured from plastic, yet it shows up as a very strong/durable manufacturing approach, which is a clear plus point.

BenQ EW3270U Build-up Quality Banner

As we know that the entire body is manufactured from plastic, but the plastic is highly sturdy, so there are no gaps or any major issues that we could mention about the materialistic approach and manufacturing quality of this monitor. Even with the stand, the monitor does not take a lot of space because of its sleek and slim build-up.

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K Monitor Design

The overall aesthetic design of this BenQ 32 inches EW3270U monitor is quite simple and sleek that it can fit anywhere and will definitely boost up the beauty of your desk with its charming looks. There is no curvature in the screen as this is a flat screened monitor. You will get fairly sleek bezels on the 3 sides of the display and the bottom bezel is a bit broader with the BenQ logo on it.

BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K Monitor Design Banner

When moving towards the stand in our BenQ EW3270U Review, you look it is a quite modern base having sharp angles, but it is so sleek that just like the whole monitor, it will not take any extra space on your desk as well. The base also has a plastic materialistic approach and when the monitor is nudged, it shows a bit of wobble.


The response time is 4 ms, which is perfectly accurate for casual gaming, but in the high-end games that show fast-moving objects, this monitor may show ghosting effects. It is not a big issue for most gamers. By using Advanced Motion Accelerator (AMA) and On-Screen Display (OSD) technology, you can also elevate the response time in this monitor.

BenQ EW3270U Performance Banner

With an input lag of about 10 ms, this monitor shows you a perfect visual motion and there is no delay in the action time and the time of command. The AMD FreeSync technology is a clear plus point of this monitor, which makes the whole of the graphics appealing and compels you to have your console gaming on this monitor.


Want to get plenty of detailed and vivid clear pictures? Our BenQ EW3270U Review will reveal the quality of the resolution of the monitor. As you already know, this is a 4K Ultra HD monitor, which means that you are definitely going to enjoy a lot of sharper and more vivacious colors on your screen which enhance the overall display quality and the gaming experience also boosts.

BenQ EW3270U Resolution Banner

On this 31.5 inches viewing display, we have tested and got an excellent pixel density of 140 pixels per inch (PPI). The combined pixels on this monitor are 3840 along the horizontal axis and the vertical axis has got 2160 pixels. The highly classic and real estate screen is because only of the increased pixel density.

Ergonomics Features

Another crucial and very much important factor that influences your gaming capabilities. If the ergonomics of a monitor are not good, then you can not adjust the display screen according to your requirements. Ergonomics is important in adjusting the screen in such a position that provides you with a completely perfect and convenient viewing approach for better and competitive gaming. Let us see this on our BenQ EW3270U Review.

BenQ EW3270U Ergonomics Features Banner

If we talk about the ergonomics features of this monitor, then you will come to know that this display has got bad ergonomics. You can only get the tilt option and tilt your screen in either left or right direction. Tilt-only stand means that there is no swivel, pivot adjustment, and even you will not get any height adjustments in this monitor as well.

Viewing Angles

Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of this monitor are 178 degrees. The BenQ 32 inches EW3270U 4K monitor does not have any wide viewing angles. Which means that you can not share your screen with others. For having a perfect look, you have to adjust your posture in a specific posture straight in front of the display monitor.

BenQ EW3270U Viewing Angles Banner

The downside of having fewer viewing angles is that you will see color shifts and gamma shifts when you look at the monitor from certain off-angles. The perfect viewing angles are only visible when you sit very near to the screen. Sometimes you can also see the top and bottom having washed-out visuals. All this is because of the short angles approach that we have discussed in our pretty fair BenQ EW3270U Review.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of this BenQ monitor is very high, which is up to the mark. The results of our authentic testing showed 3000:1 as the static contrast ratio of this display monitor, which is perfect for giving you highly immersive and completely competent gameplay. For the rooms that are darker and have moderate lighting, this contrast ratio is very amazing.

BenQ EW3270U Contrast Banner

You can easily see deep black and darker content regions in such a high contrast ratio. This ensures deep and true colored black shades. You can also enhance the image quality of your content to the next level by enabling the HDR mode. For gamers that are oriented towards playing in darker surroundings, this monitor is a good choice.

Peak Brightness

The brightness feature of this monitor is up to the mark and provides you with a wide range of adjustments. With temperature and brightness together makes colors are warmer and appealing as well so that you can get the perfect visualizations and high-end image quality as well. This monitor has got a high brightness which provides the users with optimal gaming situations.

BenQ EW3270U Brightness Banner

With 300 nits of peak brightness, this monitor delivers a decent and eye-catchy picture that definitely adds charm to your gaming experience. You may also adjust the brightness in the display setting and get some dimming as well. But we never suggest having peak brightness all the time to avoid eye-straining and other headache issues.

Ports Selection

Connectivity option is the real impressions making or breaking component in any monitor. For the connection of your PC or console with the display monitor or to connect other peripheral devices without using an external USB hub, always choose a monitor that has rich ports selection. BenQ monitor also shows up an excellent selection of ports that will definitely aid to out is having a secure connection.

BenQ EW3270U Ports Section Banner

Looking at the ports of this monitor, you will get 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.4 is also present in the monitor. As a bonus, the BenQ EW3270U USB-C port is also here, and it does not support charging or any power supply like other monitors. Our BenQ EW3270U Review shows that a 3.5 mm jack for audio out is available by which you can connect your headphones easily.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Response time in this monitor is a bit high, which resulted in about 4 ms during our testing. This high response rate will be responsible for a ghosting effect or create blurriness behind the fast-paced moving object in your display. But you will not see any delay between the action and the command.

BenQ EW3270U Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

The max refresh rate in this BenQ monitor is 60 Hertz, which is ideal for enjoying many console games with great perfection. So this monitor can be a good choice for gamers who are looking for a monitor to boost up the gaming experience on their gaming consoles like Xbox One or PS4 Pro. BenQ EW3270U calibration is perfect at this refresh rate as well.



The EW3270U 32 inches UHD 4K monitor is a perfect choice for your different productive tasks and console gaming as well. In the HDR mode besides some grayscale issues, his monitor does not have any single kind of flaw and it can be your perfect gaming partner. With FreeSync technology, this monitor is dedicated to providing you with a highly immersive gaming experience.

The VA panel that we have reviewed in our BenQ EW3270U Review can still have space for betterment, but this monitor is loaded with features. In the battle of BenQ EW3270U vs EW3280U , this monitor at such a cheap price range this monitor is just like a bounty for gamers. So if you are a casual gamer and looking for a decent quality display for using it with your PS4 or other gaming consoles, then BenQ is a good choice to go for.

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