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Best Resolution For Gaming Monitor | What You Should Choose and Why?

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To get the answer for the Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors, sometimes you think that the latest and advanced gaming console will provide you with the best image quality. However, technically, it may be correct, but are you getting the best result out of the box by observing this practice? If not, then you should focus on the technology and resolution capability of your monitor as well.

Nowadays, heavy visuals and purely staggering content quality (visuals) mostly depend upon the ability of your displays and monitors so that you may get a highly enhanced gaming experience. If you are not familiar with the gaming resolution or do not know which monitor should be the best for experiencing perfect resolution during your gameplay, then you will find this article really helpful.

What is resolution?

What is resolution?

One of the first advertised or mentioned things is the resolution when you go for purchasing a gaming monitor. Now the question is

What is resolution?

So the resolution is the visual capability to display a specified number of pixels on your TV or monitor screen. Setting the number of pixels as a standard, you will come across a wide variety of gaming monitors with varying resolutions.

The sharpness and vivacity of the image displayed on the screen totally depend upon the number of pixels. The more the pixels are present, the more clearly the image will be. And it is quite obvious that a game displays a lot of pixels, so you should buy such Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors that gives your game a cumbersome space to exhibit all of its capability.

How Does Resolution Affect Gameplays?

How Does Resolution Affect Gameplays?

Screen resolution is one of the most important factors for extraordinary gameplay because the higher the resolution of your screen is, the higher will be the quality of your image. Higher resolutions also increase your budget because for its working it requires strong PC components so that you will run the most high-end games smoothly.

If the resolution of your monitor does not match the specification of a certain game, then you may also face laggings and choppy images on your display. And such visuals will definitely work to destroy all your gaming enjoyments. So it is very much necessary to buy such a capable monitor that can give top-quality images and video content with higher resolutions.

Most Common Best Resolution For Gaming Monitor

Today in the market, there are a few most common types of screen resolution that are truly dedicated to gaming monitors. The resolution of the monitor is present as digits like 1920 x 1080. These numbers show up horizontally 1920 pixels and 1080 pixels are displayed vertically across the monitor’s display. So, according to your highest resolution game, go for the specific monitor.

If you are just viewing the details present in the manufacturer’s manual, then it will be quite difficult for you to understand. So let’s just shed light on these numerics into such useful information that you can search out. Following is the list of the good resolution for gaming that you can get for enjoying high-end gameplays.

1. FHD (Full HD) / 1080p Resolution

FHD (Full HD) / 1080p Resolution

1080p resolution is thought to be one of the classic game resolutions present in the market nowadays. With this resolution, the gamers can have the perfect, clear, and immersive image quality that may indulge the person in the game completely. Although 1080p has now become the industry standard and the Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors and most of the TVs, laptops, and display monitors are using this resolution.

You can term 1080p resolution as FHD (Full HD) which is one of the most popular gaming resolutions among the gamers community. In the modern era of gaming, this resolution comes up with the best price to quality ratio. You can also say that the FHD/1080p resolution is a sweet spot for people who are looking for a high frame rate monitor under a user-friendly budget.

2. QHD (Quad HD) / 2K 1440p Resolution

QHD (Quad HD) / 2K 1440p Resolution

After the 1080p resolution, the next setup is 1440p resolution in the category of gaming monitor resolution. It is sometimes named WQHD or QHD resolution and has 2560 x 1440 pixels that are displayed across the screen. This QHD resolution requires a more powerful gaming PC as compared to the 1080p resolution. It can display the pixels properly with no lag.

If you are not on a super tight budget when purchasing your gaming PC, then a monitor with a 1440p resolution would be a more appealing choice over an FHD (1080p) resolution. This 2K resolution can give outstanding visuals without frying your PC on a serious note. For the moderately serious gaming community, it serves as a decent resolution.

3. UHD (Ultra HD) / 4K 2160p Resolution

UHD (Ultra HD) / 4K 2160p Resolution

If you do not know about the 4K gaming resolution, then you must get to know-how about it as it is the near future of gaming. This is the 2160p resolution that you will see on most of the TV screens and gaming monitors soon. In some ways, Ultra HD (UHD) resolution is no less than a challenge.

This wonderfully Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors is a really worthy investment, so if you play games often, then you must not go for this display. These resolutions are expensive on a higher note and can affect the performance of your gaming PC as well.

4. FUHD (Full Ultra HD) / 8K 4320p Resolution

FUHD (Full Ultra HD) / 8K 4320p Resolution

Curious to know about the king of the castle in resolution? 8K resolution has the crown on its head for being the most recent and the most high-quality resolution to date. Full Ultra HD (FHD) resolution is no less than a mysterious dream. But the options get more narrowed down when we talk about 4320p resolution.

The inspiringly amazing 8K resolution is the costliest option among all the resolutions present in the market today. To run this resolution, you must have a gaming monster with complete capability. And such high-end gaming machines will charge about $3000 to $5000 from your pocket, which is a big deal.

Factors Influencing The Gaming Resolution Of Your Monitor

When searching for the 1080 or 1440 for gaming, a lot of questions against the resolution would have come to your mind. These questions may include, “Is 1920×1080 good for gaming?“, “Is 1440p better than 1080p for gaming?” and a lot more. So we have all the answers to your question down here in this article.

The resolution of your monitor could be affected by a lot of factors and understanding them is very necessary in order to extract the extraordinary image quality out of your display. Following are a few major things that determine the resolution of your gaming monitor and can influence it as well.

Pixel Density

Pixel Density

The pixel density is the number of pixels present per inch area of your display screen. It is also known as pixel per inch or PPI and is the key factor that makes the gaming resolutions. The solid standard of the industry now is 300 pixels per inch, which you will get in most of the monitors.

It also defines the Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors. This pixel density is for the standard 1080p monitors and is sufficient to provide the users with vividly clear and sharper image quality. But you can expect changes in the PPI of the monitors from the newer and rising technology with the latest resolution approaches.

Optimum Viewing Distance

Optimum Viewing Distance

Now, after getting some know-how about the pixels, you must know what is the optimal distance at which you should before your display screen. The optimum distance at which you should sit from your gaming monitor depends upon the size of your size and the resolution of your gaming screen.

For example, if you are using a monitor which has a screen size of 50 inches, then you must sit 6 feet away from the display in order to achieve the best viewing angles during your gameplay. If you follow the recommended distance, then you are more likely to get high-standard watching and playing experiences.

The Aspect Ratio

The Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a general term that determines the ratio between the width of the screen to its height. The best and most decent aspect ratio for gaming is 16:9, which is considered the standard for most gaming monitors nowadays.

But if you are playing your games on a bigger monitor with 4K resolutions, then you must look for a monitor with an aspect ratio of 21:9. This is actually the ratio of an ultrawide gaming monitor with a 2160p resolution. But keep the thing in mind that not all the games support UltraWide features just like Overwatch.

According to our opinion, we will suggest you have 1440p or any 4K display among all other monitor resolutions. Because in the near future, most game developers will be using it. So 4K compatible games are the future!

1080p vs 4K Resolution

Factors 1080P Icon
4K Icon
Horizontal Pixels 1,920 3,840
Vertical Pixels 1,080 2,160
Total Pixels 2 million+ 8 million+
Other Name Full HD, FHD 2160p, Ultra HD, UHD
Compatible Devices TVs, Monitors, Projectors TVs

Different Gaming Types Require Different Monitors

The type of your monitor depends upon the type of your games as well. If you are looking for the Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors, then first you must know about the type of your game and then choose one just according to your needs and requirements. We hope that after reading the above part of this article, now you would have an idea about the resolution.

After checking the requirements of your specific game then do for the type of monitor with the specific resolution. Down here, we have mentioned the gaming types and the respective monitors as well that will suit your games perfectly. So let us see them one by one.

1080p Gaming

1080p Gaming

The very reliable and most standard gaming option for gamers is 1080p gaming. You can instantly satisfy your gaming needs with a subtly build PC and a simple monitor having 1080p resolution. These 1080 games run at 60 Hertz of refresh rate, which is better enough for you if you are a beginner.

But in case you want the top-of-the-line gaming or want to enjoy the best with precision, then you must move ahead from 1080p resolution. As we have already mentioned, it is a standard, but for high-end gaming, you must choose a 1440p or 4K gaming display which is more likely to provide you with sharper visuals. So this is the explained answer to “What is 1080p gaming?

Best 1080p Monitors

4K Gaming

4K Gaming

In the start, my concept about 4K gaming was like it could be a high-end gaming monitor with really exceptional graphics and impressive color quality. But I was completely wrong. 4K gaming is not only beyond reality and perfection but this is the true display that any of the hardcore gamers demand.

During 4K gaming, you must be careful and don’t even take it as a joke. It really boosts up the resolution of your gaming monitor to double. So you have to manage these increased powers of display properly. For your better understanding, I will quote that as 1080p gaming runs at 60 Hertz, then 120 Hertz or more will be required for 4K gaming.

Best 2160p (4K) Monitors

8K Gaming

8K Gaming

The current top standard for gaming is 8K in the entire gaming history. If you are a hardcore gamer and familiar with the 8K gaming technology, then we will highly suggest you buy an 8K gaming monitor. But keep a thing in mind that you would have to pay a lot for this extraordinary gaming resolution.

In case you are a casual gamer and play games often, then there is not any necessity to opt for this highly expensive 8K display. But for the next-level gamers, who have exceptional cravings for the games, this 8K monitor is the best display among the others. It is the next level of perfection. It is the most expensive and the Best Resolution For Gaming Monitors

Best 4320p (8K) Monitors

Final Thoughts!

The gaming resolution is such a thing without which you can not even enjoy your gameplay in a true sense. In standard, the 1080p resolution is the best for medium gamers, but for the hard-core gamers, the most appealing resolution is 4K and 8K that are present in the market. But the will make a painful blow to your budget definitely.

In this piece of writing, we have briefly described all the resolutions and their respective best monitors as well. Now you can also differentiate easily between 2560 x 1080 vs 2560 x 1440 resolution. The best resolution for gaming monitors depends upon the usability and the type of gaming you want to do on your PC. After having such sufficient information, we hope you can make a wide purchase.

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