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Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV

Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV

Reviews and Buying Guide of Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV 

Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV can change your experience of watching movies and series on Netflix because of their sound quality and perfect isolation. Wireless headphones are very common these days, especially for smart TV or LEDs because you don’t need to sit beside your device because of limited cable.

There are many types of headphones that you can use with your new Samsung TV such as Over ear headphones, On ear headphones, In ear headphones, and many more. You have a wide range of options from which you can select the one which is more suitable for you.

Moreover, now the connection with bluetooth also reduces the lag and now you can conveniently watch your favorite shows without any hurdles in between. The best bluetooth headphones for Samsung smart tv are very useful for when you are living in a house with your big family.

The sound isolation, comfort, microphone, stylish design and many other features of headphones for smart tv attract you towards themselves. If you want to buy a headset for your tv, then you must read this article to know each and everything about the best headphones. We are going to discuss;

Why use the best wireless headphones for Samsung Smart TV?

There are many reasons for using headphones for your smart tv. One of the main reasons for using headphones is privacy. If you don’t want to disturb the privacy of your house and your own self, then you must use the Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV, that doesn’t allow the sound to leak and also gives you sound isolation from the surrounding noisy environment.

Now you can watch your favorite Netflix series for long hours in your room telling no one about it because your headphones don’t let any piece or wave of a sound leak from your ears. You can easily watch whatever you want on your gigantic TV screen. You can also enjoy the quality sound with the headphones.

The sound delivered by the headphones is much better than the sound delivered by the speakers of your TV. The sound from speakers has to struggle a lot while reaching your ears, but the headphones sound directly into your ears and give you each and every detail of your movies.

You can even get the sound of the footprints from the series and these headphones make your trilling series more and more interesting to you. The comfortable style of headphones for Samsung tv allows you to watch your TV shows as long as you want because of their comfortable construction and soothing effects on your ears.

Reviews of 10 Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV

There are many headphones companies that have launched their new headphones to use with smart TVs, especially for Samsung smart tv. It is not necessary for you to use Samsung earbuds or headphones with your TV. In fact, you can choose any other brand of your choice.

When you are buying the Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV to watch movies, then you must be conscious about your choice. You have to do some investigation so you can pick the best headphones for you. The research is not easy for you, so in order to save your time and to give you the best options to choose; you have tested 56 different headphones from different brands.

Out of 56 headphones, we have chosen only 10 that our experts consider best after testing them in various ways. Following is the list of these headphones that we consider best from every angle;

Product 1st Review Check Price

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones, Alexa voice control (Series II)

Release date

$229.00 USD

3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches

8.2 ounces

Model Number


  • Over ear design
  • World class noise cancellation
  • Excellent battery life
  • Highly durable
  • Best for gaming

  • App sometimes annoying
  • Average bass

Bose QuietComfort 35 | In-depth Analysis

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are one of the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy for your smart tv to enjoy, series, movies and shows. The noise cancelling feature is very useful for you, especially if you want to watch movies on your tv.

These headphones eliminate all the unnecessary sound and give you a hassle free environment to enjoy movies. If you like to watch horror or thrilling movies, then these headphones are ideal for you because they can give you details, and realistic sound from which you can enjoy movies to the great extent.

The microphone of these headphones also has noise cancellation features. So you can also attend to your important calls on these headphones while watching movies. The noise cancellation microphone allows you to even attend official calls on it.

Balanced Audio Performance

The audio performance of these Bose headphones is very nice. People are highly satisfied with the outstanding volume control and the stability of its audio. No matter how low or high the volume is, you will always get the most stable audio performance, and that is the best for you while watching Netflix series.

These headphones have 5 thousand ratings worldwide and its previous users gave 4.6 star reviews to its sound quality. You can get the crystal clear sound from your movies because of the high- quality drivers and the quality of material used in these earphones.

Why choose QuietComfort 35?

When you are purchasing wireless headphones. One of the most noticeable features is the battery timing because it detects how long you can use the headphones with a single charge. These headphones have an outstanding battery which can give you 22 hours of playtime with no break. People gave 4.7 stars to its battery life.

Bose uses top quality material in the making of these headphones and that makes these headphones highly stable and reliable. The high- quality material also makes these headphones durable and also creates an ease for you that you don’t need to buy the headphones frequently. People gave 4.7 star reviews to its quality of material.

The design of these headphones is really nice because they are highly flexible and comfortable. You can adjust the size of the headband easily according to the size of your head. The protein foam installed in the ear cups is safe for your ears and also gives you comfort for a very long time without damaging your ears.

The over ear design of the headphones covers your ears and their flexible design doesn’t irritate your ears from folding and pain. The headband of the headphones is designed in such a way that it won’t pressurize your head and keep you stay comfortable.


The headphones have an app control system to connect bluetooth and to control other features. Sometimes this app causes certain issues. The bass quality of the headset is also average.

Product 2nd Review Check Price

Beats Solo3 Headphones – Apple W1 Chip, 40 Hours of Listening

Release date

$129.95 USD

‎5.16 x 3.74 x 7.44 inches; 1.41 Pounds

‎1.41 pounds

Model Number


  • Pure bass sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0 streaming
  • Easy to control
  • Best for tv
  • Elegant design

  • No mute button for mic
  • Not for wearing after 20 hours

Beats Solo3 | In-depth Analysis

Quality of material

When you are buying Beats headphones, then it is guaranteed that you are going to get high-quality material specially for sound, and durability. Beats use top quality of material in the making of bluetooth headphones for Samsung tv so the headphones become more reliable and durable.

People gave 4.7 reviews to the quality of its material. These headphones have more than 37 thousand ratings worldwide, so this shows they are trustworthy. The material quality of the headphones make them long lasting so you can use them for years without any need of repairing them.

Volume control and sound

Volume control and sound quality are the basic things while buying headphones. This headset has a very fine quality of sound because of its bass and top quality of drivers. The sound delivered by this headset is always crystal clear and realistic, so they are best for watching movies and series.

This headset is going to give you excellent volume control so you can comfortably enjoy your Netflix series. On the left ear cup of the headphones, there is a volume control button from which you can adjust the volume according to your needs.

You can up or down the volume, pause or play the movies, forward or backward the series by using these buttons. The volume control and sound quality of the headphones got 4.5 star reviews from its previous customers.

Why Choose Solo3?

The connectivity range of these headphones is very wide. You can easily pair them with any of the devices you want. Because of the Apple W1 chip, the headset is highly compatible with Apple devices and all the other bluetooth devices.

The On ear design of the headphones has a custom fit and is best for every size of years. Your ears are not going to fold, and also not irritating while having these earphones. The foam of the ear cups is highly comfortable and are meant for coziness and elegance.

There are 9 colors in these headphones that are made in such a way that they are totally different from each other. These Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV have black, red, silver, navy blue, rose gold, satin gold, club yellow, club white, and club red colors. You can easily choose out from them.

The battery life of these headphones is very good. The single charge of these headphones can give you 22 hours of battery life. If you switch off the noise cancellation or transparency, then the battery timing can be extended to 40 hours. It has a 4.5 star review for its battery life.


The only downside of the design of this headset is that it does not have a mute button. Moreover, you can’t wear them for more than 20 hours.

Product 3rd Review Check Price

Samsung Galaxy EarBuds Plus with Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity

Release date

$142.00 USD

1.52 x 2.75 x 1.04 inches

4.8 ounces

Model Number


  • In ear design
  • Comfortable
  • Charge less use more
  • Ambient sound
  • Trustable battery life

  • Not suitable for Apple users
  • Pricey

Samsung Galaxy EarBuds Plus | In-depth Analysis

Comfortable Design

The design of these earbuds is very unique because they are made in such a way to use them for a very long time with great comfort. The stylish look of these headphones adds grace to your personality if you wear them publicly. The completely fit design is for every type and size of ear.

There are six colors in these amazing Samsung earbuds, i.e. white, black, lavender, olive, Cloud blue and red. You can pick any color according to your personality and gender. These headphones are for both young and old people.

They have a customizable design because they come out with 3 sized ear buds that you can change according to the size and shape of your ears. The in ear design is comfortable for every ear because of the soft silicone ear buds.

App Control

These earbuds are giving you the perfect app control. You can fully adjust the volume and all the other features of these earphones on your phone by using the Samsung online app. The Samsung cloud app allows you to customize your earbuds according to your needs. You can connect your earbuds even with your smart watch.

This app makes the pairing of these earbuds easy for you because now you can easily connect them with your Samsung smart TV and can use them for watching videos and series. With this app, you can easily shift your earbuds from one device to another, such as from your TV to your mobile phone, to attend phone calls during movies.

Why Choose Galaxy EarBuds Plus?

The awesome battery of these earphones is very stable and you can even use them to watch multiple movies continuously with only a single charge. These earbuds can give you 1 hours of highly reliable play time. This play time can also increase by 11 hours. If you need the earbuds in an emergency, then you can get 1 hour of playtime by just charging them for 1 mint.

You can expect the most realistic and suitable sound from these Galaxy earbuds because of their high-fidelity audio performance. There are 2 dynamic driver systems installed in these earbuds, which can give you the equal quality of sound in both buds.

You can easily use one earbud whenever you need. By using the app, you can easily check the battery timing of these airpods. Each bud has its own battery icon. You can easily find which bud needs to charge.

These wireless headphones for Samsung tv have 75 thousand ratings worldwide and are really trustworthy. If you want to use these earbuds with your Samsung smart tv to watch long series, then they are best for you. You can even sleep while weaning these headphones without any danger of damaging your ears.


The only downside of these Samsung earbuds is that they are not ideal for Apple users and our experts also find them a little expensive.

Product 4th Review Check Price

Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones and Alexa Voice Control

Release date

$348.00 USD

7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches

1.69 pounds

Model Number


  • Speak to chat technology
  • Excellent sound
  • Good Battery life
  • Outstanding noise cancellation
  • Good for calls

  • Touch control is annoying sometimes

Sony WH-1000XM4 | In-depth Analysis

Sound Quality

Sound quality of headphones is one of the most important areas while you are choosing headphones for watching movies on Smart TV. The sound quality of the headset is excellent because of  its high-quality drivers and deep bass. The triple drivers installed in these headphones will give you ambient sound.

You can enjoy movies more and more with the deep bass and ambient sound. These features combine and they will give you a high level of listening comfort by giving your ears the most reliable sound. Deep bass enhances the sound quality by giving you the most realistic sound from your movies.

People who use these headphones gave 4.5 star reviews to its sound quality and are highly satisfied with these headphones. This headset has 23 thousand global ratings worldwide, which shows that they are of very high quality and are reliable as well.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancelling features of these headphones are very outstanding. They have the ability to cancel all the surrounding noises completely. You can easily watch movies when these headphones are over your ears. No matter how noisy the place, you can’t hear any surrounding noise with these headphones.

The mic of these headphones also has noise cancellation features. You can easily attend your calls on these headphones because of its dual connectivity. When you are watching movies on your smart tv, at the same time your headphones are connected with your mobile and you can attend your important calls.

During phone calls, all the extra or background sound is removed from your mic and only your sound is delivered to the recipient. These headphones got 4.6 star reviews for its noise cancellation features.

Why choose Sony WH-1000XM4?

The battery life of the headset matters a lot especially when they don’t have a wired option. These headphones have an exceptional battery life which can also be extended according to your requirements. You can get non- stop 30 hours of playtime to watch your favorite series on Netflix.

If you have an emergency and to want to use your headphones but the battery is low, then you don’t need to worry about this because you can charge them for just 10 minutes and then you can again use them for up to 5 hours. People gave 4.6 star reviews to its awesome battery life.

The design of this Sony headset is very elegant and beautiful. Along with the style, they are also very comfortable. It has 3 colors i.e. Silver, black, and blue. All are very arrogant and beautiful, so you can choose any of them. The ear cups and headband are made in such a way that you can wear them for 24 hours without any pain or pressure.

These headphones also have voice control and touch control systems. Both the technologies are latest and are in trend. You can control the volume of your headset easily by tapping the back of the earcups. You can also pause or play your songs with this touch system.


The only downside of these earphones is that when the battery is low, the touch system becomes annoying sometimes. These headphones are also expensive.

Product 5th Review Check Price

Avantree HT4189 Headphones for TV, Long Range, No delay

Release date

$99.99 USD

‎7.48 x 6.69 x 3.15 inches

‎6.9 ounces

Model Number


  • Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Highly comfortable
  • Durable
  • High- quality material
  • Good sound quality

  • Average noise cancellation

Avantree HT4189 | In-depth Analysis


These wireless headphones for Samsung smart tv have wide connectivity because they have dual systems for pairing. You can bind them with any bluetooth devices and can also use the USB port to connect them. This characteristic allows you to pair your headphones with a variety of devices without any difficulty.

If you are not a techie, then these headphones allow you to get the most comfortable pairing experience because you just need to turn on the bluetooth of the headphones and the transmitter and your headphones automatically connect with it. So it is very easy for you to use your headphones without any difficulty.

These headphones are able to connect with a computer, PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phones, TVs of almost all brands and with Samsung smart TV.

Extended use comfort

These headphones have an over ear design that is very comfortable to look at. When you wear this headset, you will feel next level comfort. The overall style of these headphones is very comfortable to make sure that the user can wear them for a very long time.

The material of the headphones is very comfortable for both ear cups and headband. The earcups are so comfy and cozy that when you have them over your ears; you don’t even feel anything that is bothering your ears.

The hand band is also very comfortable to wear so you don’t feel any headache or pressure on your head while wearing the headphones for a long time. These headphones got 4.6 star reviews for the quality of its material, which show that they are highly reliable.

Why Choose Avantree HT4189?

The sound quality of these headphones is no less than a hi-fi speaker because of the high- quality drivers installed in it. These headphones have 40mm drivers that enable them to deliver the most realistic sound ever heard. You can easily watch thrilling movies with the headphones comfortably.

These headphones have received 4.5 star reviews from its users for its sound quality. Because of the high quality construction of this headset, they are highly durable and you don’t need to change your headphones because of damage. People gave 4.5 stars to its durability.

These headphones have qualcomm chipset technology, that eliminates all the audio lag from the headphones and makes the audio delay impossible to detect by humans. This feature of the headphones makes them worth it.

The battery life of the headset is also very nice. Only a single charge enables you to use your headphones for 40 hours, which is more than enough. So by using these headphones, you don’t need to charge your headphones during your series of long hours.


The only drawback of the headset is that they are not fully noise isolated. Still, the noise isolation feature is better than many expensive headphones.

Product 6th Review Check Price

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds, Easy to Use with Wireless Charging Case

Release date

$99.99 USD

15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches

0.023 ounces

Model Number


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality sound
  • App control
  • Stylish to wear
  • 3 microphones

  • Expensive
  • Noise cancellation can be better

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds | In-depth Analysis

Easy to handle

These earbuds are very stylish and easy to handle. They have all the modern features that a person requires today. Now you can send messages by voice,or can order a cup of coffee for yourself by only sending a voice by the use of its always connected voice assistant.

The pairing of these earbuds is also very easy with your device, as you just need to turn on the bluetooth and with in no time your devices are connected. Once you connect the earbuds with your device, every time when you turn on the bluetooth, the earbuds automatically connect with them.

Its previous users gave 5 star reviews to its easy to use features. You can also easily enable noise cancellation features when you are travelling in a bus and an aeroplane to avoid the surrounding noises. You just don’t need to worry about any of your earbuds because you can control them thoroughly.

Audio Quality

These bluetooth headphones for Samsung tv have a great quality of audio. They have 13mm drivers that deliver the most realistic and crystal clear sound to the listeners. With the deep bass, you can hear all the voices easily on your Galaxy earbuds.

Movies can become more and more interesting with the help of these earbuds because you can easily hear all the sounds, even the loudest one and the fattest one, too. You can easily hear footsteps in the movies which make horror movies more realistic to watch. People gave 4.2 stars to the sound quality of these headphones.

Why Choose SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds?

These Galaxy earbuds are highly compatible with different devices, which make it easy to use them on all your devices. You can connect them with your android mobile, tablet, Pc, laptop or iPhone 7 and higher version. You can easily connect them with your smart Samsung TV and can enjoy Netflix series and movies.

These earbuds have 3 in- built microphones that allow you to attend calls while wearing these earbuds. They will always give quality results during all the phone calls, and the official ones can also attend to them.

The battery timing of these airpods depends upon the way you are using them. You can extend the battery as well by using some tricks or features. The wireless charging case can enhance the battery life up to double. On average, they can give you up to 8 hours of battery life.

These earbuds have IPX2 water resistance, that means they are resistant to only your sweat. You can’t wear them under water or in heavy rain. When you are watching movies inside your house, this water resistance is enough.


The downside of these earbuds is that the noise cancelling features could be better, they cancel the noise but not completely. They are also a little expensive.

Product 7th Review Check Price

Galaxy Wireless Earbuds with Premium sound tuned by AKG

Release date

$179.99 USD

1.6 x 3.7 x 3.4 inches

4.8 ounces

Model Number


  • Highly affordable
  • Ambient sound
  • Compatible with iPhone
  • Full volume control
  • Great Moisture wicking

  • Average bass
  • Not good to sleep with

Galaxy Wireless Earbuds | In-depth Analysis

Ambient Sound

These wireless earbuds have ambient sound features that allow you to listen to all the music, and sound from your movies with great clarity. The ambient sound enables you to enjoy your movies and games with more clarity and crystal clear sound from all angles.

You can enable the ambient features whenever you want. These earbuds allow you to hear your surroundings with this feature. You can talk to your co-workers and people around you when listening to songs or when watching movies.

The premium sound of these headphones will allow you to observe every wave of sound. The 1 way dynamic speakers make it easy for you to get the most realistic sound from your earbuds. Drivers of these earbuds provide a wide range of sound and also give you bass.

Volume control and compatibility

These earbuds are going to give you full control over volume by using the Samsung Galaxy app from the PlayStore. You just need to right to the app and the volume options are in front of you. You can adjust the volume according to your requirement. 50% volume is more than enough for an average person, but you can go to 100% as well.

These earbuds have wide compatibility. You can easily connect them via bluetooth with every device. The Samsung Galaxy app is also compatible with iPhone so you can easily use them with MacBook and laptop. These are highly compatible with android mobiles. You can easily use them for smart TV.

Why Choose Galaxy Wireless Earbuds?

The design of these earbuds is really beautiful and elegant. You look fantastic and cool while wearing them. They have a very comfortable design that you can wear for even 24 hours without any difficulty. The ear tips of these earbuds are made from top quality silicone that is specially designed to give you comfort.

The customizable design of the earbuds allows you to change the ear tips according to the size and shape of your ears. There are 3 sizes of eartips in the pack so you can fix them according to your needs.

The battery life of these earbuds is also very good. You can apply them for 7 hours non- stop. You can extend the battery life for up to 7 hours with wireless charging cases. So now you can watch 2 to 3 movies continuously without any problem of low battery.

These Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV are also resistant to water splashes, sprays, and from sweat. You can easily wear them during workouts in your home or gym. They are all in one headphone as they also have an in- built mic for calling to your friends and colleagues.


The only downside of these earbuds is that you can’t wear them during sleep hours because they can slip from your ears. The quality of bass of these earbuds is also average.

Product 8th Review Check Price

Avantree Opera TV Headphones, No Audio Lag with 35H Battery

Release date

$159.99 USD

9.25 x 4.72 x 3.54 inches

6.9 ounces

Model Number


  • Over ear design with comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple ways to connect
  • Easily mute tv ads
  • Excellent microphone

  • Small buttons
  • Don’t compatible with old TVs

Avantree Opera TV | In-depth Analysis

Over Ear Comfortable Design

The over ear design of these headphones allows you to wear them for a long time without any problem. The design is very comfortable to look at and when you wear them you feel more comfort than ever told. Cozy design of these headphones is because of the quality of material used in them.

The ear cups of this headset are beautifully designed and have a very elegant shape. Cushions of the ear cups are resistant to heat so your ears will not turn hot when you are using them for a long time. The protein foam in the cushions will relax your ears for a long time so you can watch movies all day on the weekend.

People gave 4.5 star reviews to the comfortable design of these headphones. The headband also has high- quality pressurized foam in it which protects your head from extra pressure and heat.

Multiple Ways to Connect

There are multiple ways to connect these headphones with your smart tv. This is one of the finest wireless headphones for smart tv because of its various ways of connection. Many headphones can only connect to bluetooth but you can connect these headphones with bluetooth and other ports as well.

You can connect this headset via bluetooth 5.0, 3.5mm AUX, wireless, optical, and RCA. you can easily plug the opera dock into your tv and then the headphones and tv connect with each other with no complex process of pairing. You can easily connect them with devices which don’t have bluetooth features.

Why Choose Avantree Opera TV?

For the dialogue driven programs on tv, this headset has special features which can give the high quality sound during talk shows and your favorite tv series. These headphones are made to give you the balanced sound from your tv shows, movies, and songs. You can clearly listen to everything on your headphones.

The built- in microphones are designed in such a way to give you excellence and the high quality for calling. You can use these headphones for audio and video calling to your friends, office colleagues, and even your boss. The noise cancellation of the mic will deliver the most reliable sound to the recipient.

Now the most amazing feature for the tv shows is that, you can easily mute the tv ads by using your headphones. You don’t need a tv remote from now while wearing your excellent Avantree headphones. When your tv program starts, you can again turn on the audio of your tv. These headphones are ideal for watching Netflix series.


The only downside of these earphones is that their buttons are small. If they are big, this headset will become more elegant.

Product 9th Review Check Price

JBL Tune 660NC: On-Ear Headphones with Deep Bass Sound

Release date

$90.00 USD

9.33 x 8.11 x 2.01 inches

5.9 ounces

Model Number


  • ON ear headphones
  • 44 hours of battery life
  • Easy calls
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sound

  • Can be more comfortable

JBL Tune 660NC | In-depth Analysis

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation features of these headphones are very useful for people who want some space when they are watching movies and their favorite tv shows. The awesome noise cancelling features of these headphones you can’t even find in headphones of high prices.

These headphones can easily eliminate the sound and keep the unwanted sound away from your ears and you can enjoy movies and series on your Samsung TV without any problem. The noise cancelling features of these headphones enable you to watch movies even in a very noisy environment without any distraction.

The users of these headphones gave 5 star reviews to the noise cancellation feature of these headphones, which shows it is just perfect.

Excellent Sound

The sound quality of the headphones mostly depends on its drivers, speakers, and bass. If you want to get the deep bass sound on your headphones, then this headset is best for you because of their excellent bass. The drivers of the headphones enable them to give you the most realistic sound you have ever heard.

You can’t find this sound quality in any headphones for under 60 dollars, but these headphones are giving you the best quality at the best rates. You can easily watch thrilling movies on these headphones because they can detect even the fattest sound and you can easily hear the footprints and enjoy the movies as you can in cinemas.

Why Choose JBL Tune 660NC?

The battery life of these headphones are more than any other headphones of this range. You can’t even find such a long battery life in headphones above 200 dollars. This headset can give you 44 hours of battery life with its all features. But if you turn off the noise cancelling, then you can use them for up to 55 hours.

If you need these headphones urgently, then a five minutes charge allows you to use them for 2 hours. The wireless features of this headset are also great. There is no lag between the connection of the headphone and the device, so you can continuously watch your movies without any problem.

You can quickly and easily switch from one device to another without any delay. When you are watching a tv show on your headphones and they are connected with your tv, suddenly you have a phone call, with in no time you can connect your headphones from your cell phone and attend the call.

Attending calls is also very easy on these headphones. With the high-quality built- in microphone, you can easily talk to your friends comfortably and easily. The noise cancelling feature cancels all the background extra noises and you can talk to your friends and colleagues easily, with no difficulty.


The only downside of this headset that our experts observe is the comfort level. According to our experts, you can’t wear them for 24 hours so they can be more comfortable.

Product 10th Review Check Price

SENNHEISER PXC 550-II Headphone, Touch Sensitive Control

Release date

$349.99 USD

2.4 x 5.3 x 6.8 inches

0.01 ounces

Model Number


  • Over Ear design
  • Touch Control
  • Detective sensors
  • Long time wearing comfort
  • Foldable design

  • Need to learn a system for touch control
  • Not for Apple users

SENNHEISER PXC 550-II | In-depth Analysis

Travel Friendly Design

These headphones have a very cozy design that is also foldable. You can easily fold the design if you want to put them in a small bag or a suitcase if you want to travel with them. They have the best travel-friendly design that you can ever buy.

The long-lasting battery of the headphones allows you to use them during long travel without any need of charging them again and again to use them. This design is not only best for travel but also ideal for watching movies continuously with a high level of wearing comfort. The earcups have protein foam in them which are made in such a way that they can give you long-term wearing comfort.

You can even wear these headphones for more than 24 hours without any headache, and irritation. The headband is also comfortable and easily adjustable so there is no tension of pressure on your head that a lower quality headband can create.

Touch and Voice Control

The latest touch and voice control features are also available in this headset. Now you can control all your headphones and its features with just a tap on the ear cups. On the right ear cup, there is a touch-sensitive system that you can use to pause, play, the movies from your headphones.

You can also up or down the volume by its touch control system. AI helpers allow you to activate Siri, Alexa, and google assistant with just a single touch. The voice control of this headset is also quite good. You can easily give commands to Alexa, and Siri easily by the clear voice from the microphones.


The battery life of this headphone can last for more than 30 hours. You can easily watch 10 movies in 3 hours with these headphones continuously without charging them. During travelling, you also don’t need to charge the headset because of its stable battery timing.

The noise cancellation features of this headset are also very good. It can cancel all the unnecessary sound from your surroundings and allow you to focus on your movies and tv shows. These headphones are best for people who watch movies to give reviews to them because they can notice even the minor details of the movies with the help of them.

There are triple microphones in these headphones which allow you to deliver the most clear sound to your listeners. The recipient can get the most realistic sound without any surrounding noises when you are talking to them on this headset.


The only drawback of this headset is that if you want to use the touch control, you must learn it. This headset is not ideal for iPhone users.

Buying Guide Of Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV

There are many headphones available in the market that are wireless and you can use them with your Samsung smart tv but they all are not good in quality nor in function. If you want to buy a great headset for your regular use, then you must know about the features of a good headset.

If you want to buy an ideal headset for your movies, and music, then you need to consider the battery timing, drivers, bass quality, durability, in-ear or on-ear design, comfort and fit, noise cancellation, and budget.

If you get successful in finding headphones that are best in all qualities, then you are investing your money on the right product. Consider the following features in a headset before buying them;

    The sound quality of headphones depends on their drivers because drivers convert electrical signals into sound. If the drivers are powerful, you can get the clearest and ambient sound. There are 2 types of drivers; dynamic drivers, and armature drivers. Both are excellent to use in headphones.

    Armature drivers are more expensive than dynamic drivers. They work in a specific frequency range and give an excellent sound. Dynamic drivers are cheaper and long-lasting. The bass quality of the headphones also matters a lot. If the bass is good, you can get the deep bass sound from the headphones.

    The battery timing of the headphones must be good. The headphones having 20 to 40 hours of battery time are excellent for you. There are also headphones giving more than 50 hours of battery timing. You can choose according to your needs. You must select headphones that give you longer playtime, so you don’t need to charge them during your movies or Netflix series.
    The quality of material matters a lot if you are paying a lot for buying your headphones. Only good-quality headphones can last long and you can use them for years. If the material of the headphones is not good and they have the latest features, then you must know they are short-lived.

    So always select headphones giving you the high-quality material and at least 2 years of use time. There are headphones that you can use for even 5 years without any need of repairing them several times.

    The comfort and fit design is very important to notice while you are purchasing Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV. Comfort of the headphones depends upon the design of the headphones. The size and shape of the ear cups decide the comfort of the headphones.

    The fit design means that the headphones fit on your head. There are many headphones with variable headbands to fit completely on your head. So you always need a headset which will give you comfort for a long time wearing and also perfectly fit on your head and ears.

    There are basically two types of headphones these days. In-ear headphones and On-ear headphones. Both designs have different benefits and you can choose them according to your own choice. If you want complete noise isolation, then the over-ear design is best for you.

    If you get irritated by headphones that fully cover your ears, then you must buy ear headphones. On-ear headphones are also very comfortable and keep your head and ears comfortable for a very long time, but not as long as over-ear designs. But it depends on person to person.

    Noise cancellation is one of the most necessary characteristics in headphones nowadays. People want complete isolation when they are watching movies, but it is difficult to achieve when you have a large family, so headphones are best in this regard to give you a fully secure environment even in a noisy place.
    While buying headphones for you, it is very important to note your budget because there are headphones more than 1000 dollars are available as well. But you must buy headphones under 300 dollars because it is the most ideal range of buying headphones.

    If your budget is a little low, then we have mentioned the best headphones also for under 80 to 90 dollars so you can select from our list and get the most exciting headphones for you.


In conclusion to all this discussion, now you know much about the Best Wireless Headphones for Samsung Smart TV that you have to buy. Now, after considering different factors such as noise cancellation, battery, drivers, bass, durability, you can easily buy your favorite headphones having all the necessary qualities.

We have mentioned headphones from 60 to 300 dollars having the most amazing characteristics, so you can buy from them trustfully because they all are tested by our experts in technology. Best of luck with your headset and hope you select the ideal one for you.

Editor’s Choice

If you want to know about the best headphones for Samsung tv, then we shall recommend you Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones (Series II). These headphones are best from each and every angle and can give you the most comfortable listening experience for long hours.

The runner-up of the Bose headset is Beats Solo3 Headphones – Apple W1 Chip. This headset has 40 hours of battery timing and gives you all the essential characteristics that you can need while watching movies on your Samsung tv.

The affordable choice for you is JBL Tune 660NC: On-Ear Headphones with Deep Bass Sound. You can easily buy this pair of headphones for under 60 dollars.


  • Can my wireless headphones work with my tv?
    Yes, you can definitely use your wireless headphones with your tv if there is a bluetooth option in it. You just need to Turn on the bluetooth setting of your tv and your headphones, and then you can pair them with each other. Wireless headphones need bluetooth features but wired headphones can be easily connected by jack.
  • Can I use earbuds with my Samsung Smart tv?
    You can comfortably use earbuds with your Samsung Smart tv but the airpods must be of top quality having a long range so you can easily watch your tv while sitting at a distance. Some excellent quality earbuds are;

  • Does every TV have an option for Bluetooth?
    No, every TV doesn’t have an option for bluetooth, especially old tv versions that don’t have bluetooth. But every latest tv has an option for bluetooth and also setting to pair the tv with different devices. Smart TVs are now made in such a way that they have all modern features which allow you to connect every device with them.
  • Which are the best headphones to use on tv?
    There are many headphones that are best to use on tv. You can easily pair these headphones with any smart tv or some of them can even pair with old tv. A small list of ideal headphones for smart tv is;

    • Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones, Alexa voice control (Series II)
    • Beats Solo3 Headphones – Apple W1 Chip, 40 Hours of Listening
    • Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones and Alexa Voice Control
    • Avantree HT4189 Headphones for TV, Long Range, No delay
    • JBL Tune 660NC: On-Ear Headphones with Deep Bass Sound
  • Can I use my Samsung Smart tv’s headphones for my PC?
    Yes, you can comfortably use Samsung Smart tv’s headphones for your PC because wireless connectivity of the headphones allows you to pair them with all the bluetooth devices with no difficulty. You can pair the headphones with PC, laptop, mobile phones, and smart bikes. 
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