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Best Techniques For Cleaning Stains From Your Computer Screen

Cleaning Stains From Your Computer Screen

Smudges, Oil Spills, Splatters All Gone

If you are just like those people who spend most of their 5 to 7 hours in front of the computer screen then the things like sneezing, coughing, touching the screen with oily fingers are the most probable ones or you have an outdoor computer monitor. All these practices will definitely leave stinky spots and work to make the screen of your computer dirty and grimy as well.

But you may get dust in computers accumulated also and all these things require a proper cleaning procedure that must be followed to make your computer screen neat, clean and appealing as well.

Here in this article, we will talk about the exact cleaning techniques of glass computer screen cleaning and a proper answer to the question “How to clean computer screen without streaks? / cleaning stains from your computer screen” is also given.

Techniques To Clean Gaming Monitor Screen – Arranged On Ease Basis

Techniques To Clean Gaming Monitor Screen - Arranged On Ease Basis Banner

Technique 1: The Most Convenient Method For Cleaning Stains From Your Computer Screen

This is a single-step technique and you do not require any kind of preparations or other supplies for the cleaning of your glass computer display as well. There is no use of any kind of computer screen cloth or any other cleaning agent too. Basically, this duster is just like a magic wand and the only step is:

  • Use a Swiffer Duster which is one of the best computer dust cleaner products.
  • Take the duster and clean the screen of your dirty monitors gently with a proper circular motion.

The microfibers of the duster are flexible enough that you can clean the sides and edges of your monitor screen perfectly as well.

Technique 2: Method With a Little Effort

This method will require a little bit of effort but the ultimate result will definitely make you happy as the screen of your computer will shine like brand new after applying the following steps.

  • Firstly you have to turn off the screen of your computer as smudges or spots are very much visible on the dark screen easily. 

Make sure you must power off your computer despite putting it to sleep otherwise it may cause damage to the pixels.

  • Do not ever use a paper towel to clean computer touch screens as they are scratchy in nature and can scratch the screen of your computer.
  • Always use a microfiber cleaning cloth for computer screens that ensures a 100% scratch-free and damage-free cleaning approach as well.
  • After applying a liquid cleaning solution or other cleaning products for computers on the cloth then wipe the screen gently in a circular motion in order to clean all the oil spots and smudges properly.
  • Let the screen of your computer air dry.
  • Wipe out all the streaking leftovers softly and also remove the remaining stains properly with the same microfiber cloth.
  • Do not use Windex or other harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions that contain ammonia as they may damage the screens of your computer very badly.

Preparing Computer Screen Cleaner DIY

Preparing Computer Screen Cleaner DIY Banner

If you are not willing to spend your money on the ready-made stain cleaners present in the market then you may also prepare your own cleaning agent very easily while using some ordinary ingredients. The quick guide for preparation is as follows:

Solution 1

  • Take dishwashing soap and distilled water.
  • Add one tablespoon of dishwashing soap in 30 ml of distilled water.
  • Mix both the ingredients well and here your solution is ready to use after you put it into a spray bottle.

Solution 2

  • Put vinegar and distilled water with a proportion of 1:1 in a misting bottle.
  • Cover the bottle by closing its cap.
  • Shake the misting bottle well until both the ingredients get mixed well.
  • And you are done, the solution is ready to be used by applying it on the microfiber cloth.

Both these methods are the most simple and the easiest DIY methods to prepare the homemade screen cleaning solution.

The Final Words!

In the above writing, we have briefly discussed “How to clean a touch computer screen?” as well as cleaning stains from your computer screen and we hope that now our readers have a complete and perfectly reliable knowledge that they can opt for cleaning the screens of your computer without facing any kind of problem.

We always come up with the most authentic and significantly easy solutions to all kinds of problems that are related to your tech products.

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