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Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards

Comparison Of Different Laptop Graphics Cards

Comparison Of Different Laptop Graphics Cards

Everyone called the CPU the brain of the computer. If you consider it as a brain then the graphics processing unit must be considered as the occipital lobe of the computer. The graphics cards are responsible for making images, rendering videos, and creating 3D or 2D animations as well.

You can also do other mathematical calculations with this chip and free your processor from such tasks. There are only a few cores in the CPU for the performance of some sequential tasks but you can find several small cores in the GPU that are dedicated to multi-tasking.

CPU is specified to do non-graphics tasks but for the graphics-related tasks, GPU should be powerful and dedicated as well. That is why for gaming and video editing purposes we require the most recent and fully loaded GPU in our laptops. That is why every laptop that is designed for different tasks like business, regular use, or gaming all have different sorts of graphics cards according to their functions.

Quick Review Of Different Graphics Cards

Here in this article, we tried to cover different kinds of GPUs and compared them for you. So that it becomes easy to understand the technical details and other technicalities present on the different graphics cards manufactured by different companies. SO let us have a quick look at these GPUs.


1. Nvidia Quadro (Workstation Exclusive)

Name CUDA Cores MAX VRAM Memory Bandwidth VR 4K
Quadro P 3000 1280 6 GB 168 GBps No Yes
Quadro P 4000 1702 8 GB 192 GBps Yes Yes
Quadro P 5000 2048 16 GB 192 GBps Yes Yes

This GPU is present in different mobile workstations that are mostly used for running Autocad or Unreal 4 Engine. The company claims that the latest generation Quadro graphics cards show up three times more performance skills and have twice the speed as compared to the previous GPUs.

The latest Quadro Nvidia graphics processing units except the P3000 series come up with futuristic features. They are manufactured according to the Pascal architecture that offers more CUDA cores as compared to their Maxwell counterparts. Common Nvidia Quadro GPUs are:

Nvidia Geforce

2. Nvidia Geforce

Name CUDA Cores MAX VRAM Memory Bandwidth VR 4K
GTX 1050 640 4 GB 112 GBps  No Yes
GTX 1050 Ti 768 4 GB 192 GBps No Yes
GTX 1060 1280 6 GB 192 GBps Yes Yes
GTX 1070 2048 8 GB 256 GBps Yes Yes
GTX 1080 2560 8 GB 320 GBps Yes Yes

No matter you are a hardcore gamer or play often, Nvidia’s GPU Geforce RTX is the real workhorse in making the perfect graphics. It is not less than any blessing for true gamers. The totally new 1050 and 1050 Ti chips can be used very effectively in small laptops such as in the Alienware or the Razer Blade to power up the machine to the next level.

The clock book of this processor is 1,6-GHz and has CUDA 3584 cores, 12 billion transistors with an exceptional 11 GB video memory. These are the best choice for lighting fast frames and a buttery smooth video or gaming experience. Here we have listed Nvidia’s common Geforce GTX GPUs.

AMD Radeon RX

3. AMD Radeon RX

Name  Steam Processors VRAM Memory Bandwidth  VR 4K
RX 460 768 4 GB 112 GBps No Yes
RX 470 896 4 GB 211 GBps Yes Yes
RX 480 2048 8 GB 256 GBps Yes Yes

You would hardly find any AMD GPU in the gaming systems but they are widely used in mobile systems like you are more likely to find this GPU in the Alienware 17. But the recent graphics processing units by AMD are fair enough to support many traditional games. These AMD processors are now being widely replaced by the most efficient and the most recent Nvidia graphics processing units for gaming purposes.

AMD recently launched a powerful laptop GPU called Vega Mobile. This graphics card is generally manufactured for thin and lightweight laptops of recent days. Vega should be the direct rival of Nvidia’s Max-Q processors. The company ensures that it will provide better refresh rates on demanding AAA videos without the requirement of any extra power. Some common GPUs by AMD are:

4. Intel Iris Plus Graphics

Name Max VRAM Memory Bandwidth  VR 4K
Iris Plus Graphics 640 32 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes
Iris Plus Graphics 650 32 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes

By manufacturing this graphics processor Intel tried to close the gap between discrete and integrated graphics. Providing you the best frame rate and perfect graphics, this iris pro chip is definitely a worthy product on which you can play heavy games like league of legends as well.

In a powerful workstation, you will find an iris plus GPU together with a discrete chip. This astonishing graphics processing unit will definitely provide you with different fantastic and worth-seeing graphics, and elevate your gaming experience to the next level as well. Below are some of Intel’s iris GPUs

Intel HD Graphics Card

5. Intel HD Graphics Card

Name Max VRAM Memory Bandwidth  VR 4K
HD Graphics 610 64 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes
HD Graphics 615 16 GB 29.8 GBps No Yes
HD Graphics 620 32 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes
HD Graphics 630 64 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes
HD Graphics P630 64 GB 34.1 GBps No Yes

You will more likely find Intel’s HD graphics cards from the most portable models like Dell XPS 2 in 1 to the classy business machine like HP Elite books as well. By making a perfect integration with the system’s CPU, these graphics cards can give you the best and completely smooth video streaming and you can enjoy less-taxing gameplay on your machine as well with no glitch.

The GPU is integrated with the chip and its efficiency totally depends upon the amount and type of task you are going to perform. When you want to get a highly smooth refresh rate while doing different heavy-duty tasks (especially gaming) then you must consider a GPU other than this one because its performance on gaming is not much satisfactory though. Some of the common and famous Intel HD graphics cards are:

Why Is a GPU Important

Why Is a GPU Important?

If you are a professional worker that works to edit videos or a live streamer, or you are a gamer then you would have complete knowledge about the fact why GPU is necessary. If you are in a hunt for laptops to perform the above-mentioned tasks then you should not waste your money on other components like CPU, the only things that must be updated is definitely your graphics card or a graphics processing unit.

To make your machine perfect for gaming or other heavy-duty tasks you should choose Nvidia’s Graphics Cards and most specifically RTX is the top-rated GPU nowadays that will give you a buttery smooth gaming experience with its top resolution and perfect refresh rate as well. If you use a good GPU then there will be no chance of any glitch as well. But remember that the performance of your laptop’s GPU depends upon the amount and type of work you are doing on it. So always try to select such GPUs that fulfill your requirements precisely.

To Sum Up!

Here in this article, we gave a complete comparison of graphics cards manufactured by different companies. All their features and performance levels are well-explained in this piece of writing that will allow you to understand their work. This article will definitely help you to figure out your graphics-related problems and will make your decision much easier to buy a good GPU just according to your needs and requirements.

At we always try our best to bring complete knowledge and information about the completely new launched and existing technology and tech-related products as well. We have always been an authentic and reliable source of providing you people with the exact facts and figures about the mesmerizing information and technology products present around the globe, their features, and reviews.

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