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Dell S3220DGF Review – The Best Curved LED Gaming Monitor

Dell S3220DGF Review Featured Image

If you are hunting for a monitor that can give you a top-notch gaming performance, high-end image quality, and should be responsive to your other whole day tasks too then Dell 32 Curved Gaming Monitor – S3220DGF will be the best choice. The bright colors and accurate contrast ratio are the key features of this monitor.

Here in this article, we have given the detailed Dell S3220DGF review, which will definitely help you out in understanding this product. You will get to know about the major characteristics, working capabilities, and much more about Dell 3220DGF. So let us start with no delay.

Reasons To Buy
  • Very high contrast
  • Peak brightness
  • 165 Hz refresh rate
  • 2 HDR FreeSync
  • High color accuracy 
  • Excellent build-up quality
  • sRGB mode is absent
  • Gama presets absent

Specification Table Of Dell S3220DGF Review
Size 32 Inches
Resolution 2560 × 1440 Pixels
Max Refresh Rate 165 hertz
Pixel Type VA
Refresh Rate Technology FreeSync
Response Time 4 ms
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Dell S3220DGF Review | In-Depth Monitor Specifications & Review

Dell S3220DGF Review In-Depth Monitor Specifications & Review Banner

This Dell 32 inch curved monitor’ aspect ratio of 16:9 and the UltraWide screen will also provide the user with the most amazing watching experience as well. Besides gaming, you can also use this ideal monitor for your routine office tasks or ordinary home-based jobs.

Dell has made this monitor with a curve that offers you a lot of features for mind-blowing picture quality and visuals. Because of its UltraWide and curved 32 inches display, this monitor has made its place in the list of top monitors and you can also get Dell S3220DGF best settings for Xbox. So let’s dive into the ocean of information to get the unique details in this Dell S3220DGF review.

Build-up Quality

Dell S3220DGF Build-up Quality Banner

A nice gun metallic plastic is used in the entire manufacturing of the chassis of this monitor. The stand is attached to the base quite perfectly and is the metallic pillar that supports the display sturdily. This metallic and plastic combo makes the entire manufacturing approach of this monitor up to the mark.

The build-up quality from the top bezel to the bottom baseball is exceptionally consistent and impressive as well. This materialistic approach is of a high standard and proves itself as a great survivor because it can withstand the hardships easily and serve you for longer time periods.

Aesthetical Design

Dell S3220DGF Aesthetical Design Banner

There is no rival of Dell in making beautiful and attractive monitors, the same is the case with the Dell 3220 gaming monitor. On the back metallic stand, there is present the Dell Logo showing up Blue colored metallic luster for an ornamentation approach.

The curve is the key feature of the whole design in this monitor. With a 1800R curve in the display, you can say this monitor is an ideal product for effective gaming. This curve is not dramatic but adds improvements to the viewing angles of the monitor.

Ports Selection

Dell S3220DGF Ports Selection Banner

Without a rich port selection, gaming monitors are incomplete. The Dell S3220DGF FreeSync comes up with an average port selection that can be improved. This Dell S3220DGF review says you will get 2 pairs of USB 3.0 ports and it is a lacking monitor in terms of ports. You will not get any kind of USB-C port, but 2 HDMI ports are present, and no DisplayPort in this highly manufactured gaming monitor.

There is a simple cable routing, no speakers port, and even in this gigantic device, you will not get any kind of headphone jack at all. If you don’t want to connect your peripheral devices by using an external HUB, then you should go for some other monitor.

Viewing Angles

Dell S3220DGF Viewing Angles Banner

Besides the major Dell S3220DGF specs details, viewing angle is also an important factor that must be considered before buying any monitor. As you are well-familiar now that there is a curve in the display that makes the viewing angles more immersive and improved for enjoying a better gaming experience. This monitor has 178 degrees horizontal and vertical angles.

This Dell S3220DGF G Sync monitor also got the most outstanding stand with different adjustable options that you can opt for settings the viewing angles of the display. But keep in mind that these angles totally depend on the position of the viewer and the height of the display as well.

Ergonomics Characters

Dell S3220DGF Ergonomics Characters Banner

The ergonomics characters of this monitor include a roundabout of 6 inches adjustment in height. You can adjust the height just according to your sitting position and in accordance with your viewing angle very easily. But like other curved monitors you can not get, it is portrait orientation at all.

With a plus 30 degrees, this monitor can be swiveled in each direction without any kind of extra effort. Besides these ergonomics conditions, this display monitor provides you with a 21 degrees tilt option as well. All these movements are very easy to be done and sure as you will see, the panel remains locked in a place.


Dell S3220DGF Resolution Banner

With a 1800R curve, this display panel comes up with an amazing QHD resolution. This QHD resolution ensures that for playing your favorite games that have a high refresh rate, you do not have to install an extra 1000 dollars graphics card that we ensure in our Dell S3220DGF review.

The pixel density of this 2560×1440 pixels screen is 93 PPI (pixels per inch) for seeing every detail of your content video game clearly with no kind of distortion or lagging. You will definitely not see any jaggies till you sit closer to the monitor. We recommend maintaining a viewing distance of about 3 to 4 feet.


Dell S3220DGF Brightness Banner

Just like other monitors, this Dell S3220DGF also got an SDR display mode and an HDR display mode as well. The peak brightness in the SDR mode is 350 nits, and it increases up to 450 in the HDR mode. For more inviting darks, this brightness range plays a very important role even in rooms with high ambient light.

Among all the monitors that we have been testing in recent months, the brightness of Dell S3220DGF proved itself as the best competitor and made its place in the top order of the list. The overall delivery of colors is very amazing as well.

Contrast Ratio

Dell S3220DGF Contrast Ratio Banner

The contrast ratio of the monitor is very impressive as it got the capability to display all the deep black colors even in such a room that has a very low lighting approach. If you are fond of gaming at night, then you will find our Dell S3220DGF review helpful, as Dell S3220DGF 32-Inch is the best choice for you.

This excellent contrast ratio guarantees impressive colors on the display as well. With perfect nuance and vibrancy, the contrast ratio combines the black point and is more likely to provide the users with in-depth detail of the deep dark regions.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Dell S3220DGF Response Time & Refresh Rate Banner

Dell S3220DGF response time is 4 ms in this 10-bit color VA display panel. These numerics are perfect for single-player gaming and the for the gamers who play eSports games. But if you want to enjoy high-end gameplay, then the figures of this response time should be less.

The mainstream quality is beyond expectation as the Dell S3220DGF refresh rate is 165 Hertz and has a very impressive low lag input as well. But this average refresh rate will also show some blurring during the fast movements of the objects that feel irritating sometimes. Dell S3220DGF response time setting can avoid such problems.


Dell S3220DGF performance Banner

Having all the characteristic features, these displays are the best in providing you with the most amazing gaming performance. Between the best-detailing approach and high-end working performance, the QHD display keeps an important balance for an enjoyable gaming experience.

The response time of this monitor is slower than compared to other 165 Hertz monitors, but the low input lag and FreeSync refresh rate technology definitely make a huge difference among the working of Dell S3220DGF monitor and the other displays as well.

Bottom Line!

After going through our Dell S3220DGF review, you would know that this huge and curved gaming monitor is not for faint-hearted people. It will definitely occupy a lot of space on your gaming desk and makes a significant effect on your pocket as well. For the same-sized gaming monitor without a curve, you can save up to $100.

But we will definitely praise the fabulous performance and outstanding display details. With its quad HD display, this monitor makes its place among the top gaming monitors because of its highly advantageous and a handful of features. So when you want a curved, large-sized, and highly efficient gaming display, then no other monitor is a more solid choice than the Dell S3220DGF.

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