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Does Steam Work on Mac And MacBook? Access Steam Game Library On MacBook Easily

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Most Mac users ask “Does Steam work on Mac and MacBook?” and I guess the same is true for you. So this query brought you to our site. In this article, we will discuss whether you can play Steam game titles on your Mac and MacBook.

It is a major issue with Apple computers that you might face many compatibility problems, and we all know that Apple has never designed its products in accordance with the gaming perspective.

So, playing Steam games on a Mac or MacBook is not impossible, but for this purpose, you should have complete knowledge about the easy ways that you can adapt to playing these gaming titles on your Apple computers.

Are Steam Games Compatible With Mac and MacBook?

Are Steam Games Compatible With Mac and MacBook

For quite a short time, steam games are available on your Mac and MacBook. If you say that you can compete with a gaming PC using a MacBook, then you are wrong. Because high-end gaming PCs have extraordinary gaming components that enhance the overall performance, the MacBook is not even designed for gaming.

Despite that, you can play your Steam games on the Mac and MacBook by following some simple steps that are easy to execute as well. To enjoy steam games on your Apple devices (computers), use Steam Links. Further details are presented in the article. Let us move ahead in order to get proper knowledge about “Does Steam work on Mac and MacBook?”.

How You Can Use Steam Link On MacOS?

How You Can Use Steam Link On MacOS

To ensure the proper working of steam games on your Mac devices, follow the proper protocols. Make things happen according to the recommendations. So one thing is obvious now, which is that the Steam games do work on Macs and MacBooks.

Before taking any steps, make sure that your connection is stronger and more reliable. You should connect your Apple device to a powerful internet connection. To use the Link, you should also have a compatible Steam controller.

The app from the Steam link will tell whether the game is compatible with your device. Now, after having all the proper equipment, follow the steps in order to play steam games on your MacBook and Mac.

  1. First, go to the App Store Of macOS.
  2. Download steam link from the App Store.
  3. Launch the steam on your device (Mac or MacBook).
  4. Now ensure that your MacBook and PC are connected to the same local network that you have provided. 
  5. Click Get Started after opening the link on your Mac.
  6. You can pair your controller by following the instructions that will appear on the screen.
  7. In case you are using any other input device, then simply click on Skip. This is beneficial if you are using a keyboard or mouse for some specific games.
  8. Now the link will find the network for your computer. Then click the name of your device once it appears on the list.
  9. You see that there appears a PIN code on the screen of your PC.
  10. To link both the devices, input that code on your MacBook when it demands.
  11. Now steam is testing your connection and you have to wait so that both these devices may get connected. For this connection Lined connection is recommended, but if your signal strength is sufficient, then your devices will get connected in no time.
  12. Now, to open the game library of your PC on the Mac and MacBook, click the Start Playing option.
  13. Now select your desired game that you want to play on your Apple devices.

Note: The game must be already installed on your PC, otherwise you cannot play the game on your Mac and MacBook.


By using the Steam Link, you can achieve great flexibility and play different Steam games on your MacBook and Mac. We hope you will find this article really very helpful in order to connect the PC and your Macs to play different Steam game titles. This solution allows you to access your Steam games library on the Mac, encountering no serious difficulties or inconveniences.

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