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Everything You Need to Know About M1 Chip

Everything You Need to Know About M1 Chip

With the new innovations, in November 2020, Apple has introduced its chip, known as M1, which is having an incredible performance and amazing efficiency. It is the first “system on a chip” designed by Apple which has been developed for use in Mac. Therefore, this amazing chip integrates so many components through with it gives an excellent performance.

These components include encoding/decoding engine, neural engine, RAM, CPU, GPU, image signal processor, and many more. In the M1 chip, the memory architecture is perfectly modified. And, the CPU and GPU don’t need to copy the data between one another. Rather than this, they can access the same data pool now. For further details, read the article mentioned below so that you could have everything you need to know about the M1 chip.

What Is M1 Chip And How It Is Different From Previous Technologies?

Apple has put over 16 million transistors for the first in order to get the high rate performance, i.e. fastest CPU core, which is available in low power silicon. It has been designed to create a much faster and more power-efficient Mac than those of intel-designed chips. Intel chips actually use x86 architecture. On the other side, the M1 chip uses an Arm-based architecture, much like its previous A-14 chips, specifically designed for iPhones and iPads.



Ideally, the M1 is the most powerful chip that Apple has ever designed and used in the Mac in order to enhance its efficiency. It is almost similar to the A14 chips that are used in the newly launched iPhones and iPads models.

Apple has introduced this chip to MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, which is now replacing the low-end mechanism in them. It has also been released M1 versions of the iPad Pro and iMac. Moreover, the M1 chip has replaced the traditional RAM with unified memory, through which there will be no need to use the multiple pools for the memory.

Other Technologies

Other Technologies

Prior to the M1, Mac has used so many chips in order to enhance the performance rate. Before the M1, it uses the Intel chips, which were giving a better performance rate but not much more than that M1 because M1 integrates so many components. Moreover, Apple was using the GPU separately with the correlation of intel processor. But, now M1 itself is having the GPU integrated so there is now no need for its separate usage.

Furthermore, the x86 architecture which it uses, although has a high-performance rate but it uses a lot of power to function, which is obviously a disadvantage. Therefore, Apple’s efforts to introduce a chip with all the components for more efficient performance.

The Apple M1 Chip

The Apple M1 Chip

CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine

M1 chip has introduced the smart CPU, GPU, and neural engine which together make the Mac more appealing. Talking about the neural network, it has brought much advancement in it, that it is now capable of executing 11 trillion operations per second. And just like this, M1 includes the next-level CPU and GPU models.



M1 includes the advanced 8-core CPU, which consists of 4 high-efficiency cores and 4 high-performance cores. Those high-performance cores work together and offer an impressive performance rate allowing the M1 Mac to perform in a fantastic way even in the high-end 16-inch MacBook Pro Models. While the 4 high-efficiency cores tend to preserve the battery life.



M1 includes the 8-core or 7-core GPU. Generally, the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, and high-end M1 MacBook Air models use the 8-core GPU. Because it is capable of operating almost 25000 threads at the same time. With 2.6 teraflops of throughput.

Neural Engine

Neural Engine

M1 chip includes the advanced neural engine which is designed to run the machine language. So that machine learning tasks could easily get accelerated like video recognition, image processing, etc. It performs 15x better than the other previous models.

Apple M1 Speed

Apple M1 Speed

This amazingly designed M1 chip offers the 3.5x faster performance of CPU, 6x better performance of GPU, and 15x better performance of the neural engine, if compared to the previous generation machines. Moreover, it offers 2x faster CPU performance if gets compared to the latest PC laptops chips. Also, it uses only 25 percent of the power which makes it incredible.

Battery Life

Battery Life

With so many improvements, it has also brought astounding improvements in its battery life. Thus, M1 Mac is more better-efficient and more demanding in the market. The longest battery life was in 13-inch MacBook Pro, which could last up to 20 hours. But, with the advancement, now life can last up to 2x than the prior-generation models.

M1 Security Features

M1 Security Features

Ideally, the M1 chip introduced the latest generation secure Enclave, a high-performance security controller, the amazing AES encryption hardware, a high-performance storage controller, and hardware verified secure boot. Also, it has been proved that the M1 chip doesn’t appear to have breakthroughs in terms of security. This M1 chip is interestingly designed with state-of-the-art security techniques.

M1 Pro And M1 Max

M1 Pro

M1 Pro

M1 pro offers you an almost 16-core CPU performance rate with 200GB/s memory bandwidth. It assumes you by supporting 32 GB of unified memory. In addition, it not only includes ProRes encode and decode engines but also has video encode and decode engines.

M1 Max

M1 Max

Ideally, it gives 2x better performance than M1 Pro. It offers you a 32-core CPU performance rate and 400 GB/s memory bandwidth. Moreover, it supports up to 64 GB of unified memory. And, includes two ProRes and two video encode/decode engines.

M1 Family Laptops

Apple MacBook Air 2020

1. Apple MacBook Air

M1 chip has been installed in the Apple MacBook Air and increased its performance rate. Now, having so many specifications, i.e. its amazing battery life, display, color contrast, brightness, etc, it has become much appealing in markets. The major pros and cons are given in the table mentioned below, through which you can have a clear idea.

13-inch MacBook Pro 2020

2. 13-inch MacBook Pro

13-inch Macbook Pro has a high-performance rate. With the integration of advanced CPU, GPU, and unified memory storage, it is an amazing innovation of Apple’s efforts. The table mentioned is describing its major pros and cons for your ease.

Comparison of M1 Family Laptops


Apple MacBook Air
  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Enhanced battery life
  • High-performance rate
  • No Touch Screen
  • Limited ports availability, i.e. 2 Type-C connections
  • Giving much better performance, it worth all the money you gonna invest in it

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13-inch MacBook Pro
  • Gives a 2x high-performance rate
  • Excellent webcam
  • Amazing battery life
  • No touchscreen available
  • Limited ports available, i.e. 2 Type-C connections only
  • Can be used as a workhorse for those who want a compact macOS laptop

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does M1 Mac Have Only 16GB Of Ram?

    All Macs are actually limited to only 16GM of RAM and that is more than enough even for the intense home users. That 16GB RAM can work like up to 32GB or even 64GB RAM. You can do multiple things without getting the computer struggled in between.

  • Can I Still Get A Mac With Intel Processor?

    Although, Apple has stopped selling Mac with Intel processors. But, there is only 2-3 Mac left with an Intel processor which you can have. These may include 27-inch iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini.

  • Is Apple Still Supporting Intel-Designed Macs?

    Generally, Apple is not selling Intel Macs. After announcing the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, it has completely stopped selling Intel Macs. And, now it offers you the premium M1 chip-designed MacBook Air or 13-inch MacBook Pro.

  • What Is The Difference Between Native And Universal Apps?

    Native apps actually are for specific platforms, because they utilized specific phone features and built-in functionality. If you want to develop for different platforms with a native app, you have to use different codes for each. On the other hand, universal apps are for many different devices which use the same code. Hence, most developers prefer a native app over a universal one.

  • Can I Use The iPhone Or Ipad Apps On Apple Silicon Macs?

    Yes, of course, you can use these apps on Apple silicon Macs. But, you have to make a purchase on these apps accordingly. Because, in Apple store, they are labeled as “designed for iPhone” or “designed for iPad”.

  • Can I Run The Window On Apple Silicon Mac?

    Although it does not support windows. But, still, you can run windows on the Apple Silicon Macs. And, for that sake, if you are thinking of using the Boot camp, then you are wrong. It can’t be done with that. You have to use virtualization software.

  • Can I Convert My Data From The Old Intel Mac To The New Apple Silicon Mac?

    Yes, of course, you can easily convert the data from the old Intel Mac to the new Apple silicon Mac by using some easy and simple ways. They may include iCloud account usage, the use of migrating account assistants, or the transfer of the data can be done by using target disk mode.

  • Should I Get The Cover For My M1 Macbook Pro?

    According to the researchers, you should get the case for your M1 MacBook Pro. But, then you should also take protective precautions so that it does not get in the way of opening and closing the lid. Also, make sure the case should lighter enough and does not trap the heat between its body and MacBook.

  • Is The New M1 Soc Is Better Than Intel?

    As Apple has integrated so many components in that M1 chip for better performance, of course. Thus, M1 SOC (system on the chip) is far better and faster than Intel.

  • On Which Machines The New Faster Chip(M!) Will Run?

    Apple has basically introduced its new faster M1 chip in MacBook Air and in 13-inch MacBook Pro for better performances and efficiency.

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