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Easy Ways By Which You Can Extend Your Headphones Life

Extend Your Headphones Life

Want to keep the looks and sound quality of your new headphones? Or also you want to Extend Your Headphones Life. Or that pair you already have showing you the problems in bass or treble departments. Perhaps you have a good pair of headphones but you are taking care of them and following proper cleaning steps to clean them.

Simple Steps By Which You Can Extend Your Headphones Life

If you are looking for the solution to these cases, then you have come to the right place. The practice that we are going to describe will help you get the best sound quality and Extend Your Headphones Life also keep their cozy and beautiful looks for a long interval of time.

1. Taking Care Of Your Headphones

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

There are two different scenarios in which you have to take care of your headphones. The first practice is for the wired headphones care and the second is the care of your wireless headphones. Before talking about the ways to boost the audio quality, you should know about the fundamental steps of care of your headphones to Extend Your Headphones Life.

Care Of Headphones With Cables

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

If you possess a pair of headphones or in-ears with a wire that can not be detached by simply unplugging it from the jack. The most relative chances are that you are already taking great care of them. But as a simple tip, we will suggest you roll the cable in a very loose coil that will give the natural coiling of wire in the interior.

If you wound the wire too tightly or too loose, then there is a chance that it will resist your efforts by springing out of shape or by making twists and compel you to change its shape. Try to roll the wire in its natural loop and if possible use a cable fastener it will help to keep the loop intact.

If you are using a headphone with detachable cables, then you must follow the same tip. For detachable cable carry bags offer separate spaces on which you can hang the looped cable. Never wrap a cable up it will decrease the life of your headphones to mere a few months.

Care Of Wire-free Headphones

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

More commonly, for truly wireless earbuds, it is necessary that they should be maintained by protecting the charging case. You have to protect the charging case especially from water and from ear wax as well as to Extend Your Headphones Life. The hard and fast rule is that you should clean and dry your earpieces very well before you dock them into the charging case. If any moisture gets inside the charging case, then it will lead you to a problem.

2. Headphones Cleaning Methods

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

Cleaning your headphones also ensures that they continue to give you the best sound quality and attractive looks for a longer time period.

Headphones Cleaning

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

If you have headphones no matter whether they are on-ear headphones or in-ear headphones, then the building up of earwax is not a major issue. If the earpads get wet and sweaty during your exercise or workout, then you can rinse them up with water. But make sure to check the IP rating of the headphones. This rating tells you about the water-resistant level of your headphones. Make sure that the rating is not less than IPX5 or it should ideally be IPX7 if you are going to rinse them off.

Many of the headphones of the present-day provide convenience to remove the earpads and you do not have to go with the entire headphones. We can wash these removable earpads like clothes or you can wash them up under a tap and dry them to Extend Your Headphones Life. But the pads that are stuck or attached with the headphones make the task of cleaning them very difficult and sensitive. For the cleaning of these headphones, you have to read the manual for the particular headphones.

For leather earpads, you should consult the official site of the manufacturer and get tips for cleaning them as different types of leather to require different approaches for their maintenance and cleaning. Fabrics other than leather such as velour or silk-like fabrics only need a damp cloth to clean the earpads.

Earphones Cleaning

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

If you have earphones or in-canal earbuds, whether they are wired or completely wire-free. Cleaning them is a little evident, but it is necessary though. Especially for such models that are in-canal a regular clean-up is very essential because they are more likely to get earwax buildups in them. Because blockage from the earwax can block the treble and completely alters the stereo quality of your earphones which results in them posing an unpleasant and unappealing impact on the ears.

You can get cleaning tools via online shopping for the cleaning of these types of earphones. If you are not willing to buy wax cleaning tools, then tips of most of the earphones can be removed, you can wash them or rinse them underwater. Use a soft and delicate cloth for their cleaning and dry them completely before putting them back on the earphones or earbuds.

3. Using Apps For Better Sound Quality

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

The easiest and instant way to alter the sound quality of your headphones is using an app. With the nicer use of EQ, you can get all the possible benefits and top-class sound quality along with Extend Your Headphones Life feature. Using these apps is the most effective way to maintain the bass of the headphones and to overcome the extra treble of the bass boosted kinds of music.

Nowadays several headphones come with an assisting app. But many third-party apps are now launched in the market as well. These are multi-band EQ apps, for example, Equalizer+ HD. These apps perform their functions on little boosting or cutting principles to the possible extent.

If you only want to alter the bass boosting impact, then only adjust the bass band and do not fidget with the other bands at all. Many of the EQ apps have already made settings for jazz, rock, bass booster, bass reduced, or various genres. But the customization according to your requirements will provide you with a more soothing effect and a better listening experience.

4. Boost Up Your Headphones By Using Preamps And DAC’s

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

If you have outstanding quality wired headphones then for the best sound quality using them with headphones preamps or a DAC is one of the better options. The sound apps only alter the sound factors of your headphones but on the other hand, a digital to analog converter (DAC) helps you to change and enhance the overall quality of the audio and also Extend Your Headphones Life.

Modern manufacturers provide you with the best solution of elevating the sound quality by using DAC’s that are compact in size and can be placed in a very space in your bag. The modern DAC’s are small and portable. For experiencing high-quality audio you only have to plug your headphones into a preamp or DAC. It will offer higher sound-to-noise frequency ratios, lowers down the distortions, and has the ability to play high-definition audio files without lowering down their qualities.

5. Source Of The Sound

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

These days streaming services are becoming the top priority of people to listen to music. Some streaming services are now offering lossless audio streams. But if you want the best audio quality from your headphones and want to Extend Your Headphones Life, then you have to maintain your music library with high-quality audio, lossless files, and saving stream services for your ease.

No doubt many streaming services like Spotify play a very important role and can not be replaced with other streaming services as they keep on introducing a variety of new music in our daily lives. Downloading the high-quality version of the music you like is the best idea for maintaining the sound quality of your headphones like a new one.

The easy way is to go to the settings and make both the stream quality and download quality set to the high or very high setting. They will consume more storage and bandwidth but the sound quality will be up to the mark. This makes the speakers of your headphones continue to provide quality sound for years.

6. Buy Good Products

Extend Your Headphone’s Life

The best headphones under $150 will last for a long time. You should make sure that you are starting with a good pair of headphones. If the start is with the substandard or low-quality headphones, then how would you be able to make them work perfectly throughout a long time period? For the purchase of good and quality headphones, make your knowledge about the recent headphones up to date.

To Sum Up!

TechTrada always tries to give you valid and most recent knowledge about your gadgets and techs. Hope here you have learned all the possible tips and ways to take care of your headphones. If you follow all the explained tips then there are more chances that they will definitely Extend Your Headphones Life.

Now you have sufficient knowledge of how to take care of your headphones for their long-lasting sound quality and for attractive looks. By practicing these tips and techniques your headphones will maintain their beauty and are always ready to provide you with top-notch audio quality.

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