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How Are Laptops Measured?

How Are Laptops Measured

How You Can Measure The Different Dimensions Of Your Laptop?

How Are Laptops Measured: Sometimes people need to know the exact measurement of their laptop as it is necessary when buying a case, cover, or bag for your laptop. As a matter of fact, measuring a laptop’s size i.e its width, height, thickness and screen size, etc is a tricky task.

But if you have the appropriate knowledge then you can easily measure all these aspects of your laptop in no time. This article will tell you about the appropriate measuring gadgets as well. So keep fastened with us if you want to know about the different methods of measuring the size of your machine.

So in this article, we have mentioned the techniques and some easy methods that you can use to measure the size of your laptops for solid works. So here we will discuss the easiest and the most prompt techniques that anyone can use to measure the entire size of your laptop at home as well. So let us start.

How Are Laptops Measured

How Are Laptop Screens Measured?

  1. Get a standard measuring tape. As we all know that the screens are generally measured in inches, Through the different parts you will also observe metric over imperial. If you require it, then you can convert your measurements accordingly as well.
  2. According to the matter of fact, it is known that screens are measured diagonally. So you can start the measuring from either the bottom left or bottom right corner of the screen of your laptop.
  3. This measurement includes the only visible parts of the screen excluding the borders of your laptop.
  4. So always start your measurements from the point where the visible parts of the screen start.
  5. Always remember that you are not measuring the enclosures of the screen.
  6. Then move towards the opposite corner of the screen.
  7. To make the measuring more impressive the screens are measured on a diagonal axis.
  8. If you want to convert your measurements then always try to convert it into the tenth of the inches as most of the retailers know about this measurement standard throughout the world as well.
  9. You can also convert your measurements in centimeters if required or necessary.
  10. How Are Laptops Measured

Measuring The Height Of The Laptop

For measuring the accurate height of your laptop you have to follow these steps.

  1. Always close the lid of your laptop, as its height is measured only when the screen is closed.
  2. If your laptop exhibits a slope then always measure the thickest part of your laptop with the help of a measuring tape.
  3. Measure to the top of the closed screen very accurately.
  4. It can be observed that the laptops are not taller than mere 2 inches.
  5. Just like the screen size you can also convert the height of your laptop into centimeters. But keep this in mind, converting the measurements into centimeters is not a necessary thing. It is only done if you want to have that measurement in other units of measurements.How Are Laptops Measured

Measuring The Width Of The Laptop

Following easy steps are involved in taking the measurements of the width of your laptop

  1. For measuring the width of your laptop you must consider the front of your laptop.
  2. Measuring the width from the front will definitely aid you as there are no bulging ports in the front of the laptop.
  3. Measure exactly straight across the one corner at the front to the other front corner of your laptop.
  4. Ensure that you measure all the way up to the round edges of your laptop as well.
  5. Just according to the upper measurements in the measurement of the width of your laptop, you can also convert them into centimeters if required.How Are Laptops Measured

Measuring The Depth Of The Laptop

By observing the following simple and easy method you can measure the depth of your laptop as well.

  1. Start measuring at the back right or left corner of your laptop with the help of a measuring tape.
  2. In the front corner measure your laptop in a straight down way.
  3. Entire that you measure all the way down to the rounded front edges of your laptop as well.
  4. You can convert your measurement into the centimeters you require otherwise the depth is mostly taken in inches.

Can We Measure Our Laptops Using a Ruler?

Yes, you can take different measurements so your laptop by using a ruler but it is not considered an appropriate way of taking measurements. Although a ruler can give you different authentic measurements, as a matter of fact, you are not much convenient and very much easy while opting for a ruler to take different lengths, widths, depth, and screen sizes of your laptop and other related electronics as well.

A measuring tape is considered one of the most authentic and appropriate devices that you can have to measure the different measurements of your laptop.

The reason why measuring tape is preferred is its flexibility and wide measuring range as well. So always consider a measuring tape instead of a ruler when you are going to measure the screen size, length, width, or depth of your laptop.

Wrap Up!

Here in this article at, we have described the simple techniques that one can use to measure the size of his laptop. By following these simple steps you can easily determine the length, width, height, screen size, and depth of your laptop as well.

All these steps are very much authentic and are suggested by our experts. You can follow them without any kind of hassle and get the proper and exact measurements of your entire machine in a nicer way as well.

At our site, you are completely able to get all the information about different techs of the innovative world. With our experienced experts, we are always dedicated to helping you, people, out in performing different tasks and giving you impressive solutions to your problems and issues as well. So if you want to know about all those tips and tricks, keep paying a visit to Tech Trada regularly.

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