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How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work?

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? Indefensibly noise-cancelling headphones are famous but they are not the right choice for every person. Some find them cool but to some people, they also pose a hurting impact on their ears. Before buying noise-cancelling headphones you must know about how they work and what is the technology behind them. It is important to understand how noise-cancellation generally works and the benefits and side effects of this technology.

Have A Look At How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? 

It blocks the sound of a neighbor’s lawnmower when you are working from home, helps children to attend their online classes with limited distractions. We tried to give all the possible information about How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work in this article. Let’s look at them;

1. Working Principle

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

For cancelling the lower frequency portion of the noise these headphones use active noise control or ANC. A receiver microphone captures the targeted encompassing sounds and a small amplifier generates the sound waves that are completely out of phase with unnecessary sounds. When the pressure of the undesired sound wave is high then the pressure of the cancelling wave is low and vice versa. The opposite sound waves collide with each other and are eliminated or “Cancelled”.

While, reading this post you may want to know How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? Noise-cancelling headphones only specify the amount of sound in terms of decibels which they can eliminate or cancel. But this number is only useful for comparing products but does not tell the entire tale, as it does not specify the amount of noise reduction at specific frequencies.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

Most people think that the noise-cancelling headphones will block all the undesired sound that is bothering them but it is actually not how this technology works. Active noise-cancellation is only limited to the lower frequencies of sound i.e. 1 kHz. This technology can do an amazing job in cancelling the jet engine noise.

But what if you want to reduce a noise that has a low frequency? What if you want a hurdle against the chitter-chatter of co-workers? What if you don’t want to listen to the howl of a neighbor’s dog or the screaming of a crying child? Headphones other than the noise-cancellation will work better for blocking these annoying and disturbing sounds.

3. Eardrum Suck

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

When you are wondering to know How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? Some people start to feel discomfort while wearing noise-cancelling headphones for more than a few minutes. Because they feel pressure on their eardrums. Feeling pressure on the eardrums is a phenomenon usually called ‘Eardrum Suck”. It is just like that pressure that you feel while riding a high-speed elevator. This pain is so severe that people end up stuffing their expensive noise-cancelling headphones in the drawer or they give them away to others.

4. Blocking Unnecessary Sounds

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

Sometimes listening to nature’s sound can be an illuminating experience, but sometimes it is not. Sometimes to avoid distractions and making your hearing intact becomes very necessary. In the situation when you travel every day in a subway and you want to avoid the unpleasant sound then you should apply the use of tech in your daily life.

The much-needed feature is noise cancelling when you are working on your desk, or present in a crowded area. The use of noise-cancelling headphones can be very beneficial for blocking all these sounds.

5. Designs And Insulating Materials

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

Do many people want to know that How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? The noise cancellation headphones come with different modem designs. They have ear cups or ear pads designed for blocking as much mid and high-frequency noise as possible. However, some passive (non-noise-cancelling) headphones with over-ear headphones or closed-back headphones can perform a reasonable job in decreasing the eardrum piercing sounds of children at play, sounds of conversations, and gurgling sounds of machines.

6. Better Newer Headphones

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

If you want to know How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work? Then As I have told you, the old noise-cancelling headphones are not able to eliminate low-frequency sounds. But the newer and better noise-cancelling headphones are very much efficient in doing their job. This noise-cancelling can attenuate the low-frequency sounds as well as compared to their predecessor headphones. They can block the sounds, including the hum of the air conditioners and the rumble of the jet engine. They are perfect for travelers and commuters.

7. Used As a Sleeping Aid

How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work

The noise cancelling headphones are used as sleeping aid tools as well. Both passive and active noise-cancelling headphones help to reduce the surrounding noises which makes you comfortable while sleeping. They also help in the reduction of encircling sounds from your surroundings. People who suffer from insomnia or other types of sleeping disorders preferably use noise-cancellation technology (noise-cancelling headphones) for a night of better sleep. For people, to whom, sounds such as honking cars and snoring impact their ability to sleep, these headphones are perfect.


  • Noise-cancelling headphones are heavier to your budget (more expensive) than regular headphones.
  • Active noise cancellation requires a power source, which is usually a USB port or a battery in these headphones.
  • You have to replace the battery occasionally or recharge it again and again.
  • Some models without power even do not function as regular headphones.
  • The noise-cancelling circuitry reduces the quality of the audio.
  • They can cause a very painful phenomenon known as eardrum suck.


Assessing what kind of unpleasant sound you want to block and which type of noise-cancelling earbuds or headphones are a perfect choice for you is as much important as the way headphones look, sound and feel. We hope that we have provided some beneficial information here at about How Do Noise-cancelling Headphones Work that will help you understand the working of noise-cancelling headphones.

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