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How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last?

How Long Do Gaming Laptops Last

What Is The Lifespan Of a Gaming Laptop? The Factors That Affect Lifespan

how long do gaming laptops last: While playing rounds of Assasin Creed, Black Ops IV, or Hitman, if you feel that your laptop is working slower than its actual speed then it is time to change your laptop. It can be perfectly noted that your laptop’s life is going towards an end and the perfect sign is its retarded performance as well.

When you start to observe some of the signs that exhibit the aging of your laptop then you must consider changing your device to overcome this problem as there is no other solution. A major question for most gamers is; How long do gaming laptops last? So for the answer to this query we have described the average lifespan and other related information in this article as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

The Actual Life Of Gaming Laptop (True Answer)

Your gaming laptop can last for 5 to 6 years without any maintenance. But if the laptop is a cheap budget or regular laptop then it will only withstand for 3 to 4 years. According to our experts, the parts of these laptops can last up to half a decade or even more but as a matter of fact those top-line parts of components will not perform the same as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

Factors Affecting Life Of Gaming Laptop

A perfect or excellent build quality is very much important and it also determines the average lifespan of your laptop. So it can be seen that the laptop that is or higher rates will last longer as compared to cheaper laptops.

In addition to the quality of components or the integrity of the structure and design, there are also many other several parts that play a very important role in the determination of the life span of your gaming laptop. So let’s have a look at these drastic parts that have much more influence on the lives of gaming laptops.

how long do gaming laptops last

GPU Heat Dissipation

As a matter of fact, one of the greatest enemies that kill gaming laptops is the heat generated by the modern and high-end graphic processing units. This is because the parts become heated and they tend to remain hot for longer time periods, leading the parts towards malfunctioning and degeneration as well.

So it is advised that if you want a longer life span for your laptop then you must consider buying the latest and the modern laptops that come with the most advanced cooling options. If the cooling on your laptop is better, then the performance of your laptop will be good and long-term as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

Central Processing Units Bottlenecks

Besides GPU, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) also has one of the biggest impacts on the life span of your gaming laptop. To overcome this problem you must always choose the fastest, the most efficient, and such processor that fits your budget as well

In many other cases, you can also try swapping your hard drives or RAMs as well but most people remain stuck to their CPUs and do not focus on these components. All these components are the major parts of a gaming laptop that can reduce the lifespan of your laptop so you must avoid all these factors in order to enhance the longevity of your gaming machine.

Ways To Increase The Longevity Of Your Gaming Machine

Here we have shortlisted some of the precautions or you can say some common practices by which you enhance the average lifespan of your laptop very easily. So let us have a look at these points.

how long do gaming laptops last

1. Protect Your Laptop Physically

In physical protection, you must take care of some of the things that include; avoid jostling while you carry your laptop because negligence may cause damages to the components of the motherboard as well. So you should ensure complete care during the handling of your laptop.

Always use a snug carrying case that comes with extra pockets that can be used to carry extra ethernet cables, power cords, and other external hard drives that are considered as must things for almost all the cable. So carrying these add-ons separately may protect your laptop from other types of serious damages during transportation as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

2. Try To Manage Battery Life

You can also enhance the life of your laptop by taking good care of your battery charging habits. For gaming laptops, this practice must be done more carefully as they have low battery life. So you must take care that your laptop is not always plugged in for charging as this may cause a decrease in the lifespan.

If you charge your battery constantly then it will lower down the charge holding capacity of your battery and decrease the battery life span very drastically. So avoid plugging your batteries for long time intervals.

how long do gaming laptops last

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

Another important thing to be considered is that you must take proper care about the maintenance and cleaning of your laptop if you want an elevated life span.

Use compressed or canned air to clean the ports of your laptop and regular cleaning will keep them working for long intervals of time. If there starts dust accumulation then it can literally cause the components of your laptop to fail before the estimated life span as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

4. Maintain Cooling

In order to maintain cooling perfectly in your laptop, there are several other methods other than using canned air. If you are able to maintain the cooling of your laptop then you will definitely get an elongated life span and efficient working performance as well. If your built-in cooling options are not working properly then you can also get an extra cooling pad that will definitely aid you.

You can get different types of cooling pads from an online store. They come up in plenty of colors, designs, and shapes. You can also get customized cooling pads that preferably match the color scheme of your laptop as well.

how long do gaming laptops last

5. RAM Upgradation

Besides the daily maintenance and routine cooling practices, you must consider upgrading your RAM. These components must be changed after 2 to 3 years of purchase. The swapping of these components may be a significant, faster, and quieter option to increase the specificity and efficiency of your gaming machine as well.

Changing the RAM is considered the most simple way to boost up the speed of your laptop in a very budget-friendly approach and it makes your gaming laptop keep pace with modern technology as well. You can also change the RAM just according to the model and the compatibility of your gaming laptop.

Final Words!

We hope that after reading this article, now our readers have sufficient knowledge about the average lifespan of gaming laptops. We also hope that you have got the answer to your question in a decent way. In this piece of writing, we have told you about the majority of the possible solutions that you can practice if you observe the sluggish behavior of your laptop.

At, we always come up with modern solutions to the advanced problems that are related to the most recent technology of the world. So for the solution of any kind of problem, you can easily visit our site and can get useful information as well.

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