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How Long Should a Laptop Last?

How Long Should a Laptop Last A Brief Guide

How Long Should a Laptop Last? | A Brief Guide

How Long Should a Laptop Last:
The life of a laptop is generally based upon the type and the ambient climates in which you are using them and the habits of the users. So if you look at the question of how long Laptops last then you must think about the above-mentioned points. The primary thinking of most users is the lifespan or longevity of a laptop.

As we all know that all laptops are not manufactured the same so according to their hardware quality, quality, and build standards, they have their life span. The answer to this question, about the lifespan of the laptop, is that you can have two methods. These methods are based upon analysis and most of the consumer’s practice analyzes the life period of different laptops.

  1. The lifespan of your hardware components, ie what is the longevity of your laptop’s hard drive or battery.
  2. By noting down the general function of your laptop and its longevity.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Determining The Lifespan Of Your Laptop

As above-mentioned, the lifespan of a laptop can be estimated or determined by the using extent or working of the different hardware parts. These hardware parts include Motherboard, CPU, Battery, RAM, and other parts as well. All these components are the prime factors that you must keep in mind while estimating the lifespan and working of your laptop.

It is a vivid clear truth, if you have top-quality components in your laptop then it will perform for a longer time interval than the laptop with low-quality components. In addition to the components, you can also observe that the tech is getting more and more advanced day by day. With technological advancement, you can also observe new components on a fast basis.

If you have a laptop that has old parts like RAM, Hard Drive, or Central Processing Unit then your laptop is primitive as well and it will obviously put negative effects on the working capability while doing most of the modern functions.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Average Age Of Your Laptop

Most of the experts say that the average life of a laptop is three to five years but it can be increased as it completely relies upon the kind of your usage and the maintenance you keep about your laptop.

If you take extraordinary care of your laptop then it is very much possible that it would serve you for longer time intervals. Besides, If you do not take proper care of your laptop then you might see a retarded performance if your laptop.

If you move toward a more specific condition, it is very much obvious that the laptop’s longevity relies on the money you spend on it. And it is observed that the costly models by different laptop manufacturing companies last for a longer time interval. Following are some of the cost figures and life span that show direct proportion with each other.

  1. The life period of $600 to $700 laptops is 2 to 4 years.
  2. You can have 3 to 5 years of longevity if you pay $700 to $1000.
  3. If you go buy laptops above $1000 then you will get an average life span of 4 to 7 years.

Time When To Change Your Laptop

When your laptop becomes outdated after its average life span then you can see different signs. Some of the most major signs are:

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Compatibility Issues Will Start Rising

When you change your laptop’s working components then the basic step is that you swap the RAM and also move towards the Solid State Drive storage. But when you change your motherboard or CPU then most of the incompatibility issues arise.

In this situation, you have to change the different components of your laptop and it will cost you more than changing the entire laptop. So it is recommended to change the entire machine instead of its components.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Old Security Updates

When your machine is not compatible with the newer version of these security updates then you must consider changing your old laptop. To ensure that even if your computer is compatible or not with the latest version you must check your Windows or Mac for this update.

If you have an updated laptop then counter-check the different security updates of your windows as well. Always ensure that your machine has the ability to run the latest versions of programs that you need.

Noisy Fan Of Your Laptop

Noisy Fan Of Your Laptop

The very first sign that shows the completeness of the life span of your laptop is the noise of your laptop’s fan. The ultimate consequence can be the heated chassis and heated laptop as well. You can also see that your laptop will become warmer and its temperature will rise up because of the fan.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Replacement Is Affordable Than Repair

It is a bitter truth that replacing your complete machine is very much cheaper as compared to repairing the different components of your laptop.

If you move toward repairing your CPU then you must have to change the other components like GPU, motherboard, RAM, and other components of your laptop as well. So it will be a better option to get a new machine than to get a repair.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Apps Start To Take Longer Time To Launch

If the conditions arrive towards such a situation in which your laptop starts to take longer times to launch the apps then you must know that your laptop has completed its lifespan. This indication is just the primary sign to show up that the life of your laptop has come to an end. So in this situation, you have to change your machine.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Shut Down And Start-Up Of Your Laptop Becomes Slow

Another major sign that your laptop will start is to show the slow starting and shutting down of your laptop. In this regard now you have to change your laptop and make it easier to have a new machine for your work.

When you start to see that your laptop starts taking more time to turn off and on then it is the obvious sign that the life span of your laptop has ended.

How Long Should a Laptop Last

Some Preventive Measures

You can elevate the longevity of your laptop by taking different precautionary measures in regard. Always keep your laptop safe and away from dust and debris so that it may have an increased lifespan and serve you for longer time intervals.

This habit will make it last for a longer time interval. You must prevent using chemicals or other things on the trackpad. For the proper maintenance and enhanced longevity, you must always follow the instructions that the laptop manufacturing companies give to you. Your laptop hardware requires appropriate care and maintenance as well.


In this article, we have discussed the lifespan of the laptop and its longevity as well. You can also go through this piece of writing to get complete knowledge about the factors and vices that can lower down the life of laptops.

With the complete reading, we hope that you are now completely able to maintain your laptop and can also increase the longevity of your machine by practicing these different kinds of simple and easy techniques as well.

At TechTrada, we are always dedicated to providing you with the top class and the most authentic information on tech-related products. Our experts can give you the perfect suggestions and piece of knowledge as well which can prove itself very much useful and informative for you and you can make an easy decision. So you must pay frequent visits to our site for the most authentic knowledge.

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