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How Loud Are Open Back Headphones?

How Loud Are Open Back Headphones

How Loud Are Open Back Headphones? The sound leakage is increased by 30dB compared to closed-backed with open-backed headphones. Open-backed headphones allow air to go through the earpieces to enhance users’ hearing experience and to provide a broader sound stage.

But you should be able to get away with silent listening if you’re 5 to 10 meters away from everyone else. This should be all right if you are working in the workplace. If you keep your headphone volume down, you could work with people around you and not annoy them. You will listen and hear if you call your name or need your attention. Anything above 50 percent can be heard in the building so that your volume is low.

How Loud Are Open Back Headphones, Exactly?

According to the charts composed of different headphones, open-backed headphones will leak at certain frequencies up to 30 dB more. It’s enormous! The test was performed via open, closed headphones, put on ahead, using a full-range sweep, and captured the sound leak with a nearby microphone.

Although these are not exactly the conditions under which the music can be heard, it can give us a figure of the ballpark How Loud Are Open Back Headphones?

Can You Use Open-Backed Headphones In Public?

One of the key facts when buying open-back headphones is whether you will wear them publicly or whether you can wear them where you cannot annoy others. I have concluded from my own experience that open headphones are not suitable for public use because of many reasons:

  1. People Around You Are Disturbed 

If you are wondering to know How Loud Are Open Back Headphones? then According to the tests and data we have obtained, open-backed headphones are leaked in horrendous ways. You can get away with open-sourced headphones on the lower sound levels, but people hear at higher volumes.

Your headphones can generate a lot of noise, particularly in quiet rooms. You may always ask a friend to help you measure the exact amount of sound that does not annoy your neighbors. Closed-back headphones are a better way for public listening.

  1. Poor Isolation

How Loud Are Open Back Headphones

Isolation means the volume of noise entering the headphones while listening to music. So you could hear the sound of the brakes shouting, the sounds of people coming and going if you listened on the bus.

When you are still wondering for How Loud Are Open Back Headphones? Then we can say that Headphones will block all this noise with splendid isolation. Open-backed headphones do not have good insulation, which ensures that a noisy environment affects the hearing experience.

Public areas are generally very noisy and you want a decent isolation pair of headphones,. Here at, you can also find out Actually what are open back headphones? 

  1. Open-Backed Headphones Are Usually Bulky

Though headphones vary in size, the backrest is typically larger than closed. This makes it much simpler and compact to access closed-back Headphones. Closed-back headphone options like wireless are available with more networking options. Open-backed systems are generally reserved for more intensive audiophile installations. You have a handheld-friendly pair of headphones if you’re out in public.


You must need to know other facts about open back headphones and also know How Loud Are Open Back Headphones? Open-backed headphones are nice to listen to music with a wide sound stage, but not so good to hear. The combination of poor leakage, poor insulation, and low portability makes it hard for anyone to use outside the home comfort.

Since you’re planning to use the headphones in public, closed back is a far more flexible choice. But if you are not able to get enough of this broad sound, you should be in a position to work with open-backed headphones.

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