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How Much Is My Laptop Worth?

How Much Is My Laptop Worth A Detailed Guide

How Much Is My Laptop Worth? A Detailed Guide

How Much Is My Laptop Worth:

If you want to sell out your old laptop and replace it with a new one then you must know the answer to this question; “How Much Is My Laptop Worth?” Here in this article, we will briefly discuss the factors and the things that determine the worth or value of your laptop in a real sense.

This piece of writing will help you to get a proper estimate of the exact value of your laptop and how much money you will get on selling it. If you are seeking some professional opinions about the worth of your laptop then will definitely help you in this regard. So without showing any delay let us move towards our article and see how to get a proper estimate for your laptop’s worth.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

Knowing The Exact Price Of Your Used Laptops

You might get many opinions about the prices of your old laptop from many different people. But for rough estimation, you can opt for the following formula to get a proper and rough estimate about the worth of your used laptop. This formula is:

Price of Hardware +Total Price of software + Any extra add-ons (keyboard and monitor, etc.) – Damages = Total Laptop Worth

After this rough estimation, you can make a comparison between this price at different sites online as well. The major 3 places that are very much authentic are as below:

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

1. ECommerce Websites

You can see both new and used laptops for sale on these ECommerce sites. There are a number of laptops with different issues and some refurbished as well. You can find a laptop just according to your case and can also read the reviews of the people that may help you assess the price of your machine. Some of the most popular ECommerce sites that can help you are:

How Much Is My Laptop Worth


It is one of the most authentic ECommerce sites that is serving people with great authenticity these days. For your used laptop you can follow these simple steps to get a rough price estimate for your laptop.

  1. Open eBay on your laptop’s browser.
  2. In the search bar type “used laptops” and click it to search.
  3. Now on your display, there will be many used laptops and you can check out their prices as well.

If you want to get a more precise and narrowed time price estimation then you can apply more filters and can narrow down the category selection as well. Then there are more chances to get the exact results just according to the condition of your laptop and you will get an estimate about the price of your product easily.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth


It is another ECommerce site at which you can check the price of your laptop. Following simple steps are observed to get a rough estimation of the price of your machine.

  1. Open Amazon by using the search browser of your laptop.
  2. On Amazon’s Website, search for the used laptops.
  3. Then you will see all the used laptops on your display and can select one just according to your requirements.

You can narrow down what you are looking for by selecting your desired filters in the left sidebars of the website. With specific keywords, you can also focus on the model and brand of your laptop as well.

2. Online Calculators

You can also use an online calculator to estimate the price of your laptop. You only have to enter the laptop’s brand model, its condition, and specs and these calculators will give you the exact price just according to the current market rates.

It is completely possible to add the features and the specific functional defect of your machine in these calculators and then it is more likely to give you a perfect and the most authentic price of your laptop even if it is defective. The most used and the most reliable online calculators for estimating the worth of your laptop are:

How Much Is My Laptop Worth


This site ranks among one of the most credible online calculators for estimating the prices of your laptops and other electronic gadgets and devices as well. To use Gadgetsalvation you have to consider the following steps:

  1. Open the website of Gadgetsalvation.
  2. Type the brand and model of your laptop in the search bar.
  3. Then in the search results click your desired laptop.
  4. Now fill in the condition and functionality credentials of your laptop.
  5. Select calculate.
  6. Then their offer will be displayed on the screen from where they can choose to go back, add to the cart, or put other devices as well.

sell your

Sell your

It is another website that you can use to calculate the price of your laptop. It can also be operated very easily, by following these simple steps you can easily get an estimate of your old and used laptops.

  1. In your browser open the Sell your
  2. In the upper right corner of the window, you will see a tab stating “Get a Quote”, click it.
  3. Now select the brand of your laptop.
  4. From the list choose the Central Processing Unit of your laptop.
  5. Fill in all the required credentials and information.
  6. After filling in all this information, now at the bottom of the page, click on the “Get a Quote” button.
  7. Here an offer will get displayed on your computer screen and then you can choose to sell your laptop or clear the cart or add another laptop as well.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

3. Local Retailers Of Laptops

Sometimes you are not able to get a reasonable price on the online platforms while selling your laptop because the prices vary greatly on the basis of the locality in which you live as well. Then you must consider selling your laptop in the local market as compared to the online stores.

Getting your laptop to the local retailers will be more beneficial as you can get a reasonable price estimation for your laptop. But it is quite an arduous task to always bring your laptop with you in order to sell it in the local market. Besides all these, you can also enjoy a bonus off by the retailer if you sell your laptops to them and get a new one as well.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

Factors Influencing The Price Of a Laptop

It is an amazing factor that the local retailers can estimate the exact price of your machine by just seeing at it. They have some of the great magic factors that aid them to do so. These factors are:

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

1. Brand

The major factor that puts a great impact on the price of your laptop is the brand. As we know that different companies have different demands in the market and they advertise locally as well to add value to their brand. So just according to the consumer’s need and their demands these laptop brands have different varying prices among the same locality as well.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

2. Specifications

Another important factor that determines the cost of your laptop is its specifications. The specs of a laptop include its software and other physical components as well. Here in this article, we are trying to give a brief note on how much is my laptop worth? So we also have provided detailed information about these specs-related components as follows as well.

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • GPU
  • Internal Storage

All these above-mentioned specifications will have a really very typical influence on the worth of your laptop. If these components are of high rates and latest versions then your device will have a greater cost. And if these components are old and outdated then the value of your laptop will be less

How Much Is My Laptop Worth.

3. Age Of Laptop

If it is a laptop then its age will definitely matter while getting an estimate for the price of it. As age can pose many adverse effects on the laptop’s health and the life of its components has also been decreased. The older laptops get slower and their efficiency gets retarded as well. So selling an old laptop will give less money back as compared to the new models and new laptops.

How Much Is My Laptop Worth

4. Damages & Defects

You will get a very low price estimation for your laptop if there are damages and defects in your machine. So always ensure that you mention all the defects in your laptop while selling it so that the buyers have complete knowledge briefly about the exact functioning and condition of the product.

The End Words!

After reading this article, we hope that now you have complete knowledge of how to sell your laptop and how you can get a proper and exact price estimation of your laptop. We provided you with such information that is authentic and you can get the most accurate worth of your laptop on different online platforms as well.

We at always try to facilitate our readers by providing them with the most realistic and credible piece of knowledge that proves itself beneficial and aids the readers as well. So if you want to get updated then pay must-visits to our tech-related site on a regular basis as well.

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