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How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing?

How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

Wondering for How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing? Being a photographer you may have found that your printed image looks different from on your screen. Or if you ever just sent your image to someone, to find how it looks on another display screen and it really looks different. Well, the reason can only be your uncalibrated monitors.

Now let’s look at several ways On How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

Although monitor calibration is something people don’t value at all, as a photographer, it’s something that you should keep in check. I’ll suggest you Get into the habit of calibrating your monitor regularly. To resolve this issue, you should have knowledge about how to adjust monitor for photo editing?

Adjusting monitor means ensuring that the colors, brightness, vibrancy & perfect contrast are key considerations. While calibrating your monitor you can compare your monitor to an acceptable standard so that you can see your images with consistency. If every computer is calibrated then images will look the same no matter on which screen they are displayed. So let’s just start with the standard calibration setting right from your PC personal settings.

Built-in Monitor Calibration Tools

How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

If you are wondering about How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing? then stop your search here. Many people are not aware of the fact that a computer’s operating system also has monitor calibration tools that we can use to adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast settings. Although these are just some standard changes that we can make to adjust our image look. There are some dedicated hardware calibration tools which we’ll also discuss in this article to make you completely knowledgeable about adjusting the best monitor for photo editing under 200 for professional photography.

Windows 10 Monitor Calibration

How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

Let’s start with the windows 10 built-in calibration tools!

  1. Turn On your PC
  2. Right-click anywhere on your desktop screen, a drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Select Display Setting from the drop-down menu to open a setting dialog.
  4. There is a search bar that appears on the top left of the dialog, write “Calibrate Display”
  5. Select the color calibration option & the windows display calibration tool will appear.
  6. Windows Display Calibration Tool will also show instructions for Gamma Correction
  7. Follow those instructions and adjust your monitor’s settings up to your requirements.

Following these easy steps, you can easily adjust your monitor and check

Mac Monitor Calibration

How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

For photographers who are using the Mac operating system, there are some different settings for adjusting your monitor for this query How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing?

. Let’s jump to the step!

  1. For calibrating the Mac monitor, open the Mac System Preferences.
  2. Choose the color options by selecting the display option from Mac monitors.
  3. Follow the Mac Assistant guide and adjust settings according to your preferences

Apart from the operating system’s built-in setting, there are some dedicated tools for monitor calibration, which provide a better degree of sophistication. Here I’ll list those online monitor color calibration tools.

Online Tools that Use Foe Color Calibration

How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing

  • Lagom LCD Monitor Test
  • The Photo Friday Calibration Tool
  • The Flat panels DK Monitor Test
  • Interactive Online Monitor Test from FlatPanels DK

For your query How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing? here is the built-in operating system’s calibration settings and online monitor color calibration tools don’t work for you, then there is some high-end hardware for color calibration to adjust the monitor for photography. Using hardware for the monitor’s calibration would be a well-worth investment. Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, our best monitor for photo editing under 200 comes with built-in calibration. I am listing below some worthy calibration hardware that is sure to help you out in producing high-end photographs.

  • The Datacolor SpyderX Pro Calibration Tool
  • X-Rite ColorMunki Display
  • Datacolor Spyder4Elite
  • X-Rite i1Display Pro

All these color calibration hardware are premium quality and offer the best quality calibrations for producing accurate and attractive images.


Hopefully, here at, you’ll find this article easy and informative on “ How To Adjust Monitor For Photo Editing”. I have discussed all possible ways you can use to calibrate your monitor for producing the best quality photographs. A monitor’s calibration makes a huge difference in the quality of work, using the right way will definitely lead you to the path of success in your profession or passion. Choose the right tool or technique to determine your way & enjoy editing your photographs!

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