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How To Cast Zoom To TV?

How To Cast a Zoom Meeting To Your Television

How To Cast a Zoom Meeting To Your Television?

How To Cast Zoom To TV: Sometimes you need a larger screen in your office or workplace for better visuality of the people during the zoom meeting. So for this purpose, you can use your TV to cast a zoom meeting on it for a more perfect visual experience. But here the thing is that for casting zoom on your TV you must be knowledgeable about the procedure or methods that are used to launch zoom on your TV.

So in this article, we are going to discuss different methods or ways by which one can easily cast a zoom meeting on the television. Let us starts without showing any dealy.

How To Cast Zoom To TV

Use Chromecast To Mirror Your Laptop Zoom Meeting

If you are in search of different ways to mirror zoom meetings on your TV then Chromecast devices are undoubtedly the best and the most efficient way. The plus point of using them is that they have a cast feature that is included in all the Google browsers and Google home apps for your iOS or Androids. These devices are inexpensive as well.

Whether you are a Windows user or use a Mac, until you have access to Chrome, you can easily cast your zoom meeting while using Chromecast.

Step Involved In Mirroring Zoom Using Chromecast

Some are the following steps that are taken to connect the Chromecast with your laptop and mirror to your TV.

How To Cast Zoom To TV

  1. Launch the Zoom Meeting on your laptop as you normally open it and wait for all the participants to connect.How To Cast Zoom To TV
  2. After ensuring that your meeting is working properly now go to Google Chrome and open a new window. Click the three dots that are present on the top right corner of the window to open a menu. Form that menu select cast.

    How To Cast Zoom To TV

  3. At the time when you want to mirror cast your zoom meeting then select the device. Then after selecting the Sources dropdown select Cast Desktop.How To Cast Zoom To TV
  4. Here a pop-up will appear on which you can see which different monitors. Select that monitor which you want to cast on your TV. After selecting that monitor which is displaying zoom meeting, click on the Share button.
  5. Now you can share your zoom meeting on your TV with all the participants present in the room.

Use Chromecast To Mirror Your Mobile Zoom Meeting

You will require a google home app to mirror an active zoom meeting on the TV by using your mobile. No matter which mobile ( iOS or Android) you are using, you can easily mirror it with your TV. Following simple steps will elaborate the whole procedure.

  1. By using a zoom app connect to the meeting or launch a new meeting.
  2. After a successful connection and normal working of your zoom meeting now open the Google Home App. Then choose the Chromecast device on which you want to mirror your zoom meeting.
  3. Now select the cast my screen option at the button of that device. This option will enable the Chromecast mobile mirroring ability.
  4. Now you will see your TV will now start to display the Zoom Meeting after you switch back to your Zoom app.How To Cast Zoom To TV

Use Roku Device To Cast Zoom To TV

If you are using an iOS device then you cannot connect to a Roku device but you can easily cast your zoom meeting on the TV by using the Roku TV device if you are a windows user.

These are not compatible with iOS but you can use them as an alternative to cast a zoom meeting from your mobile or Windows laptop. Following simple procedure is observed to cast a zoom meeting from windows 10 laptop by using a Roku TV device.

How To Cast Zoom To TV

  1. In the start menu of your windows select Devices. Choose Bluetooth and other devices settings. Now add Bluetooth or other devices.

    How To Cast Zoom To TV

  2. Select wireless display or dock in add a device window.How To Cast Zoom To TV
  3. Then you will see that the Roku device will appear on your laptop and it will start acting as another monitor for casting your zoom meeting as well.How To Cast Zoom To TV
  4. In the change projection mode select duplicate to make Roku duplicate your zoom meeting screen on the TV.

Mirror Zoom Meeting On Mobile Using Roku TV App

For this, you have to set your Roku device on the same wifi network to which your mobile is connected. You must have the Roku app installed on your mobile as well. For casting the meeting by mobile, you have to consider the following steps.

  1. Connect or launch the zoom meeting app on your mobile phone.
  2. Search for Smart View in the android settings and then tap it open. Turm smart view option on.
  3. On the next window select that Roku device that is on the same wifi network on which the mobile phone that you want to pair is.How To Cast Zoom To TV
  4. When you want to start the cast then tap the start now option.
  5. Then shift to the zoom app and let your mobile rest in the landscape mode to get a perfectly mirrored view of your meeting on the TV

How To Cast Zoom To TV

Casting Zoom On Mac Or iOS Using AirPlay

If you think that Apple users have bad luck only because Roku doesn’t work with it then you are wrong. You can mirror your Apple device simply by using AirPlay with the Apple TV from either macOS or iPhone as well. But the only thing that you have to ensure is that both your TV and device are on the same wifi.

The Final Verdict!

You can read this article as a complete guide for mirroring or casting a zoom meeting to the TV. No matter which type of device you have, whether it is an android or an iOS. We have elaborated all the possible ways and all the possible methods by using which you can easily mirror your zoom meetings to your TV.

At you can find all the solutions to your tech-related problems and can enjoy them in a quite perfect manner. So keep visiting our site on a regular basis to get a full-fledged dose of information and knowledge of different techs around the globe.

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