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How To Charge a Laptop In a Car?

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car While You Are On The Go

Because of phones and tablets, you do not require your laptop much but they are equally important in today’s era as well. Sometimes you need to get your laptop charged when you are on your way or on a trip.

Yes, you can face many problems such as how to charge your laptop as the only thing or power source that you have is your car. But as a matter of fact, you are only able to charge your laptop with the power source of your car if you have know-how about the methods.

So moving forward to our topic, if you have to complete your presentation during the road trip or want to watch some Netflix and your laptop is out of charging then there are many possible ways by which you can charge it up using your car. Here we have described some most popular and 100% working methods of laptop charging in your car.

How To Charge Your Laptop In a Car?

All the things that you need are some accessories that are dedicated to charging your laptop in your car. These products may include a power bank, laptop charger, or a power inverter. So let’s start with how all these accessories are used to charge your laptop in a car.

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

By Using a Power Inverter

If you want to get a fully universal or general solution then a power inverter is the best choice. It can be used with all cars and is compatible with almost all laptops as well. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the plus point that these power inverters are budget-friendly as well.

A power inverter, for example, Betek 300 watt power inverter includes a simple pair of USB ports and two casual three-prong plugs. You can directly attach the power adapter to the inverter. Here in this power inverter, you might get additional USB ports to charge your other products as well.

You can also have some demerits of using power inverters that include their bulky size and the cheap models do not produce pure sine waves. And as a result, it can damage your sensitive electronic products as well. But they are the most simple and the most universal solution by which you can charge your laptop in your car during your road trips.

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

By Using a Laptop Charger

Another classical approach used to charge your laptop in the car is getting a laptop charger. It also has a three-prong plug but it could be dedicated to a specific model of a laptop. For most laptop models you can purchase these car chargers online as well.

These chargers are quite affordable and inexpensive as well. They are very much handy and easy to use as well. You only have to plug it in your car’s outlet and plug the other side into your laptop. That’s all. Your laptop will start charging in a very nicer way.

This charger is just like the one that we use to charge our mobiles by plugging it into the cigarette lighter outlet of our cars. They only have a single demerit that they will charge your device by consuming a lot of time, so you have to wait to get a full charge as well.

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

By Using a Power Bank

If your laptop is brand new or you got the newest model with USB-C or Thunderbolt charging ports then you can charge your laptop in your car without involving your vehicle at all. The only thing that you will need is a PD (Power Delivery) power bank.

You can charge your laptop via USB-C by using power delivery power banks as they have sufficient power to charge up your laptop. But unfortunately, if you got a proprietary port on your laptop then this solution is not compatible with your laptop.

ZMI’s Power Delivery power bank is an exceptional example that is used to deliver power to your laptop. But this option is only helpful to you if you know that your laptop supports the power bank charging. If not then you can not get any benefit from this PD source.

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

By Using a USB Charger

It is considered to be the easiest and simple way to charge your laptop in the car while you are on a trip. The only thing that you have to do is, you should unplug the USB cable and then attach it to the USB port that supports it. For getting a USB charger that will work 100% with your car you can visit an electronic shop or can order it online as well.

The major plus point of this charger is that it is completely safe while driving. If you do not have access to the cigarette lighter then you can go for this USB charging port that is very much easy and undoubtedly a faster way to charge your laptop in a car as well.

How To Charge a Laptop In a Car

By Using a Universal USB Charger

Another practical way is to buy a universal USB charger that you can use in your car. With the help of this charger, you can easily charge up your laptop. You only have to plug one side in the car outlet and the other USB cable side in your laptop. But for such type of charging you must be ensured that your laptop supports USB charging.

As you know, some laptops do not support charging vis their USB Type C ports while much newer models and the recent machines have the ability to get charged by USB type C very easily as well.

In Conclusion!

For solving your laptop charging problems, here we came up with a lot of solutions. You can opt for one just according to the scenario and your needs as well. We always come up with the most striking and worthy solutions that can eradicate your problem completely.

After reading this article we hope that now you can easily get a solution to charge your laptop in a car. Above we have mentioned a lot more ways to charge your laptop in a car and you must go for one that is compatible with your laptop and is budget-friendly as well.

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