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How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger?

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger - Could It Be Possible Or Not

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger – Could It Be Possible Or Not?

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger:

You might face a situation several times when your Apple watch runs out of battery. It shows a red lighting bolt symbol when it needs to be get charged so you have to put it in charge and do not wait for the battery to get completely depleted. The charging of the Apple watch requires very much care and it should be done in a proper way as well.

You must take care of the charger that you are using appropriate charging equipment for charging your Apple watch. Although charging this gadget is not an arduous task, it could be quite challenging for Apple watch beginners. But have you ever thought that if you lose the charger of your smartwatch then how to charge an Apple watch without a charger? If you don’t then continue to read this article.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

The Charging Of an Apple Watch

Before we go towards To How to charge Apple watch without a charger firstly we should study the proper and regular charging of the Apple watch with its genuine charger provided by the manufacturer. Always remember that do not use any kind of local or other chargers for charging your Apple watch SE. Always give preference to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chargers to charge your iWatch and other gadgets as well.


By using the lightning magnetic cable or a magnetic charging dock you can easily charge your Apple watch. There are also different portable chargers for charging your Apple watch which can be used widely during traveling as well. Let us discuss the way or regular charging practice that is observed for the charging of this smartwatch.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

Method To Charge The Apple Watch With Regular Charger

You can also use other charging accessories that are approved and accredited by apple for charging your gadgets. An interesting fact is that all Apple watches have the same charging interface. This means that you can easily charge all the series of Apple watch with the same charger. The steps practiced to charge the Apple watch with a charger are:

  1. Take off your Apple watch from your wrist before charging.
  2. You must handle all the accessories very carefully.
  3. Next, you have to plug the USB cable or Dock in a USB adapter.
  4. If you own a portable charger then plug it directly into the USB of your laptop or you can plug it into the power bank as well.
  5. In the case of a USB adapter, plug the adapter into a power source.
  6. After positioning the back of your smartwatch on the Apple Charger, align it and lock it with the magnets of your charger with your Apple watch.
  7. When accurately aligned, it will indicate a green lightning bolt symbol on the display.
  8. Your Apple watch may take two to three hours until it gets 100% charged.
  9. After the complete battery charging, you have to remove the Apple watch quickie from the charger.



How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

Charging The Apple Watch Without Its Dedicated Charger

The curiosity of knowing how to charge your Apple watch without using a charger brought you here. As you know technology has never-ending possibilities, here are some of the alternatives to your Apple watch charger.

So without wasting any time here we will tell you about a simple method by which you can charge your Apple watch easily even though you have damaged or lost your Original Apple Watch charger. Let’s have a look at it.

How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

The Reverse Charging Strap

After the launching of the very first Apple watch people soon discovered that there was a hidden port at the button of the strap of the Apple watch. To this port, the bottom band of the watch is attached.

After removing the cap you can see a six-pin port that apparently seems useless to the users. But the major function of this port is that it aids the technicians that repair your watch when an issue arises. This is basically a diagnostic port of the Apple watch by which they connect and for optimizing or configuring the software settings as well.

But in the year 2015, people discovered that this port can do more than this. They found that you can use this port for charging at a faster rate as well. And this leads to the entirely innovative charging tech that is reverse strap charger. While using this battery band you can easily charge your Apple watch even if you are on the go and wearing it.

After building the prototypes of these battery-band chargers the company claimed that by using these conductive type chargers you can charge your Apple watch 6 to 7% faster than the original charger charges your Apple watch’s battery in the same amount of time. This was because of its conductive charging technique.

But in 2017 Apple quit the production of this gadget and discontinued production because of many other critical risks. This band starts to get overheated and you can come across electrical shocks as well. Because of little or no development in this regard, Apple totally abandoned their product and now decided to remove the diagnostic part as well.


Here in this article, you have discussed the method that how can you charge an apple watch without the charger well. It is our belief that after reading this article, you are now completely capable of charging your Apple watch even if you have lost or damaged your charger as well. But we suggest you always use the original and dedicated charger of your Apple watch for its appropriate and long-lasting charging and a good battery backup as well.

We at Tech Trada always come with the most interesting facts and information about the modern technologies of this modern world. Here you can get all types of authentic and credible information about your tech and can enjoy the different tested solutions to the problems of your electronic gadgets as well. So keep visiting us on a regular basis.

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