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How To Clean a Fan Of a Laptop?

How To Clean a Fan Of Your Laptop

How To Clean a Fan Of Your Laptop?

How To Clean a Fan Of a Laptop:

The fan of your laptop is one of the most important and very much crucial components that regulates the heat of your system. But with the passage of time, you will observe that it starts to make very much noise and your laptop starts to get overheated as well.

The noisy fan is one of the major signs which indicates that your fan has to be cleaned now. So for this cleaning purpose, there are a lot of methods and techniques that you can follow to clean your laptop’s fan.

Here we will tell you about the cleaning techniques that you can observe while cleaning your fan. But the fact is that you must know about The appropriate methods, techniques, and ways of cleaning your laptop’s fan otherwise there are more likely chances that you would damage your laptop or some sensitive parts. So let’s start with it.

How To Clean a Fan Of a Laptop

Cleaning Your Laptop’s Fan Without Detaching It

Using compressed air is the best way to clean your laptop’s fan without separating it from your laptop. And it is thought to be the easiest and the most simple method of cleaning fans as well. You can clean the fan very much easily and readily as the compressed air is available at different supermarkets and grocery stores as well.

You can take all the dust and debris out from your laptop’s fan without opening it and this method is considered to be the safest method. Following simple steps are involved if you want to clean the fan of your laptop by using compressed air.

  • Shut your laptop down and unplug the charging cable from the laptop.
  • Remove the battery of your machine (if possible).
  • Look for the fan vents on your laptop.
  • These vents are generally located underneath your laptop but it entirely depends upon the make and model of the laptop.
  • If you are uncertain then you must look at the manufacturer’s site or at the manual of the product.
  • Give a short burst of air into the vent of your laptop’s fan.
  • But take care that the compressed air nozzle does not go deep inside the vent.
  • Do the same step in another targeted vent.
  • If you can easily blow the compressed air onto the blades of the fan then go for it as well.
  • You can also blow the compressed air through the exhaust vent, it will clean the clogged and dirty fan blades as well.
  • These vents are typically present at the sides or rear of your laptop depending upon its make and model.

Then performing these simple steps, when you turn your laptop in then you will see some dust particles rushing out of the vents. They are the true representative that your laptop’s fan has been cleaned perfectly. If you want to have a more detailed and deeper cleaning of the fan of your laptop then you have to shut your laptop down and repeat all the above-mentioned steps.

How To Clean a Fan Of a Laptop

Clean Your Laptop’s Fan Without Compressed Air

This method is used when you do not want to clean the fan of your laptop with compressed air. It is practiced when you avoid having a mess of different empty cans as well. But the thing is that you should only go for this method if you are a computer expert and know about the parts of the machine in detail. This is because in this technique you have to dismantle your entire laptop.

You clearly know that opening your laptop completely eliminates the warranty and there are more chances that you will damage the parts of your laptop. In short, you are risking your laptop’s physical component. But if you are an expert then it would be very easy and just like child play for you. Following steps are involved in this type of laptop’s fan cleaning.

  • Shut your computer down and unplug the charging wire from the laptop as well.
  • If possible then remove the battery of your laptop.
  • If you can, find the teardown guide of your laptop on the manufacturer’s site or other sites.
  • You can also use your motherboard manual to check out the method of disintegrating your laptop.
  • You will see screws on the downside of your laptop.
  • Remove all these screws very carefully.
  • Separate the underside panel with great care and make sure not to damage the panel, cables, or ribbon cable.
  • Detach all the tables if necessary.
  • If you need to loosen any glue then you have to heat it as well.
  • Clean all the dust by using a soft and lint-free piece of cloth after locating the fan of your laptop.
  • If you have access to the heat sink of your laptop then you might make it dust-free using the same cloth.
  • After cleaning, close your laptop’s rear panel and tight all the screws with great care.

How To Clean a Fan Of a Laptop

Clean Your Laptop’s Fan After Regular Time Intervals

If you are using compressed air to clean the fan of your laptop then a quick blast after every half year or 6 months is sufficient. But when you plan to disintegrate or dismantle your laptop then great care must be taken and you only do such a thing if you are totally expert in this. Otherwise, there are more chances that you will put your laptop at risk while cleaning the fan of your machine.


Here in this article., we have shared the thoughts and some of the most authentic and possible ways of cleaning your laptop’s fan by our experts. According to them the safest and the easiest method that you can practice to clean the fan of your laptop is using compressed air. Undoubtedly you will clean your laptop’s fan without much effort with the compressed air.

At, we always come up with the most ideal and the most impressive solutions to your problems that are related to modern technology and tech-related products as well. If you want to get completely updated then you must visit our website on regular basis and get complete knowledge about different things at a single spot.

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