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How To Clean Headphones?

How to clean headphones

The daily use of our headphones has become a tradition for many of us, especially for those who jog or spend their time on the metro, bus, or train listening to music every morning. Who does not enjoy the sound quality of his headphones while listening to his favorite music? It is so common, but if your headphones get dirty they could easily be ruined. So you should clean them daily before you use them, here at, we provide the solution of “How to clean headphones?”

Headphones and particularly earpieces were most exposed to dirt since when you purchased them and began using them. We used to shower because of dirt and sweat following our gym and morning jogging sessions, but what about the headphones? Do you remember when you cleaned your headphones last time?

Headphones are getting dirty not only because we use them, but because we can misuse or save them in an inadequate way. They could get worse and we always throw them into our pockets. We don’t look at them how dirty they are, so now you should clean your headphones even in a month to extend the life of your headphones.

Reasons You Must Know About How To Clean Headphones

Reasons You Must Know About How To Clean Headphones

Headphones can become as dirty as anything else you wear on your body. It can affect or even lead to an early decline in your headphones. Debris can muffle the sound from the driver of a phone (apart from a sound-producing diaphragm) and lead to permanent damage as well.

Oil from your skin may decolorize and even disintegrate plastic and rubber components after long exposure periods. So it is essential to know how to clean headphones and protect them against sound reduction or to reduce their lives, and to protect your ears from any bacterial infections.

We have mentioned the reasons to clean your headphones regularly:

  • Prevention of damage to headphones.
  • Enhance the lifespan of headphones.
  • Obtaining sound of high quality.
  • Make sure to clean your ears, the dirt might get into the ears.

Now have a look at the mentioned below methods to clean headphones and earphones at home with

Now Have A Look At How To Clean Headphones (Brief Guide)

Now Have A Look At How To Clean Headphones (Brief Guide)

The easiest way to wipe your best headphones under 150$ is that with slightly wet clothes with warm water and soap and to dry them with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning, you may also use slightly moist cotton buds, or Q-tips to clean small or tight areas. It takes a bit more delicacy, some fineness, but you can easily find all the tools we found at home.

Things you need to clean headphones or earphones:

  1. A soft and small cloth
  2. Rubbing alcohol/ hand sanitizer
  3. Q-tips/cotton buds
  4. Soap
  5. Water
  6. Blu-tack/Multipurpose adhesive

First Look at How to Clean Headphones

First Look at How to Clean Headphones

These are somewhat more tricky since they are made up of more delicate parts, such as leather or foam earpads. So go on carefully unless you want to order new best over-ear headphones under 200.

  • Please damp a small soft cloth in warm water and wipe your headphones with this soapy and warm water. Wipe dry and let the air dry completely, with some paper towels.
  • Dampen a little cloth and wipe the outer surroundings of the earpads with rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Draw an alcohol/hand sanitizer with a Q-tipper/cotton bud and use it to clear the earpad’s nooks and cracks.
  • Top the spam mesh surface with some alcohol/hand sanitizer and gently rub both left and right sides. The bacteria that reside in-ear pads will then be killed. The soft rub should also contribute to the removal of dirt or grief.
  • Before you reassemble, keep the earpads dry fully on some paper towels.

Advanced Cleaning Method

Advanced Cleaning Method

But if you’re looking for cleanliness directly from the factory, you need a more hardcore option.

A hearing aid vacuum would be advisable. A vacuum of the hearing aid is an auditory system as the name implies. It can effectively extract dirt and ore wax through the use of small vacuum pumps.

Now Look At How to Clean Earphones? 

Now Look At How to Clean Earphones

After knowing the method of how to clean headphones? Now, look at methods to clean earphones. The driver unit is used to produce the sound and especially the part of the earphones inserts in the ear

  1. By using a soft toothbrush, you can eliminate the dirt or ear wax from your earphones. To help remove some debris, tap the non-mesh side/logo of the earbuds.
  2. Pullover the wire mesh and remove all remaining dirt and dust with a curved paper clip and a certain multipurpose adhesive. The adhesive collects all the substances that you don’t want and leaves the mesh free.
  3. Wipe your earphones quickly by using a small damp cloth.

Extra Cleaning Tips

These earphones such as IEMs usually come with silicone sleeves/ear tips in different sizes to fit your ears.

If your IEMs have only silicone ear tips, follow these two additional steps. This is not true for foam ear tips or other ear tips which are not waterproof.

  • Remove the tips of silicone ears and water them for about 5 minutes in slightly soapy warm water.
  • Rinse the silicone sleeves, wipe well and leave on towels completely dry before reattaching.


Either dust, sweat, wax, etc. will dirty our headphones, no matter how much we try to prevent them, but it’s not the end of the world, yet we can regularly clean them with simple solutions at home and keep them ready for a long time to be used. Look at the methods of How to clean headphones and Clean your headphones regularly to keep them in tip-top condition.

Don’t let wax on the ear or any other dirt accumulate. Give them a wipe after each use with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes. Headphones can introduce new bacteria in your ears and upset the natural balance of your ears, especially the in-ear type. An overgrown bacteria of a certain type can lead to a painful ear infection. Don’t share your headphones if possible.

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