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How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop?

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop

Methods To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop:

Most of the gaming fans have gone insane by the debut of Sony’s brand new PS5. But as a matter of fact, the PS4 is still a hot item and will remain for a long time undoubtedly. Here if you want to enjoy your games or want to experience your games on the screen of your laptop then you must have complete knowledge about the methods and techniques that are practiced to connect the PS4 with your laptop.

You can opt for these methods that we will discuss below, in the case when you sit to play your PS4 and come to know that your TV is out of order. So in such a case, your laptop screen will be a great blessing for you and allow you to play PS4 on it. But the thing is that you should know about the procedure and methods that you can use to connect a PS4 to a laptop.

So without any delay, let us move ahead towards the answer to this question; “How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop?” Here in this article, you can find out the perfect information, so go through the whole article.

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop?

To connect a PS4 to a laptop there are various methods but here we will look at a few of them. These mentioned techniques are very much authentic and reliable as well. The techniques are:

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop

Connect By Using An HDMI Cord

You can connect your laptop with the PS4 by using an HDMI cord. This is a very simple and the easiest technique that can be used very conveniently in order to play PS4 on the screen of your laptop. In this technique, the basic and the most prominent thing that you have to consider is a good connection.

These cables are much much more efficient in transferring the data at a higher rate. So you can enjoy a very high-quality HD display on the screen of your laptop. As your PS4 is a modern electronic device, so you can easily avail of the HDMI option in your PS4 and in your laptop as well. So using an HDMI is a good choice to connect your PS4 to a laptop screen.

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop

Connect By Using Remote Play

This is a brand new feature introduced by Sony. By Remote Play, you can easily connect your PS4 with compatible gadgets and devices. So with this app, you can enjoy playing PS4 on the screens of your phone or laptop and you do not need to get bothered while someone is watching the TV.

Things That Are Needed For a Remote Play Connection

To most of the users, this is an unfamiliar method of connecting their PS4 with the laptop or their PC. You can connect your PS4 on both Mac and Windows devices as well. So to get a proper connection between your device and PlayStation 4 you will require the following things.

  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • PlayStation 4 Account
  • PC or Laptop
  • USB Cord
  • Internet Connection
  • First of all, you have to download the Remote Play app on your device.
  • For the download, you can simply get the app from Google chrome.
  • Then select whether you are downloading it for Mac or Windows.
  • Then browse the settings of your PS4 after connecting it to the Internet.
  • Here in the settings activate the command “ Activate as Primary PS4”.
  • From the system software update, update the software of your device to 3.50.
  • Now in the setting tick the Remote Play linking in front of the Remote Play settings option.
  • Now run the Remote Play software that you have downloaded earlier on your laptop.
  • Then in the setting tab adjust the screen size and resolution just according to the screen of your laptop to enjoy an optimal gaming experience.
  • By using the USB connector present in your PS4 controller, now connect your console with your laptop.
  • You can also connect the PS4 and your laptop wirelessly by pushing the sharing buttons simultaneously.
  • Now with the help of a USB cord, connect to your laptop. This step will take 4 to 5 seconds, if it takes more time then repeat it.

How To Connect a PS4 To a Laptop

Connect By Using Capture Card

If you are having some issues in connecting your PS4 with your laptop via Remote Play or HDMI cord, then this method will definitely help you out to connect your console to the display of your laptop.

Things That Are Required To Connect Using a Capture Card

In this method, you will have to use an HDMI cable with a capture card in order to play your PS4 on your laptop screen. For a perfect capture card connection you will require the following things:

  • Card For Video Capture
  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console
  • Wireless Internet Connection
  • Ethernet Cables having a connection with the same router
  • Dual Functions HDMI
  • Available File Sharing
  • With the help of a USB connection, attach and activate your VCC (Video Capture Card).
  • It is suggested by our experts that you must use a standard quality Video Capture Card.
  • Using any S Video cable, attach your PlayStation 4 console with the VCC.
  • Connect the console’s HDMI out port with the Video Capture Card and then plug the HDMI of the Video Capture Card into the in-port of the console.
  • Turn the VCC on and run the Video Capture Card software on your laptop.
  • Your console will be displayed on your laptop’s screen.

The EndNote!

After reading this informative article, we hope that you now have sufficient knowledge that you can easily connect your gaming console to the display of your laptop. The above-mentioned methods are the most authentic and popular that are tested by our experts as well. So always try to bring the best tech-related information to you people.

At, you will come across a lot of information about the most futuristic and modern electronic devices. If you are facing any problem in their working then you can also come to our website to find appropriate solutions as well.

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