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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop?

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

There are no wires to be connected to your devices on the Bluetooth headphones. So if you have difficulties connecting your Bluetooth headset to your computer or smartphone, it’s understandable. Dive into our deep guide of How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop? And Your headphones can easily be connected to any device, however. Here is how your Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your laptop. You might just have picked up a new pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, but how do you connect them to a computer, and what exactly? Although you may be intimidated by the process, know that jumping into the wireless world is easy and easy.

Things To Keep in Mind While Knowing How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop”

Things To Keep in Mind While Knowing How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop"

  • Ensure your computer’s audio level is good. It might be confusing if the audio is too low or mute, even after it is successfully connected, that you don’t hear a sound on your best noise-canceling headphones under 200.
  • Before the connection, ensure that a laptop and headphones are almost 3 feet apart from each other. The narrower the Bluetooth is, the stronger the link is and the easier it is.
  • Make sure you load both devices. You don’t need these devices to be completely charged, just ensure that you have enough battery to shut off when you pair.

The good news is that steps of how to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop take just a few seconds. On the Windows 10 screen, right of the date, on the taskbar mouse over to the bottom right corner of the screen. This is how notifications at the system level usually appear, but if you click, it should be opened with some options at the bottom, named “action center.” One should switch on or off Bluetooth. Just put, you’ve got Bluetooth if you see that. Congratulations!

Steps To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop

Steps To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop

Wireless headphones can connect to a number of different devices, whether a smartphone, a TV, a PC, or a console for gaming: most devices are now using Bluetooth technology in short distances, which means that radio transmissions connect to one another. Wireless Bluetooth models, such as true wireless pickups from the Panasonic S500W, generally allow you to simultaneously connect to several devices, even if you only can play the sounds at a time from one source.

While it is quite a simple step of how to Connect Bluetooth Headphones To A Laptop, it can differ between devices and manufacturers. We have developed a simple, all-around guide that summarises wireless headphones and also gives brief information on how to connect wireless headphones to Xbox one?  to the most common devices to help you make the most of your headphones.

  1. Navigate the Windows Bluetooth menu either by searching for “Bluetooth” from the action center next to the taskbar date and time (right-clicking Bluetooth toggle and clicking “Go to Settings”). Make sure that Bluetooth is turned off.
  2. Ensure that your headphones are paired with each other. You could have a button to do that, or it could be a more arcane command. If you are a new user and have no idea about how to consult your device manually.
  3. Click the “Add Bluetooth” option. Select “Bluetooth” from the following screen.
  4. Connect the device.

The process in Windows 8.1 is slightly different but similarly straightforward. In pairing mode, type the headphone “Bluetooth” on the field Start, head to the Settings Menu for Bluetooth, and select the headphones for the PC to be connected.

Additional Tips! 

Additional Tips! 

After reading the precise information on Best Bluetooth headsets for truckers 2021, you should follow the additional tips for a better connection.

The Start Menu opens and types ‘Bluetooth’ in the search bar, both on Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1. To be honest, laptop and desktop owners in Windows should not worry unless they purchased their equipment several years ago. If no Bluetooth is found, you can buy a USB Bluetooth transmitter which is variable for less than $15. That’s the fun section.

Now, you are able to know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop if you follow our simple and easy guide. You only need to follow a number of simple steps in Windows 10 and you must not disturb your roommates or your neighbors by enjoying your music: If nothing went wrong, you should now pair your Bluetooth headphones with your PC. It’s so simple. It is even better to just go through those steps once; switch on the headphones next to the PC again and connect them automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  • How to have the Bluetooth Headset visible?
    You have to reach out to the mobile and Bluetooth option by following this path. Settings>System>Advanced>Reset Options>Reset Wi-Fi. For those of iPads and iPhones, you’ll need to forget (upair) all of the previously connected devices.
  • How to have the headphones in a pairing mode?
    Your intended connecting Bluetooth device needs to be turned on and be within a range of 3 feet with the unit. Release the button after the indicator’s blinking and your headphones should enter the Pairing mode. 
  • How to reset the Bluetooth Headphones?
    You’ll need to press the power button for 15 seconds in order to reset your Bluetooth Headphones. Post that, delete that specific Bluetooth Headphones from your paired device’s list, restart the device and have it paired once again.
  • How to reset Bluetooth on a Windows 10 PC?
    Open Windows Start Menu on your PC and go to Bluetooth and other devices following the Settings>Devices path. Select your intended device and click the option of “Remove Device”. Reconnect the device by clicking “Bluetooth or Other Device”.
  • How to fix distorted Bluetooth Headphones?
    The most common cause of the troublesome Bluetooth Headphones is the need for the updation of both Bluetooth as well as Audio Devices. At times, you can also locate the issue by referring to the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.


We recommend that you start again from the start of the set-up process if your headphones have not been correctly paired with your laptop. Read our above-mentioned guide on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop and apply it to your laptop. Turn off your headset and make sure the manual is reviewed to confirm how the device is correctly placed in the discovery mode. You can start your computer once your headphones have confirmed that they are in the correct mode and your computer still does not detect them. Contact the phone manufacturer for additional support if the problem persists.

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