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How To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack?

How To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack

How To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack?

The modern TV has no headphone jacks because they use state-of-the-art technologies such as HDMI and Bluetooth, etc. Still, even without a jack/socket, you can connect your headphones to the TV. but the question pop-up in mind “how To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack?” The fact is that you can connect headphones to a TV without a headphone jack, Because of the fact that it cannot provide high-definition sound and audio in a good sound system, the headphone jack is a 3.5 mm AUx jack that is unfavored today. However, it is popular and used by many devices most frequently. It’s the same jack in your cell phones and tablets. Below, we have mentioned the methods to connect headphones to the TV, let’s have a look at them;

Methods To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack

Methods To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack 

Modern TVs feature other outputs that enable you to connect external sound systems and listen to sound and bass more powerfully than the low price of built-in TV speakers. But you cannot connect your headphones directly to the TV except for the headphone jack. There are different converters/adapters for converting the output and connecting the Surrounded sound headphones. Here at, we briefly discuss the different methods to connect headphones to TV without a headphone jack.
Use An Adapter To Connect Headphones To TV

Use An Adapter To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack

Here, we have mentioned one of the easiest ways to connect your headphones to a TV by using an adapter (a device that is used to connect a piece of equipment that can not be connected directly). You can go through your TV user’s guide or just take a look at the back of the device that contains a wealth of I/O. It is important to confirm that your TV is compatible with this medium to provide audio output before you decide on the adapter that you are going to buy. An old-school RCA port is the common one on most televisions.

To connect your Noise Cancelling headphones to the TV, you just need RCA-to-3,5mm to transmit the audio to your headphones using this analog channel.   You can get different options online or in a local shop without having to spend a lot of money. You’ll be given Bluetooth transmitters and receivers if the TV you use has an audio port but the headphones you use are wireless.

Steps to Connect Headphones to TV Without A Headphone Jack Using Adapter 

  • At the back end of the TV’s audio port, you need to connect the 3.5mm jack. Press the button available on adapter.
  • Press the pairing button. When the flashing pairing light is seen, the power button on the headphones must be pressed long enough to put it in pairing mode.
  • The use of a transmitter does not allow you to use headphones. Wait a couple of minutes and in no time it’ll be connected.
  • While playing games online, and For using the microphone, you have to use the adapter with the transmitter and receiver.

Use The TV’s Built-in Bluetooth

Use The TV’s Built-in Bluetooth

If the TV you are using does not offer a headphone jack, the Bluetooth hardware is supposed to be included. Simply, separate the accessories to connect the headphones without a jack, this process is very simple and easy for you. However, those who find that the Bluetooth connection is not reliable enough will have a problem. Different adapters are available for the audio to be transmitted through your headphones, for example, Type C to 3.5 mm or the RCA port we discussed above.

Connect Headphones to TV without a Headphone Jack Using Built-in Bluetooth 

  • Power the headphones for pairing mode, press the power button for a long time.
  • Next, the TV interface and echo settings will have to be found. That’s an LG TV example.
  • By using the remote, you can control the sound. There are a range of options and the Sound Sync/Bluetooth must be selected. Tap the Selection Device tab here.
  • It takes a few moments and all available devices will be shown in the search results.
  • Use the remote device to choose headsets and pair them up without any extra power.

Use The ControllerRemote To Connect Headphones to TV

Use The Controller/Remote To Connect Headphones to TV Without a Headphone Jack

Do you have a tending console for gaming then Let me tell you something more mesmerizing, you don’t need to purchase any high-end echo device. A 3.5mm port is provided to you by the remote control or joystick. Ensure the remote is connected with the TV and the headset is connected to the remote controller.

If you wonder whether the audio will be transmitted during the media content viewing, the audio will be transmitted, regardless of the service that you use.

Follow the mentioned below steps, if  you don’t have an audio port:

  • The adapter must be connected to the USB port.
  • It comes with an adapter that connects to the bottom of your driver and then connects to the headset.


Hopefully, you have got a better idea about How To Connect Headphones To TV Without a Headphone Jack. Let me just make it clear that you can’t hear audio from the TV’s built-in speaker & headset at a time.  Once your television set is connected to external speakers or headset all the tv OEMs will be muted automatically.

I have tried to cover almost all the related solutions to let you know about the headphone connection with wires or wirelessly. You may have seen that the process is pretty simple, all you need to do is to know the right method that works with your device and go ahead. All the adapters used for the headset connection are quite affordable, so buying one will have no burden on your pocket. Follow the most suitable method and enjoy a better audio version of your TV!

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