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How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

Different Popular Ways To Connect Phone To TV Without Using An HDMI Cord

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord:

As a matter of fact, smartphones are mini-computers without a doubt. People are getting smartphones because of their functional efficiency and they can do almost all kinds of tasks for you. The screens of the phones are also getting bigger and bigger so you can easily watch your different content like movies, films, Netflix, etc.

Although the screen of the phones is becoming bigger it is not big enough to perfectly fascinate you and make your watching experience more magnanimous as well. So to overcome this problem you have to move towards a TV having a bigger and bigger screen. So if you want to connect your phone to your TV then there are various ways that you can opt for connecting even without using an HDMI cable or cord. So keep on reading this article to know about all the methods.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

Why Is It Necessary To Connect Your Phone To TV?

Although the screen size, the phones are getting bigger with every fresh launch. The companies are working well on the colors and displays of the screen. You can get totally vibrant colors on these 4K phone screens but the major gap between the quality and size of the screen among the phones and TV is immeasurable.

Besides all these quality aspects, you can also get aided by your TV if you want to display pictures and videos to a large crowd or a big gathering. Then TV will help you more as compared to your smartphone.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord? Different Ways

In the modern era, almost all TVs have smart features. This means they are directly connected to the internet and you can easily browse on them or can use different apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc. If your TV does not have smart features then you can use the Streaming Sticks or digital set-top boxes as well. These will help you play different streaming videos very easily.

So here, if you want to connect your phone with your TV physically without connecting using any kind of HDMI cord or do not want to deal with any kinds of wires then here are some of the most authentic ways that you can follow. They will help you connect your TV and your smartphones with each other very conveniently. Let us have a look at all of them.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

1. By Using USB Cable

You can easily link most of the charging caves of your phones with your laptops just like power adapters. As a matter of fact, there is not a USB port in all the TVs but if your TV has a USB port then it will be very much easy for you to share the files of your phone on the bigger screen of your TV. By attaching your phone and TV with the help of that USB cable you are technically transferring your files from your phone to the bigger television screen.

But keep in mind that the display of your phone will not be reproduced or cast on the TV screen, still, your TV has such a port that allows this feature. You can only use this method to view your own pictures and videos.

The thing you have to do is. Attach your phone and TV with the help of the charging cable then click on the source on the TV remote and select the USB option, here you can browse for your desired pictures and videos files easily.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

2. By Screencasting

In casting, you can easily watch different shows, movies, and other content on the screen of your TV. Your TV will cast the same screen as it is on your device and in this case, the device is your phone.

Most of the famous streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu come up with screencasting features so you can easily share the screen of your mobile with your TV. You can also do casting by using different devices such as Roku TV or Google Chromecast etc. you can also use a third-party casting app that comes built-in in your Smart TV.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

3. By Using Google Chromecast

You can connect your phone with your TV with great ease if your TV has a built-in Chromecast feature or you have a dingle to do it. By having this approach you can easily watch the things and the content of your smartphone on to your TV.

For the connection, you have to make sure that your Google Chromecast device and your mobile phone are using the same Wifi network. Choose the device for casting after a secure connection is established between your phone and your Chromecast device. But keep in mind that not all the apps have a mirroring option, so you can only use the apps which are supported.

How To Connect Phone To TV Without HDMI Cord

4. AirPlay For iOS Users

AirPlay is Apple’s own proprietary tech that you can use to cast audio and video content if you own an iPhone or iPad. You can cast your device’s screen on your Apple TV very much easily. But the only drawback is that the Apple TV is not compatible with your non-iOS devices. So in order to use Apple TV casting, you must have an iOS device.

This technology is basically dedicated to sharing the information and content between the Apple TV and your iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc. Following is the easy method to use AirPlay for connecting your iOS device with Apple TV.

So to get started, you have turned the AirPlay option on, and then on your Apple device select your Apple TV, and both the devices will detect and connect with each other on an automatic basis. Then in your iPhone’s settings, you can choose the AirPlay option. Connecting with AirPlay is just like operating Bluetooth. But you must know that AirPlay is not Bluetooth, it is operated through the Wifi and it genuinely belongs to Apple.


We hope that after reading this article now you have some idea about the connection of your devices with TV, without using an HDMI cord. These all the methods are reliable and authentic and our experts have tested them as well. So you can opt for any of them without any tension to connect the phone to your TV without an HDMI cord.

We always bring a lot of knowledge about different tips and tricks that you can use to get rid of different problems that you face while setting up your electronic gadgets and other devices as well. So keep visiting if you want to keep yourself updated with the modern world.

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