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How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor?

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

Have you bought a new monitor and now seeking how to connect PS4 Pro to monitor? To begin with, Attach the PS4 to the monitor. Remove the plastic, unpack the box and maintain all cables near. Set up the PS4 after connection so that you can start gaming immediately. You might want to make the most of your present gaming setup if you enjoy both consoles and PC.

Steps Of How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

Many components in your gaming setup can be interchanged and merged to find what works best for you thank to modern standards like HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB. Read this article for knowing how to connect PS4 Pro To Monitor. Let’s dive into the steps of connecting PS4 Pro to the monitor. 

Connect the HDMI and Power Supply To Monitor

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

  1. Link one end of your HDMI cable to your monitor HDMI connectors. For later purposes, remember the port number (for example HDMI 1).
  2. Link to the marked HDMI Out on your PS4 at the second end of the cable.
  3. Connect your PS4 back to the power supply and plug in a socket.

Now, Attach The Controller

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

if you are wondering how to connect PS4 pro to monitor then You must first attach it to your PS4 to use the included controller.

  • Connect USB-A to your Ps4’s USB port (at the front right).

Now turn on the PS4 and configure the PS4 after connection for all cables.

It’s Time To Activate the PS4

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

Now, we turn on the PS4 to the first-time configuration menu.

  1. Switch the PS4 on by pressing the round button on the console itself with the PS4 emblem in the center of the controller.
  2. Use the remote control or input button to navigate to the right channel of your monitor.

Make Sure to Set up the PS4

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

  1. On the right channel, the PlayStation Menu appears.
  2. Pick your Wi-Fi network from the list to link to the internet and enter the relevant password. Optional: link the PS4 to an active web cable and pick the ‘wired connection.’
  3. The PlayStation is now downloading the new updates if you fill in the details correctly.

With An Existing Account Log into PSN 

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

  1. Connect to your current PSN account. Do not have one? Read on.
  2. You’re ready for play!

Are you a first-time user of PlayStation? If so, creating a PlayStation Network account would be helpful. So you must know How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor? Here at, you will find an amazing way of connecting monitors. You get updates and fixes that improve the running of your games. Important: Enter trustworthy details!

How To Create a PSN Account?

How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor

  1. Choose ‘New User’> Create ‘User.’
  2. Accept license terms.
  3. In the next 2 menus, select the language to show all the PS4 menus and enter your birth date, residence location, and ZIP code.
  4. Choose from the list of avatars a nice profile picture.
  5. Consider your online identification. For other PS4 users and players, this is visible. Enter your true name and nickname as well.
  6. View and set up the various privacy settings. You can do so on your account later.
  7. Accept all the conditions.
  8. Confirm your email and you’re done!

Final Thoughts:

Overall, with a combined setup, you can maximize your workspace and resources if you buy our best gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. It saves time because cables should not be disconnected and the equipment rearranged. The major benefit of How To Connect PS4 Pro To Monitor is that you play both PS4 and PC with one PC monitor so that if you choose to switch games or platforms, you can switch between different devices.

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