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How To Connect Your Bose Headphones With Your iPhone?

How To Connect Your Bose Headphones With Your iPhone

How To Connect Your Bose Headphones With Your iPhone?

All the wired headsets by Bose can connect to the iPhone that has a traditional headphone jack. But the new and the most recent iPhones do not have any audio jack and so the headphones are wireless nowadays.

You can connect your Bose headphones with your iPhone by using Bluetooth in the settings of your cell phone. Or Bose’s own Bose connect app can also be used to pair the headphone with your iPhone. Both the method work well in the initial pairing up of the devices, but the Bose Connect App is more popular as it gives you some additional settings and features after a successful connection.

Pairing Method To Connect The Headphones Using Bose Connect App

This application (Bose Connect App) is designed and created by Bose headphones manufacturer company officially so that users can connect the headphones and the devices more easily with no hassle. You can get this app on the iPhone’s Apple Store for free. In addition to making the connecting procedure simple and easy, this app also comes with firmware updates that support the additional features and fix the audio bugs’ or glitches as well.

Now take a look at the steps by which you can easily connect your Bose headphones with your iPhone.

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone and download the Bose Connect App.
  2. On the right earpiece of your Bose Bluetooth compatible headphone, there is an on/off switch. Turn the device on by flicking the switch from red to green.
  3. Open the Bose Connect App that you have downloaded.
  4. The Bose Connect iPhone App will automatically detect your headset. After detection, you will see the image of the headphones, and next, there is text narrating that “drag to connect”.
  5. Swipe the screen down to begin the pairing of your Bose Headphones with the iPhone.
  6. If the app is unable to detect your headphones, then you will see a window offering several tips that might help your iPhone to find them.
  7. After detection, the Bose Connect App will start syncing with your iPhone and the text “connecting” appears at the bottom of the screen.
  8. After a successful connection, there appears a text at the bottom that says “Ready To Play”. Tap this and now you are connected and can use your Bose Headphones to listen to any audio on your iPhone.

Pairing Of Bose Headphones By Using iPhone Settings

Bose Connect App is the most efficient, faster, and recommended method of connecting the Bose headphones with your iPhone. But you can also connect these headphones by using the iOS setting app. You will require the following steps to connect the headphones by using the setting app of the iPhone.

  1. Launch the setting app on the home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth setting and turn the Bluetooth on, as it is required for this method to work.
  3. By turning the switch from red to green, turn your Bose headphones on.
  4. In the Bluetooth setting under the Other Devices, select the headphone that you want to use.
  5. When a secure Bluetooth connection builds up, then the device moves to the “My Devices” section with a status of Connected.

Some Troubleshooting Tips

  • Your Bose headphones will not connect to your iPhone while they are in charge.
  • If you face any trouble in pairing them with your iPhone, then turn them off for 10 seconds and then turn on and try to pair.
  • Make sure that your Bose headphones are fully charged.
  • If they make some problem with the connection, then clear the Bluetooth list of your headphone.
  • For clearing the Bluetooth list of your headphones, power them off and again hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared”.
  • You can also observe this practice by tapping the information icon present on the Bluetooth list and forget the device.

The Final Thoughts!

Here in this article, we tried to guide our readers that how can they connect their Bose wireless Headphones with their iPhones. Here above, we have listed two possible pairing methods by which you can easily pair the Bose headset with the iPhone and enjoy top-quality audio from your iPhone. We always provide our readers with accurate and reliable tech-related information so that by following these simple tips and methods they can easily tackle their specific problems.

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