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How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures?

How You Can Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures At Once

How You Can Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures At Once?

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures:

Almost all the folks have an Instagram account nowadays. It is one of the most effective and active social media platforms on which we interact with our followers and share a lot of pictures, videos, and other content as well. But here we observed that a number of users try to delete multiple photos on Instagram at the same time. Did you get success in doing so? Does the Instagram app allow this? Unfortunately, you can not delete multiple photos at once by using the Instagram app.

So we are here with the most amazing tricks and tips that you can follow to delete multiple photos or videos at a single click that you have posted on your Instagram account. As a matter of fact, Instagram only allows you to delete the photos one by one, which is a very much irritating task to the users. So in this article, we will learn about different tricky solutions that will help us delete all the pictures with a single click. So let us begin.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

Methods To Delete More Than One Instagram Pictures

To overcome this irritating problem there are several third-party applications that will help you in deleting the several photos on your Instagram account at once.

But all the apps are not such on which you can rely, so here we will tell you about the most authentic and the best apps that you can opt for deleting your multiple Instagram pictures. Let us have a look at all these methods and apps without wasting any time.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

Deleting Multiple Instagram Photos By Third-party Apps

As we have mentioned earlier, you can not delete numerous photos or posts at once on your Instagram account on an official basis. If you want to opt for the official method then you have to delete photos one by one which is very much irritating. So to get the job done we will require other third-party applications.

Down here we’ve cut short some of the most reliable and the most authentic applications that can be very much helpful and can also do our job of multiple deletions at a single click as well. So these are the names of those third-party applications.

  • Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block, Delete
  • Instant Cleaner For Instagram
  • Mass Delete for Instagram

Now, we will talk about the operation of these apps one by one.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

1. Cleaner for Instagram (Used For Unfollow, Block, Delete)

By using this app you can easily delete multiple posts or photos from your Instagram account with a single click. This app can also be used for blocking and unfollowing multiple accounts on your Instagram account as well. So the process or procedure that is to be followed for accomplishing the task is:

  • Firstly install the Cleaner for the Instagram app. This can be installed from the Google Play Store directly.
  • Then launch the app, after its installation is completed.
  • After launching the app, now you have to log in to your Instagram account by providing the credential in the app.
  • Now select the media option that is present in the bottom bar of the app. Here you will see all the media content, posts, and photos of your account.
  • Now select the pictures that you want to delete.
  • After the selection of the photos, now tap on the circular button with the thunderbolt sign that is present in the bottom right corner of the app screen.
  • Then you will see a popup menu.
  • Choose delete from that menu and here you are done with the task.
  • At the confirmation message, choose the option stating start now. Then all your selected Instagram photos will be deleted at once.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

2. Instant Cleaner For Instagram

This instant cleaner for Instagram is considered one of the best apps that you can use for the deletion of multiple Instagram photos at once. With this app, you can also enjoy a lot more functions as well. These features are:

  • You can unfollow users in a great number.
  • You can also unlike videos and photos in bulk.
  • Block many accounts in bulk.
  • And the major one is that you can delete your photos and posts in numerous quantities.


  • Install the Instant Cleaner For Instagram after downloading it from the Google Play Store.
  • Get your app launched after completing the installation.
  • Then click on the “Posts” from the bottom bar after filling all your Instagram credentials into the app.
  • In this posts section, you will see all of your Instagram posts, videos, and photos as well.
  • Then select those photos or videos that you want to delete and click the delete icon present at the top of the application.
  • That is all the process which you have to do for the deletion of multiple Instagram photos or videos by using Instant Cleaner For Instagram.

How To Delete Multiple Instagram Pictures

3. Mass Delete For Instagram

This is another application that you can opt for deleting a mass number of photos or other media content present on your Instagram account. You can also enjoy mass follow and unfollow pr mass block as well by using this wonderful app.

So this app always proved itself as the best app among many other mass deletion apps for the Instagram photos, videos, and other media content present on your Instagram timeline as well. So you can also go towards Mass Delete For Instagram.

Final Words!

In this article, we have described the best third party by which you can easily delete a large number of photos and multiple videos from your timeline at once. If you didn’t know about the fact and other tricks that can be applied for deleting multiple items from your Instagram then this piece of writing will definitely help you a lot.

So we hope that now you have sufficient knowledge and you know about the most reliable and authentic apps that you can use for deleting mass media content from your Instagram timeline. For more interesting tips and tricks keep visiting

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