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How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop?

How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop

How You Can Reset a Toshiba Laptop Back To Factory Settings?

How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop: Are you looking for the answer to this question “How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop? “ If yes, then you are at the right place. Here at, we will tell you brief information on the topic of how you can reset your Toshiba laptop. There are various methods that you can practice to reset your laptop and these methods vary on the basis of Windows that you have installed on your laptop.

The need to reset your Toshiba laptop is due to the sluggish and too slow performance of your machine. So here in this article, we will give you some information about different methods that you can observe if you are willing to reset your Toshiba laptop back to the factory settings.

How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop

Reset Toshiba Laptop With No Recovery CD’s

Unlike many laptop brands, Toshiba laptops also come without recovery CDs. This is an innovation for most of the newer model laptops. These laptops contain a hidden partition in which the operating system (OS) is present and you will need the drivers of the device to restore it so it may function like a new one.

If you got one of these partitions on your Toshiba laptop then you are a lucky guy. This hidden partition makes the whole process very much simple and easy as well. With the help of this partition, you can restore your laptop to the factory settings without using the recovery disks.

By observing the following easy steps you can factory reset your Toshiba laptop without bothering with any kind of recovery disk. These easy steps are described in detail as below:

  • Shut your laptop completely down from the windows start menu.
  • Now you have to remove all the externally connected devices from your laptop including mouse, keyboards, USB hubs, and monitors, etc.
  • Connect your laptop to a power source using an AC power adapter.
  • Then after turning your laptop on, you abruptly have to press and hold down the “0” key of your laptop and release it when you see some warning messages.
  • In this recovery process if it asks you about selecting the operating system then you have to select the most appropriate OS for your machine.
  • Then you will see a warning message that pops up on your screen saying that you will lose your data after the recovery process starts. Select “Yes” to initiate the recovery process.
  • Now in the Toshiba Recovery Software Wizard, you will see an option stating “Recovery Of Factory Software”. You simply have to select it and then follow the given instructions to proceed.

By following these above-mentioned simple steps you can easily reset your Toshiba laptop and can get it back to the factory settings very conveniently. This process is the same for Windows 7 as well. So by opting for these simple and easy steps, you can reset the Toshiba laptop that comes up with the Windows 7 Operating system with great ease and convenience as well.

How To Factory Reset Toshiba Laptop

By Using Toshiba Recovery USB Drive

With these simple USB drives, you can easily fix or reset your Toshiba laptop back to the factory settings in no time. You only have to plug them in your USB port and here you go. These drives come with Windows Operating System and are bootable as well.

After plugging them into your laptop you have to give it a restart and hold the boot key to come into the boot menu. These are the simple steps that you can also see while installing the windows through a CD.

From the boot menu then select our USB drive in which the software, windows, or Operating System is present. After selecting your device your laptop will ask you about the partitions and other directories in which you want to install the operating system.

Then different pop-up windows will appear step by step and you have to follow the instructions to complete the process. After the whole process is done, then your Toshiba laptop has been reset and all the settings are set back to the factory settings as well. It is an alternative method if you do not have any recovery CD that came without Toshiba Laptop.

The Verdict!

After reading this article, we hope that now you are completely able to reset your Toshiba laptop back to the factory setting. In this piece of writing, there is enough knowledge that is sufficient for a beginner as well and he can also reset his laptop by following these simple and convenient steps. These two methods are CD-free, so if you do not have any CD ROM on your laptop then you do not have to worry.

At our website, you will get complete knowledge about the different issues and their effective solutions as well. These issues are related to your technology gadgets and the modern techs of the world as well. For being updated fully with the latest technology, their issues, and the solution as well, try to pay visits to our site on a regular basis.

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