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How to find my AirPods case?

How To Find My Airpods Case Effective Tips And Tricks

How To Find My Airpods Case? Effective Tips And Tricks

How to Find My AirPods Case? That’s one situation with the highest likelihood to be faced by AirPods owners and fair enough it isn’t in any way lesser than a nightmare to lose your Airpods or even their casing. Still, no worries as long as you’re at Techtrada, that’s because we don’t panic here at all and without wasting any time, get down to look for efficient solutions.

For the times when you’re nearly yelling at everyone around you by saying “Find My Airpods Case!”, we’ve totally got your back and you no longer need to be worried in any way. Your little magic box, the one which you’re totally obsessed with, won’t be away from you anymore.

How To Find My AirPods Case?; Types Of Situations

Now when it comes to the very situation of “How to Find My AirPods Case?”, there are various case scenarios one is likely to come across. These include How To Track Airpods Case or merely the How To Find Airpods Case Only.

How to Find My AirPods Case

Locating AirPods Case Along With AirPods

Certainly, the worst-case scenario is How To Locate Airpods Case with of course Airpods in them. At this point, we’d prefer to comfort you in the first place, because no matter how stressful this seems, it’s a way too common phenomenon that’s experienced by innumerable folks on a daily basis.

So just take a few deep breaths and follow these super effective tips given below:

Use The Application

That green-logo app called “Find My iPhone” on your phone that you never found worthy of attention before, can absolutely come to your rescue whenever you’re in the dilemma of How To Find Airpods Case. What you’ve got to do is, open the app and look for the list of all those devices that have been paired with your iPhone.

How To Locate AirPods Case?

Amongst the list of paired devices, you’ll need to select your AirPods. Moreover, at this point, you’ll have to look for another aspect and that’s the green light that should be shown next to your AirPods.

The Climax of “Find My AirPods Case”

If you do manage to find the green light, the very case of “How to Find My AirPods Case?” is pretty much rested. What merely needs to be done at this point is tapping on the “Play” icon, followed by playing your music and enhancing the volume to be audible enough for you.

Follow and Find

You should be able to find your AirPods by following the sound. However, this is going to work only if you lost your AirPods within a nearby or in-range area.

The Flip Side

If you don’t really manage to find your AirPods with the above-mentioned tactics, still there’s no need to be concerned. You can get the job done by tapping on the “Car” icon, instead of the “Play” one. You’ll need to follow the given instructions and then you’ll be able to locate your AirPods, hopefully without getting bothered a lot.

How to Find My AirPods Case

Finding Your AirPods Case Only

This is the situation where one is concerned about How To Find My Airpods Case Only? And of course, it means that you’re looking for the case only and not actually the AirPods.

Dealing with this very issue is pretty much identical to that of the “How To Find Your Airpods Case”, still it’s more of a matter of how lucky you get in finding your detached stuff. Calm your nerves and try to act upon these essential tips:

No Music This Time

Unlike the How To Locate Airpods Case along with the Earpods, you won’t be able to find your AirPods case by playing any sound this time. Since, of course, it’s the case that has been lost. Still, there are a few things you can do to save your day.

You’re halfway there

And that’s because of what you’ll need to do when faced with the trouble of “Find My Airpods Case”. All you have to do is follow the earlier mentioned steps as this hunt is a lot similar to the former one. When done with locating your AirPods on the Find My iPhone App with the help of the green light shown beside your AirPods, you can be assured of the fact that your AirPods case is near you.

The Gray Area

Things tend to become a bit tricky on the journey of “How To Find My AirPods Case?” when you don’t come across that relieving green light, but a gray one, instead. The gray light indicates the fact that your AirPods Case is out of range. And of course that you’re going to face a demanding time looking for it.

The Dead End

On your journey of “How To Track Airpods Case”, if you have a feeling of or suspect your AirPods case to be dead, you’ll be needing to go through the same steps. If you end up with that gray light indication in front of you, it goes without saying that your AirPods case is/has been dead.

Everlasting High Hopes

When encountered with such a (devastating) situation, it’s best for you to go ahead with a new case. The good news is, that you can try out several other AirPods case brands, this time and have an entirely new experience of the AirPods Case. One noteworthy example is the luxurious and classy-looking AirPods Case by Louis Vuitton.

Tracking AirPods Case When It Isn’t Visible On The App

Tracking AirPods Case When It Isn’t Visible On The App

This, right here, is the situation of the How To Locate Airpods Case when it isn’t appearing on the app (Find My iPhone). This is another worst-case scenario in which your AirPods case is out of range which gives rise to the fact that you can’t look for the AirPods with the app’s help. Not to mention the fact that Bluetooth connection isn’t possible at this point, as well.

Still, there is a bright side left and that is getting to know about the very location where your AirPods were recently functional. The Find My iPhone app will indicate to you the location where you connected your AirPods previously.

This idea might not be that favorable for you up to a great extent but it can still aid you in having a clue about that specific area where you have, most probably, lost your AirPods. This can often result in incredible memory triggers which in turn can be helpful for the owner who’s faced with the huge challenge of “How To Find My Airpods Case?”.

Reaching Out To The AirPods Case Without Your iPhone

Reaching Out To The AirPods Case Without Your iPhone

It’s the scenario where you get to know How To Find Your Airpods Case without, yes, of course, your dearest iPhone. This situation is indeed a nightmare where you haven’t got your cell phone either and it is pretty normal to feel extremely helpless and stressed at this point. Still, when you’ve got your ultimate tech guide Techtrada at your service, you don’t really need to suffer from that troublesome sensation for long.

This is the point where your PC or considering you’re obsessed with the Apple tech, your Macbook comes to play. Yes, you can get your lost stuff restored with the help of your computer, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned ahead:

Make use of the iCloud Account

For this, you’ll need to go to and sign in to the id that you’ve been using with your AirPods.

Sign In and Chin Up

Enter your Apple Id with the password, of course, followed by clicking on “All Devices”.

Look For the location

Within the list of “All Devices”, you should be able to find your AirPods. Click on them and you’ll notice “Offline” mentioned there. Within that device list, you’ll learn about the previous location of each device, and you’ll have an idea about the area where your AirPods were last functional. This is how you can have considerable help with your How To Locate Airpods Case concern.

Usage of The Serial Number For AirPods Case

Usage of The Serial Number For AirPods Case

For those of you, who think that your AirPods case can be located with the serial number, the not-so-good-news is that you can not really do so. However, you can use the serial number of your AirPods case for getting a replacement. For this, you’ll need to reach out to the Apple store with your serial number and have the replacement. Not to forget that you’ll be charged for this very replacement.

So if you’re the one who’s landed here for the purpose of acquiring information and you’re an AirPods owner, as well. It’s high time that you begin being much more careful about your AirPods and practice a more conscious look after their placement plus movement.

Conclusive Comments

This was, by far, an overview about the popular concern that is none other than “How To Find My AirPods Case?” and is, by all means, a legit demanding phase for both one’s emotional and intelligence quotient.

Nevertheless, Techtrada is always happy to help and we’ve proven our word by providing you with a number of distinctive difficult situations along with their effective quick fixes. It goes without saying that being careful is the best and most efficient approach to keeping your crucial stuff safe from damage and getting lost. We have great hopes for this info to be highly informative and lucrative for you!

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