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How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics?

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

Methods To Prevent Roaches From Your Electronic Devices

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics:

You will have to believe that most of your electronic devices, like laptops, TV, gaming systems, and other devices might get infested by cockroaches. And here the question arises, “How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronic?” It is definitely very much disturbing for the users as these tiny insects have very many adverse effects on your gadgets. It is a truth that these insects can reside in your electronic devices.

Once they are in they will corrode the internal wiring and other circuitry present in your electronic with their wastes and secretions as well. So prevention must be taken to remove these insects. You can find many of the DIY methods to remove them from your gadgets but here you must know whether the method is appropriate or not. So let us move towards the brief discussions about different methods you can opt for removing roaches from your electronics.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

How To Avoid Roaches In Electronic Gadgets?

After realizing that you have got cockroaches in your electronic devices, you must take preventive measures in order to eradicate those insects from your electronic devices.

As a matter of fact not all the methods are good to remove them from the electronic appliance as if you do not have complete knowledge then it might be a probability that you will destroy your device. Following methods are the safest and the most reliable used to get roaches out of electronics.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

1. Removing Them Manually

With the help of the instruction manual, you can easily open up your device into parts. By doing so the manual removal of these cockroaches becomes easier for you. In this method, you can pull apart the main components of your device and can have easy access, which will aid you in removing those tiny insects very conveniently.

But you must make sure that you are very much confident about the fixing back of your device. Otherwise, if you are not too confident then do not try to open your device. After opening, when you see cockroaches then you should use gloves or a paper towel to pick them. Avoid touching the cockroaches with naked hands.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

2. Use Dust Traps

Although cockroaches make themselves a resident of your electronic devices, for food and water they have to come out. This is our chance to eradicate them. You can use dust traps that will be a good idea to kill these insects easily.

You do not have to use these dust traps inside your electronic devices. Try to place them in the areas like under the device and can place them just near to the food source as well. These dust traps will trap the cockroaches very easily that are foraging for food and water. You can also place these traps at places like:

  • Food source of the cockroach.
  • Hiding places such as power plugs and outlets.

In this method, when one cockroach walks over this dust trap then it gets poisoned and dies ultimately. Then the other roaches will approach the body to feast and they will also die due to poison.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

3. By Using Bait Traps

These traps are just like dust traps that also poison the cockroach that comes in contact with it. The bait traps consist of an odorless gel that shows up very much appealing to the cockroaches and attracts them towards themselves. They are more active in drawing the attention of the cockroaches and making them come outside from their hideouts.

Unlike the dust trap, you can use these bait traps near your electronic devices without being worried as the dust can get in the crannies or nooks of your devices. After placing this trap near your electronic device you have to wait for the cockroach to come out from the hiding places and get poisoned to death. This method is very much effective as well.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

4. By Using Boric Acid

Though boric acid is one of the best pest control methods and especially for cockroaches, most homeowners do not like to use boric acid in their homes. The only thing that you have to do is, sprinkle a little boric acid in the surroundings of your electronic device and wait for the cockroaches to come in contact with it. After contact, these cockroaches will be poisoned to death instantly.

As many of the scientific researches and reports show that cockroaches are now immune to different insecticides and other chemicals. But boric acid always proves itself a fail-proof chemical against roaches.

How To Get Roaches Out Of Electronics

5. By The Use Of Diatomaceous Earth

A natural method by which you can control pests and insects in your home is Diatomaceous Earth (DE). It is a fine sand-like powder that is extracted from the diatoms. The fossil shells of algae and many other aquatic organisms are the main components of the DE. It is a very much safe and reliable method of eradicating cockroaches from your electronics.

It works in such a phenomenon, that as soon as the cockroaches come in contact with the DE it starts to scratch with the exoskeleton and dehydrates their body by drawing water, fats, and oils out of it. As a result, they are not able to absorb nutrients and die in a period of 2 to 3 weeks. The plus point of DE is that it is very much safe and you do not have to worry about your pets and small children around it.


If you are annoyed by cockroaches that are residing in your electronic devices then we hope this piece of writing will definitely help you to figure out your problem. Here in this article, after going through it you will be now completely able to deal with such a situation in which cockroaches are present in your different devices.

All these above-described methods are safe and you can use them very easily as well. So whenever you encounter roaches in your electronics then you can practice one of these methods and the results will be pleasing definitely as well.

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