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How to Install Monitor Drivers? 

How to Install Monitor Drivers

It’s a common query for which everyone is wondering that is “How to Install Monitor Drivers?” The monitor drivers can be installed manually as well through software. Here at, you will find both methods. The monitor driver ensures the color use and screen resolutions of your display can be optimized. Many hardware is explicitly recognized and supported in Windows 10, so monitor drivers are installed automatically in many cases.

Steps Of How to Install Monitor Drivers?

Let’s dive into our deep guide and find out the steps of how to install monitor drivers. In this case, the installation of monitor drivers in Windows 10 can be needed manually. Let’s have a look at the important steps of installing the monitor drivers exactly.

Step 1— Open the Device Manager

How to Install Monitor Drivers

You need to open the Device Manager to start manually installing the monitor driver.

Alternatively, type in the search box the system manager and click on the device manager for the results.

Step 2 – Open the monitor category

How to Install Monitor Drivers

When you are looking at how to install monitor drivers then we suggest you should Open the monitor category in the Device Manager and pick the monitor you want to install the driver manually.

Step 3 – Download the monitor item

How to Install Monitor Drivers

Download the monitor item and pick Update driver from your pop-up menu.

Step 4 – Re-Equip The Window Drivers.

How to Install Monitor Drivers

Make sure to select the browser to update the window drivers.

Step 5- Navigate to the monitor driver files folder

How to Install Monitor Drivers

Next to navigate to the monitor driver files folder, press the Browse button.

When wondering how to install monitor drivers you must know Usually, there are files for monitor drivers with at least 3 files, an extension file, A file with the file extension.INF.

Windows uses the INF file to set up the driver and contains driver setup information. CAT is a catalog file that includes thumbprints for all driver selection files, as Microsoft calls it. The ICM file contains the monitor color profile to match the color of the display character for Windows.

Step 6 – Press the OK button

How to Install Monitor Drivers

Ensure that you press the OK button for driver files’ location.

Step 7 –  To Finish Click Close

How to Install Monitor Drivers

When you have done all steps of how to install monitor drivers? Then we suggest checking the driver file location, click the Next button.

Now Windows 10 will install your monitor drivers and show a notification that your drivers have been successfully modified. We hope you learn how exactly monitor drivers are installed.

Step 8 – To Finish Click Close

How to Install Monitor Drivers

To finish, click Close.

Problems You Will Face During The Installment of Monitor Drivers 

If Windows 10 doesn’t know the monitor, the most common issue is that the screen size is limited to low resolution (640 to 480, 800 to 600, or 1024 to768). Resolutions can be much higher, particularly with modern (4K) screens. Non-LCD displays can also have small refresh speeds, which can trigger a scintillating display. As a consequence of not recognizing the displays, dual (multi) display configurations may also have limitations. After reading our price information about monitor driver installment, you may also know that how to hide the taskbar on the second monitor.

Final Thoughts! 

When wondering how to install monitor drivers, one thing to remember is that the monitor problem not only affects the monitor driver. Equally significant are the graphics card and the graphics driver. Memory restrictions and potential screen resolutions on the graphics card are limited, so the port can display to HDMI dongles.

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