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How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program?

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program? It’s quite an interesting thing to know (considering the fact that you haven’t got an idea before!) that you can actually get to restrict (restrain) your mouse cursor to a specific part of your screen. This can be done by making use of mouse locker software and applications and you can literally lock (restrict) your mouse cursor to either a particular monitor or any window or program of your choice.

Multitasking, for sure turns out to be greatly result-oriented, however, it still can tend to become quite troublesome at times. This species can become a major issue when your mouse cursor continues moving towards the unnecessary windows and programs, wasting a lot of your precious time and resulting in the execution of unwanted commands, as well. And not to forget those times as well, when you unintentionally and more of accidentally end up clicking outside an application or program window.

Within all such under-consideration and surely the most unfavorable situations, a mouse lock software or application will show up as your day savior, significantly preventing you from all the unnecessary wastage of time as well as getting frustrated too. All you have to do is follow these guidelines of ours and you’ll be absolutely good to go with your workflow without a single interruption.

Tips To Follow On How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor

AS per the mainstream solution, there’s this freeware application having the name of Lock Cursor Tools that will help you during all of your multitasking by restraining your mouse cursor just to your desired window or program.

If you are looking to know How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program, then An important factor to know at this point is that the Lock Cursor Tools will require a space of about 2 MB within your PC for its installation, and so is the fact that it is not a portable application. Ahead is a precise detail about its usage.

1. The Lock Cursor Tools

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor

Lock Cursor Tools works by getting run from the System Tray in the first place. You’ll need to left-click on the shown icon in order to begin using it. This application offers three methods that you can make use of, in order to restrict your mouse cursor. We’ll have an individual analysis of the working approach of all three:

  • First Option: With the first available option, you can set the screen area (or position) in the form of pixels. You can click in the box in order to modify the values and you can also make use of the arrow keys to do so, as well. 
  • Second Option: The second way is a more easy option on “How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program” is by clicking on the Set Area Button, followed by drawing a rectangle containing the mouse pointer. This is particularly helpful for the users working with the best gaming monitors and for those too who work with/over a different program running on each monitor, as they can achieve the cursor restraining functionality by setting Lock Cursor Tools on the desired screen.
  • Third Option: The third option, by far, is to restrain the mouse pointer to a specific window. This is done by clicking on the button of Select Application. The Lock Cursor Tools will open a window showing the list of all running programs. At this point, the left side of the screen will be showing the window’s name, icon, and path and that’s exactly the spot where you’ll have to click. For checking the process’ location within Windows Explorer, you’ll have to click on the right side of your screen. You’ll be taken back to the main screen of Lock Cursor Tools with the selected part at the bottom.

2. The Mouse Lock

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor

Mouse Lock is one of the top mouse locker software for Windows 10. It’s an open-source free utility that locks the best budget monitor as well as the mouse cursor by disabling (paralyzing) every system operation. The Mouse Lock software will utterly keep any unauthorized access at bay by restraining both the pointer and cursor movement and thus completely locking your system.

At the very moment of the program’s activation, it will dim out the rest of the screen as the mouse moment gets locked by a password. This software requires the downloading and running of the EXE file. You’ll be asked to enter a password followed by a confirmation done thrice. As you click on the “Lock” button, the entire screen will be dimmed except for the mouse pointer being moved to the center.

Mouse Lock is a much stronger choice of software regarding “How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program” as there’s absolutely no possible way to deceive the password authorization. This is because all of the CTRL+SHIFT+DEL attempts get efficiently failed plus you also get a log of those unauthorized tries made in order to have access to your PC, up till the point of a successful unlocking attempt.

3. The Cursor Lock

How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor

Cursor Lock is another good way of restraining your mouse however, it’s got a bit of a different way of working rather than that of the Mouse Lock. It functions by restraining the mouse movement only to a specific area of the screen, the one selected by you. This tool does prove to be very helpful for when you’re gaming and for sure don’t want your cursor to move to any of the unnecessary screens. You can also learn how to overclock monitor?

When using the Cursor Lock, you’re given certain ‘hotkeys’ to set, so as to keep your mouse pointer only within your defined area. The same goes for keeping the cursor in one screen within multi-monitor setups as well as on a window of any program. You can also make it to open your desired program(s) simultaneously by setting up hotkeys or locking the cursor using the “Strict User Mode”. This specialized feature will be helping you a lot while you get to work on more than one display.

To Lock it (To Sum up!)

That was our time regarding a concise compilation of information on “How To Lock The Mouse On A Monitor, Window, Or Program”, from which you’re meant to benefit a lot by all means. And from now on, you can very easily and of course very smartly as well, keep your PC far away from any unauthorized access. Plus, you can also save yourself a ton of discomfort by making your mouse pointer stay just in the space you opt for. And it goes without saying that surely you can have your productivity improved up to a considerable extent, this way!

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