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How To Move Steam Game To Another Drive Using 3 Easiest Methods?

How To Move Steam Game To Another Drive - Three Easiest Methods Featured Image

Sometimes the space on your particular drive runs out, and the only solution left is to move some items to another partition or lose your data by formatting it. If you have games in that drive and do not want to lose them, then your most probable query will be “How to move Steam game to another drive?”

Well, moving Steam games to another drive is not an arduous task. We are here to tell you the 3 most common methods in this article. The major concern of the users is “How to transfer steam games to another drive?” as they want to free up some space in their partition.

In such a situation, people get confused and do not know what to do. So we are here to tell you all the possible and easy solutions that you can adopt to transfer your steam games from one drive to another.

For What Reasons, We Move Steam Games To Another Drive?

There might be many reasons for moving steam games to another drive, but we will describe here a few that are the most common.

Reason 1: Drive Has Run Out Of Space

Drive Has Run Out Of Space Banner

If you have ever noticed, Steam drops all the games on the C Drive after installation. So, because of the installation of various desktop files and other installations, this drive can get full easily and the bar of the partition turns red. To avoid such a situation, the user wants to transfer steam games to another drive.

Reason 2: Moving To The SSD Drives

Moving To The SSD Drives Banner

In order to reduce the overall load and increase the performance speed and time, some users prefer to move and install their steam games on an SSD drive. Because the speed of data transfer in SSDs is far greater and faster than in HDDs. Using different third-party benchmarking tools, you can also check the speeds of both your SSDs and HDDs as well.

So the above reasons are the two most common issues that any user faces when they want to transfer their steam games to other drives. If you are in any of the above situations and want to know how to move a steam game to another drive, then let us move ahead to seek the most probable and easy solution to this issue.

3 Most Easy Methods To Move Steam Game To Another Drive

In this article, we have mentioned the three most common and easiest methods that you can use to move the Steam games from one drive to the other. So, without wasting a single second, let us move towards the techniques.

Technique 1: Using The Existing Move Install Folder Feature

Technique 1 Using The Existing Move Install Folder Feature Banner

Some pre-existing or built-in features in the steam mat assist you in moving the specific game within the game library or other drives. With this feature, “Move Install Folder” you can easily move any game to other drives or game libraries.

This technique comprises several steps, which are outlined below.

  1. Locate the settings after opening steam games.
  2. Now move towards downloading, and in the Steam Library Folders, click on the Add Library Folder option.
  3. Now, click on a different drive to create a new folder. After successful creation of a new folder, name it, click OK, and then select in order to continue.
  4. Then in the steam folders lists, your new folder will appear. Now you might close the window, and after the creation of this alternative path, you can easily direct your future installation here.
  5. To open your game library, click Library, and from the library, right-click the desired game that you want to move. Then select the properties of that game.
  6. Click the button stating “Move Install Folder” in the local files tab.
  7. In the last step, click the Move Folder option and here you go. Your game will start moving to the other drive.

Technique 2: Move Steam Games To Other Drive Using Steam Library Manager

Technique 2 Move Steam Games To Other Drive Using Steam Library Manager Banner

If you want to manage your Steam game library, this Steam Library Manager is the tool that will help you a lot. The main interface of this tool shows up all the present libraries on your PC and even all the Steam games present in those libraries as well.

By using this Steam Library Manager Tool, you can easily move, copy, and even backup your games. The use of this tool is described below.

  1. Download this Steam Library Manager tool from the official steam website.
  2. All the steam libraries with the games on your PC will be visible on the main interface of this tool.
  3. Drag that game from the library that you wish to move.
  4. Now find the Task Manager tab. It will show you the list of games that you want to move to.
  5. At a single time, you can move over one game to another drive by clicking the Start Button.
  6. And it is about the whole procedure. You will see your games moving, and if there is any problem, this tool will tell you.

Technique 3: You Can Move The Entire Steam Install

Technique 3 You Can Move The Entire Steam Install Banner

The third method is straightforward. You can use this method to transfer all of your Steam games folders from one drive to another. If you are not aware of the steps that are involved in this method, then worry not. We are here to guide you from scratch.

Follow the below-mentioned steps in case you want to move your entire steam install from one drive to another.

  1. First, find your Steam folder by using Windows File Explorer.
  2. C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam will be the most probable path that you will see.
  3. So, for moving to the new drive, you simply have to copy the steam folder and paste it into the other drive.
  4. For the sake of a backup, leave that folder in its original directory after renaming the original or genuine steam folder.
  5. Now you can run the Steam games.exe from the new drive and can also create entirely new shortcuts as well.


In our article, we have described simplest and most common methods that are being used nowadays to move your Steam games from one drive to another. Our experts hope that you have found this piece of writing very beneficial and that you can now easily move your Steam games between two drives as well.

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