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How To Play Steam Games On Nvidia Shield? A Complete Guide 2022

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The hardcore gamers want to know “How to Play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield?” as for gamers, the steam game is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the present era. On a compatible PC, you can play, purchase, and maintain games by using the steam games. You can also take part in the beta versions of different games and can also publish your own game on the Steam games platform.

If you think that the features of the Steam game are limited to the PC only then you might be wrong, In case you are an Nvidia Shield user and want to execute steam games on your device then worry not, we are here to help you.

As you can install a shield in your Nvidia device to play games that are not even present in the Nvidia Shield. So by wasting no further time, let us move towards the guide which will tell you that “How to Play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield?” on your Nvidia shield-connected TV by installing Steam and playing other PC games as well.

How to Play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield With The Use Of GeForce Now?

Following is a step-by-step guide you can adopt if you want to play different PC games (Steam Games) on your Nvidia Shield device easily.

Step 1: Create An Account

Create An Account

The first thing that you have to do is to create an account. And for this purpose, open the web browser, go to the steam games official website, and create your steam games account here. This account will be useful for you in future usage for purchasing and maintaining your games.

Step 2: Connect Nvidia Shield To The TV Now

Connect Nvidia Shield To The TV Now

After the successful creation of your steam games account, now make a secure connection between your Nvidia Shield and TV screen. The connection must be authentic and with no flaws.

Besides connecting both these devices, the other thing that must be considered is internet connectivity. To ensure an active internet connection, connect the overall setup to the internet.

Step 3: Now Get The Nvidia Games App

Now Get The Nvidia Games App

The next step is to download the Nvidia Games App. You can get this app downloaded from the web directly. After the proper installation, now launches this Nvidia Games App on the device.

Step 4: Slip Into The Setting Menu

Slip Into The Setting Menu

Now you have to scroll down the entire menu and then click the settings icon, which is present in the left-side menu panel in this app. From here, the steam games playing options are being executed. After this step, further steps will make you closer and closer to playing stem games on your Nvidia Shield TV screen.

Step 5: Log Your Profile In

Log Your Profile In

After opening the app, now the very next step is to log in to your profile. The login option will be the very first option that will appear on the screen of your TV. You will find this option under the setting bar of the device.

Step 6: Get a Verification Code

Obtain a Verification Code

After logging in to your profile now a verification code will be visible on the screen of your Nvidia Shield TV. this verification code will be helpful for you in the next step and you will require it to activate your account so that you can enjoy PC games on the Nvidia shield device.

Step 7: Activate The Account

Activate The Account

Now the most important step is here. On your browser, open the link ( on any of your devices, whether it could be your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even the same TV screen as well. And then put the verification code in order to activate your account, that you have already got in the previous step.

Step 8: Select GeForce

Select GeForce

So after the proper activation, now under the tag of a library, select the GeForce option. It is the point that will help you play the Steam games on your Nvidia Shield TV screen. So that you can enjoy most of the PC games on this Nvidia shield facing no kind of problem or hassle at all.

Step 9: Ensure That Steam Is Installed

Ensure That Steam Is Installed

Scroll down in the entire library to ensure whether the steam is installed or not. Because without this Steam application, you cannot play any kind of Steam games or other Pc games on your Nvidia Shield as well. This application will be your loyal companion for offering you a high-end PC gaming approach. On steam, you can easily download, play, maintain, purchase, and even upload your own games more authentically as well.

Step 10: Go to Previous Screen

Go To Previous Screen

Then, after completing the above step, move back towards the previous screen and navigate the cursor to the type section.

Step 11: Click GeForce

Click GeForce

After getting to the type section now click on the GeForce icon and select a game that you want to play. After this step, you will go to enjoy hardcore gaming.

Step 12: Choose Your Game

Choose Your Game

After clicking on the desired game, then you will see a play option. Hit that option and you will directly head towards the game. Now you have all done, choose your valid steam account and start the immersive gaming experience on your Nvidia Shield TV.

List Of Steam Games That You Can Play On Nvidia Shield

List Of Steam Games That You Can Play On Nvidia Shield

By making your steam account operational on the Nvidia Shield, you can play different PC-oriented games easily. Some of the most popular steam games that can be played on the Nvidia shield are:

To properly control and play more immersively, you can plug a mouse or a keyboard in your TV as well. By doing so, you can play various shooting games easily and effortlessly. The mouse will also help you navigate on the menu screen of the TV.

Conclusive Comments!

Here is this article, we have answered the most asked query that states, “How to Play Steam Games on Nvidia Shield?” By reading this entire piece of writing, one can understand the entire process which is involved in making your Nvidia Shield TV compatible to play steam games and other PC games as well.

The entire piece of writing is a complete guide that gives you the complete information and makes you eligible so that you can play steam games on your Nvidia Shield facing no difficulty. A complete list of steam games is also present that you can play on the Nvidia Shield TV screen after observing the above steps.

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