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How to Play Steam Games on Oculus Quest? The Most Simple Steps

How to Play Steam Games on Oculus Quest Featured Image

Our article is going to outline “How to Play Steam Games On Oculus Quest?”. First, the question is “What is an Oculus Quest?” So the simpler answer to this question is that the Oculus Quest is a virtual reality device by Facebook and Oculus is a virtual reality company. Oculus owns the Oculus Quest. Like its predecessor, you will not require any PC or phone to run these headphones.

Can You Play Steam Games On Oculus Quest? If Yes, Then What Steps Are Involved?

Can You Play Steam Games On Oculus Quest

Yes, you can easily play steam games on the Oculus Quest virtual reality device. To play the Steam games on this device, observe a simple method that involves some easy but technical steps. These steps are described below in our article, so let us move forward without wasting a single second of our time.

How to Play Virtual Reality Steam Games on Oculus Quest?

How to Play Virtual Reality Steam Games on Oculus Quest

Before the installation of the innate software, first, make sure that you have got the USB cable that will be used with your quest. The length of the cable must be long enough so that you can move easily in the playing area around your PC. If the cable is short, then it will make you motionless as well. The following easy steps are taken to play the VR Steam games on the Oculus Quest.

  1. First, ensure that the Oculus Quest desktop software/application is present and accurately configured on your PC. If you are already a user of Quest, then your PC might contain this software. With this software, you can have easy access to the Quest features and the Oculus store as well.
  2. If your computer does not have this application installed, then install this software and steam on your PC as well. After the installation is completed, now install Steam VR, which you will get after logging into your Steam account.
  3. After the installation of all this software, plug the USB Link cable into the Quest and the other end into the free port on your PC.
  4. Now turn the Quest on.
  5. A pop-up will be visible on the screen of your PC after establishing a secure connection between the quest and your PC. It will ask to enable the Oculus links. For permission, click “continue.”
  6. After putting the headset for Quest on, a pop-up for the Oculus link will be visible. Now enable the Oculus link.
  7. After performing all these steps, you can run your VR Steam games by using two methods. From the headset library, you can choose the VR Steam games to run or from the computer desktop as well.

You will find yourself in the VR portal, no matter which method you have adopted. You can select any game to play from your already installed game collection. Now, enjoy the most immersive gaming experience by using Oculus Quest.


We hope this article will be very beneficial for gamers who own an Oculus Quest and are finding ways to “How to Play Steam Games on Oculus Quest?” We have mentioned the most simple and very easy steps that anyone can follow in order to connect the Oculus Quest virtual reality device with the PC in order to enjoy hardcore gaming.

Besides getting the most authentic/reliable knowledge about connecting the Oculus Quest with your PC, you would have gathered a lot of information about this magical device as well. We always provide you with the most appropriate details for every query on our site.

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