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How To Print Screen One Monitor?

Are you looking to know How to print screen one monitor? Using a multiple monitor setup is trending nowadays, many professionals or even individuals are using dual monitors for their official or personal work preferences. Whether you are a working professional or an individual who uses a dual monitor setup for games or photo editing, this is the common issue that we all go through. While using a print screen option you can’t be able to print a single monitor’s screen which is the most irritating thing to bear.

Easy Methods How to print screen one monitor

Dual monitor setup can be very much effective and also offers a comfortable working environment to many. Working smoothly with this, if you are also the one encountering this issue to take a screenshot on one monitor then, in this article I’ll elaborate the ways on How to print screen one monitor, even if you are running multiple monitors setup.

Let’s have a look at simple & easy methods to print screen one monitor!

Using the Windows Snipping tool

To take a screenshot of one screen with a dual monitor on Windows 10, this is a simple built-in tool. It is a simple snip & sketches application available in Windows 10 Operating System by default. It is as yet the most ideal choice for taking screen captures on the essential screen of your multi-screen arrangement.

I’ll explain the steps and methods of how to print screen one monitor. But before we start with the method you must set up the primary monitor you want to take a screenshot of. Let’s start!

Step 1: Go to the Search option available in the left corner of your monitor’s screen.

Step 2: Search for Snip & Sketch tool

Step 3: A customized window appears on your screen, press CTRL + N, or clicks on the “New” option, on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Select the “rectangle tool” to start snipping your display screen

Step 5: Drag the cursor with a mouse or touchpad, to snip the area of your monitor for a screenshot

Step 6:With in the Snip & Sketch window the screenshot will appear

Step 7: Press Ctrl + S or select the floppy disk icon to save the screenshot

Your screenshot will be saved on your primary monitor. Please note, this method is not eligible for secondary display until you change the display setting to change your primary screen.

For taking a screenshot of your secondary monitor, check this method!

Use the Print Screen (PrtSc) Key

How to print screen one monitor in dual monitor setup, you may follow this method too. This method enables you to screenshot the image on your secondary monitor, but your program must be running on the selected display!

Stage 1: Move the cursor to the space of the screen to be caught

Step 2: Press the easy route key Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen to begin the screen catch

Step 3: Launch Microsoft Paint, and afterward press Ctrl + V to glue the picture there

By Pressing the CTRL and PrtSc key together.

Step 1: Press CTRL + PrtScr to copy the image to the clipboard

Step 2: Search For MS paint or MS word document

Step 3: Paste the image by pressing CTRL + V

Step4: You will find the image pasted successfully.


It is quite simple to take screenshots on your Windows 10, after reading the article you may have an idea about How to print screen one monitor, you can easily take a screenshot of one monitor in your dual monitor setup. Moreover, you can follow one of the above-mentioned steps to easily take a print screen on one monitor and make your work easy.

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