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How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop?

How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop

Ways To Reset a Lenovo Laptop

How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop: Sometimes your laptop behaves sluggishly or too slow just because it has been attacked by some virus or other third-party malfunctioned software that just ruined the entire working of your machine. In this case, the only option that you can opt for is to reset your Lenovo laptop back to its factory settings. Here in this article, you will be able to get a complete and brief answer to the question; “How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop?”

Besides this solution, you do not have any other potentially feasible and authentic way that will help you come out of this lazy problem. But here the thing is that for a reset, you must have a piece of complete knowledge about the ways to reset your laptop and make it entirely new as it was when it came. So let’s go ahead with the different techniques that you can practice to reset your Lenovo laptop.

How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop

How To Reset a Lenovo Laptop?

Here in this piece of writing, we will discuss the factory data reset of the Lenovo laptop in two different ways. The one way will define the method in which you can save your data and your files as well while resetting your Lenovo laptop very easily.

And in the other method, you can completely erase all the data and other files on your laptop and bring your machine to a very new condition as it was when you unboxed it. So let us start without showing any delay.

Resetting Your Lenovo Laptop While Saving Your Files

1. Resetting Your Lenovo Laptop While Saving Your Files

You can select deleting your Windows files only or you can also wipe all the data present in your laptop. You can even clean the entire hard drive of your machine as well. But a matter of fact is that which route you would choose, you must have to install new windows on your Lenovo laptop after resetting it.

But if you want to prevent the deletion of your files and other steps after the factory reset of your Lenovo laptop, then you have to follow these simple and easy steps.

  • Enter the start menu and open settings there.
  • In the settings, you have to select the “Update & Security” option.
  • Go to the Recovery option.
  • Here you will see a line stating “Reset this PC”, click the “Get Started” option which is present right down there.
  • Then for saving your files and documents, select the “Keep my files” option.
  • Then you will see a popup message, stating that this will not take long. This message indicates that the system is getting ready for the reset.
  • Then you will be prompted to overview all the changes including the movement of apps, reset your machine, and reinstallation of a very new window as well.
  • To ensure and initiate this process, then click the “Reset” button.

Bonus Tips

Always keep in mind that resetting your laptop back to the factory settings will take a long time. So you just have to make sure that your laptop has sufficient battery and try to keep it plugged in a power source during the whole process as well.

Because it will keep your machine on and the whole process will go very smoothly and properly without any hassle as well. So keep this thing always remembered while resetting your laptop.

If you selected the option of saving your files, then it will be a better option to keep the backup of your data. Because in the case if anything goes wrong then you do not need to worry about your data and documents as you have a complete backup already.

Steps To Do a Hard Reset Wiping All Your Files

2. Steps To Do a Hard Reset Wiping All Your Files

In this type of reset, you can delete all the data including pictures, videos, files, and other documents completely. The hard reset could be called a proper factory data reset in a true sense. As it completely wipes all the data and makes your laptop just like brand new.

By doing a hard reset, your Lenovo laptop will become fast and will perform your work very easily and conveniently as well. So to perform a hard reset and want to set your laptop to zero you have to consider the following step.

  • Go to the Windows Start Menu.
  • Here open the Settings tab.
  • Now after opening the Update & Security option, go into the recovery tab.
  • Then locate the option Reset this PC.
  • Select the Get Started option and then choose to Remove Everything.
  • If you want to keep your PC with you then you simply have to select that option which is stating “Just move my files.”
  • But if you are selling your PC or donating it to some other person then you have to perform a brief reset by selecting Remove Everything then Remove files and clean the drive. By selecting this option you can easily wipe out all the application and other custom settings as well.
  • After selecting one from both options click “Reset” when everything is ready.

And that is all. By practicing the above-mentioned simple steps you can do a hard reset in your Lenovo laptop very much easily. But before doing a hard reset, if you want to keep your PC with yourself then you must check whether a reboot can help to fix your problem or not then go for a hard reset.


We hope that after going through this magnanimous article, now our readers have got sufficient and appropriate knowledge for resetting their Lenovo laptops with great ease. Here we have discussed two different ways of resetting your Lenovo laptop. You can opt for any of the one from these methods, obviously, you would choose the one which will suit your situation more appropriately.

So we at, always bring most of the innovative solutions related to the very tricky and irritating problems of your modern technology and electronic gadgets that are present around the globe. If you want to get completely updated then try to visit us on a regular basis.

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