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How To Screen Record On HP Laptop? – The 3 Easy Techniques

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To know how to Screen Record on HP laptops or your other PCs is a very important/necessary skill that you must know. Because in the present digital age this skill will going to prove itself very useful for you. If you are an IT-related professional, an online entrepreneur, a teacher who has to deliver his online lectures, or an online streamer who has to demonstrate workshops, then you must know about the screen recorder for HP laptops.

In case you have an HP laptop, then there are a number of easy methods which you can use to record the screen of your HP laptop. The very first question that will arise in your mind is that “Can you screen record on HP laptops?” So the answer is definitely a yes, you can easily enjoy screen recording HP laptop.

For recording the screens on HP laptops, you must know about the ways and techniques for “How to screen record on HP laptop?”. Here in this article, we have described the most efficient and the easiest 3 methods by observing which you can record the screen of your HP laptop conveniently facing no hassle. So let us start with the first down here.

Technique 1: You Can Screen Record on HP Laptops By Using The Default Screen Recorder

Technique 1 You Can ​​Screen Record on Hp Laptops By Using The Default Screen Recorder

The HP laptops come up with a built-in screen recording feature. But if we technically look at this feature, then it is a Microsoft Windows characteristic and if you are using Windows 10 or above version, then it will be available to the users by default.

Make access to the games bar of your windows in the order you want to know about how to screen record on HP laptop windows 10. The following steps are included for the HP screen recorder.

  1. Open the game bar of your windows; for this press the Windows key and G simultaneously.
  2. Then you will see a pop-up on the screen with a message that “Do you want to open the Game Bar?”
  3. Now check-mark the box which shows an option next to. The option will be stated as, “Yes, this is a game.”
  4. Now you will see the Xbox symbol. Move your cursor to the camera icon, which is present next to the Xbox icon. This camera icon is used to get still screenshots, and for the long video recording, the next white circle can be utilized.
  5. Then press the white circle which on pressing will turn red that indicted that your screen is being recorded now.
  6. So when you have done, then press the circle again, which will make it white that indicates that the recording has been stopped. This is the way for “How to screen record on HP laptop?”.
  7. Your recorded screen record clip will be then automatically saved to C>Users>Videos>Captures.

Technique 2: Capture Your Screen By Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Technique 2 Capture Your Screen By Using Microsoft PowerPoint Banner

If you are worried about How to screen record on HP Pavilion laptop?” then we are here to help you. As you all know that HP laptops come with a great number of software and tools for recording the screen and Microsoft PowerPoint is one of them.

I guess you should not have heard about the screen recording of your screen by using Microsoft PowerPoint. But by observing the following simple steps, you can easily record the screen of your HP laptops easily by using Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. First, open a new or blank presentation.
  2. Now from the navigation bar, select insert and then screen recording.
  3. Then a message will appear that says you to select the area of your screen that you want to record. Here, you can select the area of your screen which you wish to get recorded.
  4. You can also customize the recording controls as well, such as not recording the audio. So once you have finalized or managed the tools’ setting, then you can initiate your recording.
  5. Then select the round-shaped recording button and after hitting that button, all the other tools options will be disappeared.
  6. So if you want to stop the recording, then move your cursor to the top of the page and you will see the control center again from where you can easily stop the recording and be able to make alterations as well.
  7. Then, after completing your whole recording, you can save the file just as a simple presentation or you can also save it as File/Save Media As, which is then easily accessible in the drive where you had saved it. So now you have the answer to your question that states “How to screen record on HP laptop?”

Technique 3: Record The Screen By Using Third-Party Applications

Technique 3 Record The Screen By Using Third-Party Applications

To Screen Record on HP laptops, an easy and handy method is to use a third-party application. These applications are available on the web free of cost. Some of the most common third party screen recording software are mentioned below:

  • OBS Studio

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Studio is a free software for recording the screen and for live streaming as well. You can use this application in almost all the major operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows.

  • ShareX

Another open-source recording software is ShareX, which is also free. For even over a decade, this software is used to Screen Record on HP Laptops and it is a completely ad-free application. It means that this software is powerful and loaded with many features and is more useful for advanced and high-end users.

  • Free Cam

This software is another answer to the users’ question about “How to screen record on HP laptop?”. This (Free Cam) software is another powerful tool that is also absolutely free to use. It comes with a watermark and is a great application for sharing and creating different screen casts as well. With sound and video editing tools, this application is one of the best screen recording software.

The Final Words!

We hope that after reading this entire article, now you have a sufficient amount of knowledge that can perform a proper and efficient practice on Screen Record on HP Laptops. As we have mentioned, the top 3 and the easiest methods for recording the screen on your HP laptops.

Besides using the by default screen recorders, you can also go for the third-party application for ease. We have also mentioned some names of such software that are very easy to use and are free as well.

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