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How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor?

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor? Having the phenomenal LG 4K Monitor will be your amazing gateway towards the most stunning resolution as well as incredible clarity. Now, the LG Monitor could be your ultimate best gameplay partner with astonishing sharp visuals as well as your very own finest cinema screen displaying all of your desired content. In addition to these remarkable perks in the first place, you can also look for High-Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) content over your LG Monitor!

Let’s Say Hello To HDR!

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

It would be a more comprehensive approach if we first get to know what exactly is the HDR or How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor or let’s say what are its pros (considering the fact that you’ve already got an idea about that!).

HDR, as the basic intro, is a set of techniques used within both photography and videography. What’s the best part is that this technology results in the reproduction of fairly greater levels of luminosity, not to mention, unlike those results shown with the standard photography techniques.

Why Go For The HDR?

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

Or we can call this part as what are the advantages of the HDR. Using the HDR will let you make the most out of literally anything and everything you consider carrying out. Either it is gaming, screen viewing, or creative tasks, all are meant to get a significant lift through the HDR.

The most noteworthy and privileged facts of using the HDR are the highest resolution levels, an incredibly increased brightness, and a much wider color gamut. All these do contribute to making the screen viewing amazingly vivid and of course, much more sharper, as well. HDR content is, by all means, the distinctive way to enjoy the most razor-sharp movies (or any other stuff of your choice!) and certainly highly enthusiastic gaming, too.

Ways To Follow On “How to turn on HDR on LG 4K Monitor?”

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

Now that we’ve got a reasonably convincing and a legit understanding of the HDR, as well as the remarkable advantages of having this technology. Next comes enabling the working of the HDR over a standard 4K Monitor, let’s say the LG one. The very reason behind this selective choice is that LG 4K Monitors are indeed a really popular choice nowadays and since they’re 4k, so the perks and pros also have a long way to go!

Considering the fact that you own an LG Monitor, it’s high time that you get to enable the HDR setting over it, as well, so as to take your screen viewing to a literal incredible level. However, there’s one important thing to keep in mind at this point. This is that even if you’re already watching the HDR content over your LG Monitor, it might not be showing the “actual” HDR effects within the content. And to get this done, you’ll be needing to go through some settings that are the by-default ones given by LG.

“How to turn on HDR on LG 4K Monitor?” won’t be an interrogation anymore, once you’ve gone through this precise description of ours at

1. Look for what’s already there!

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

When looking for the How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor? or notable HDR effects within the content you’re watching, there’s this primary fact that’s worth knowing. LG, by default, comes with a setting that is meant for the user to get to know whether or not they’re actually watching the HDR content.

To be more specific, it’s the checking of the HDMI inputs, regarding their tendency of acceptance (to sync with) with the wider color gamut provided by the HDR 4k monitor. This setting is mainly a toggling switch for turning on and off of the HDR’s color range.

2. It’s Off by default!

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

Another significant aspect to know on the “How to turn on HDR on LG 4K Monitor?” is that each HDMI input has a by the default setting of being turned “OFF” and also not to forget that each one of the HDMI inputs come with a toggle of its own. It’s of course, a must to have it turned on, in order to make the most out of the HDR’s enhanced and extensive range of colors.

On the flip side, if it isn’t made to turn on, any and every of the HDR content on your TV won’t be showing that significant and dynamic color range as well as the picture quality. Therefore, it goes without saying that do make sure you turn this setting on, followed by it turning on all your screen enthusiasm!

3. Have it done this way!

How To Turn On HDR On LG 4k Monitor

Ahead are a few simple steps or the settings, whatever you can consider calling, will work for sure! Do follow them and you’ll be finding the most convenient answers to “How to turn on HDR on LG 4K Monitor”, right away!

  • Go to Settings. For this, you’ll need to look for the gear icon at the lower right side of your remote control.7
  • Follow up by clicking “General”. Click on the button that features a gear and wrench sign over it.
  • Come down (scroll!) to the bottom. This is the point where you’ll need to click the “HDMI Ultra HD Deep Color”.
  • Look for the number of ports (or it can be a single port, as well) you’re using your HDMI inputs for. Switch it/them ON.

By now, you should have successfully enabled the HDR of your desired content on your LG 4K Monitor. Observe keenly to look for any mismanagement (just in case!) if you don’t succeed in achieving the required results in the first attempt. You shall be able to master it soon! (and thus can be helpful for others)

To Conclude

Hoping for this super user-friendly description of the “How to turn on HDR on LG 4K Monitor” to be useful for you. And this way, you can benefit the most from not just your LG 4K Monitor, but also the HDR content you get to watch, as well. Enjoy your favorite content with the most natural visuals, higher brightness, and within the extensive color gamut, most importantly!

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