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How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password?

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

Methods That Can Be Used To Unlock HP Laptop If You Have Forgotten Your Password

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password:

If you are bothered with a problem that you have forgotten the password of your HP laptop and you want to open without using a passkey then you must be knowledgeable about these different methods. In this situation, you do not need to get panic because we have brought you some different methods that you can opt to unlock your device without any password.

In this guide by, you are going to learn different password-less entry methods to your laptop. Below we have described these feasible methods in detail so you can easily unlock your HP laptop in case you forget your password.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password?

Nowadays people are more concerned about the security of their data and their laptops as well. So being more serious they put passwords on their devices to prevent unauthorized access. A complex password can be a good recommendation for high-security levels of your laptops or computers.

Although strong or complex passwords can indeed avoid different malicious attempts on your computers, for most users, it is very difficult to remember such complex passwords. Commonly you note it down on the notebook, still, there are plenty of cases in which you can forget your laptop’s password.

Now to access your laptop without a password will be a great challenge for you if you do not know what to do. So we are here for your help and penned down different methods that can be used to unlock your HP laptop without any passwords as well.

Let us move ahead to study all these possibilities that we can have while unlocking our machine without using that password that we have created.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

1. Try Using Hidden Administrator Account

It is very much clear that the administrator account has all the access and control of your device. It can allow managing passwords for another account.

So by this function, you can reset the password of the other account in your HP laptop by using the administrator account very easily. Following are the steps, practiced to reset the password of other accounts on your HP laptop by using an admin account.

  • From the user list, click the account that has administrator privileges from the login screen. If you are not able to login in this way then you can press the shift key 5 times quickly, it will log you into the built-in administrator account.
  • Now navigate to the user account in the control panel.
  • Then after clicking the manage another account option select your locked user account here.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

  • Then click change the password and you will get a new interface demanding a new password for your locked account. Now click the change password option to complete the operation after putting in the new password.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

2. Using a Password Reset Disk

Things will become more simple if you have created a password reset disk for your account on your HP laptop. Let’s easily unlock your laptop using a password reset disk.

  • Firstly you have to connect your HP laptop to create a password reset disk.
  • After you see the login screen then input any incorrect password and enter it. Then click OK when it prompts that the password is incorrect.
  • Now below the text box, you can see more options just kike Reset Password.
  • After clicking it, then follow the instructions in the password reset wizard and then create a new password, and tap the finish button.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

3. Using a Windows Installation Disk

If you are not able to unlock your HP laptop as you have not created any password reset disk then you can use Windows installation disk as an effective alternative. Windows 10 Media Creation Tool could be very much excellent if you have a windows 10 laptop.

It is used to create a disk and installation to the other computer as well. Then after inserting this disk into your HP laptop you have to follow these instructions.

  • Set the bootable media as the primary source after entering the HP Boot Menu, then hit enter.
  • Click the Next button to continue after setting your preferences in the windows setup frame.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

  • Then enter the recovery environment by clicking the repair computer mode
  • Now select Troubleshoot then Advanced options, and then command prompt after it.
  • In the command, console press Enter after inputting D.

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

  • Then you can reset your password and can set a new one just according to your situation.

4. Try Using HP Recovery Manager

By using the HP recovery manager you can easily reset your laptop’s password without using a disk as well. This built-in utility comes in every HP laptop so you can use this tool very much conveniently.

You do not even have to worry about your data as this tool comes with a data recovery option as well. You just have to follow the given instruction for a perfect password reset of your HP laptop.

  • After restarting your computer press the shift key and restart when the login screen appears.
  • Open recovery manager in the troubleshoot option. To move ahead click system recovery after launching the utility

How To Unlock HP Laptop Without Password

  • After clicking backup your files then select the next button. Then after selecting the file types for backup and the place of backup now click the next button.
  • Now the recovery process will get started and after the completion of this process, you can easily access your laptop without any kind of password on it.

This is HP’s in-built recovery method that you can use easily to access your laptop without using a password. This method is very much convenient to use as well. Only HP users can get the complete benefit of this recovery manager on their laptops.


In this article, we have described all the well-known methods of unlocking your HP laptop in case you have forgotten the password. All these methods are very much easy and authentic as well. By using these recovery ways there is no chance of any kind of data loss as well. You can also use them on your own as they are not very difficult.

We hope that after reading this article that now you have sufficient knowledge which enables you to unlock your HP laptop even if you didn’t remember the password. You can have easy access to your protected laptop by practicing these ways. All these methods are secure and very credible as they are tested by our experts as well.

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