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How To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop?

How To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop

Methods To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop

How To Unlock Keyboard On Dell Laptop: While using your Dell laptop if you find that your keys are not working then you will definitely check out the different ways to unlock your Dell keyboard. As the keyboard is an entirely separate entity if you are using it with your PC but when it comes to the laptop’s keyboard then you might face a little more complex approach.

So there are many things that cause this problem and here in this article, we will discuss the issues and their possible solutions as well. So let us start without any delay from the issues that cause this problem.

Some Reasons By Which Your Laptop Keyboard Gets Locked

There comes very prominent reasons because which the keyboard on your Dell Laptop For Art Work gets locked but some of the most common reasons are as follows:

1. Fn Lock

1. Fn Lock

You have got an Fn key on the keyboard of your Dell laptop that gives you the perfect grip over most of the commands very easily and can be used to experience many shortcuts as well. You can toggle different commands by the combination of this key with other keys.

It is very much probable that you got your “Fn” locked if your pets sit on the laptop or you dropped your laptop. This also causes locking of the whole keyboard.

2. Num Lock

2. Num Lock

This key is also known as the numeric key that can be seen in the numeric keypad of your Dell laptop for Solidworks. This key works the same as the Caps Lock or Scroll Lock, by pressing which you can change the function of your numeric keypad. It is located on the right side at the top on the numeric keypad of the keyboard of your Dell laptop.

3. If Your Keyboard Drivers Are Outdated

3. If Your Keyboard Drivers Are Outdated

Drivers are the basic software that helps the machine to recognize and connect to the particular device and your Dell Laptop will also have many drivers as well.

If your keyboard driver is outdated then you might face a problem of locking up your keyboard and you can experience arduousness in doing your tasks. Updating the latest keyboard driver might help you to tackle this problem.

4. Dead/low Battery Of Your Wireless Keyboard

4. Dead/low Battery Of Your Wireless Keyboard

This problem will arise only when you are using a wireless keyboard. You can observe a sudden locking or completely shut off your keyboard while performing your task, it can happen because of a dead battery of your wireless keyboard as well.

As for the wireless Dell Keyboards batteries act as power sources and sometimes it can be difficult to presume that when you have to charge to replace the battery of your wireless keyboard. If you notice a sudden hurdle in the working of your wireless keyboard then the first thing you must check is the batteries.

5. Damaged Dell Keyboard

5. Damaged Dell Keyboard

Sometimes you have to accept the bitter reality. If you have tried all the methods of unlocking your Dell keyboard and no one is being responsive then you must admit the fact that it is time to replace your keyboard as it could be damaged or faulty. Your keyboard can get damaged if you drop your laptop or have had water spillage over it.

The Most Effective Ways To Unlock Your Dell Keyboard

You can come across many of the methods used to unlock your Dell keyboard but here we have penned down a few most effective and the most common methods. Let’s have a look at all these methods.

1. Try Unlocking Dell Fn Key

1. Try Unlocking Dell Fn Key

You can unlock your Dell Laptop keyboard by releasing the Fn key and there are different methods to unlock this.

Method 1

  • Hold the Fn key located near the windows key after pressing it.
  • For unlocking the Fn key you should press the Numlock key while holding the former key as well, this will help you unlock the Fn key.

Method 2

  • Increase the screen brightness by holding the Fn key and up arrow and then decrease the brightness by pressing the Fn key and the down arrow.
  • Now increase or decrease the brightness of the screen by pressing only a single up or down key.

Method 3

  • To bring up the Dell battery monitor screen hold the Fn key and then tap the F3 key.
  • To eject the disk drive hold the Fn key and F10.

Method 4

  • Press the Fn key accompanied by the Page Up button to increase the volume and Page Down to decrease the volume.

Method 5

  • To put the laptop on hibernate mode press and hold the Fn key and F1.2. Try Unlocking The Numlock Key

2. Try Unlocking The Numlock Key

If you are facing any issue in using the number keys present on the right side of your keyboard and they are locked then you must try unlocking the Numlock key to resolve the problem in a simpler way. For unlocking the Numlock key you only have to locate the key at the top-right corner of your keyboard and then press it once. That’s all, you are done.

3. Try Updating The Keyboard’s Driver

3. Try Updating The Keyboard’s Driver

If you find the problem in the driver of your keyboard and see that they are outdated then you must update the drivers.

For the up-gradation of the drivers, you can check the online driver pack solution of the latest version or can also visit the official Dell site to download the latest driver for the keyboard of your Dell laptop. By doing so you can eradicate the whole problem very easily.

4. Drain The Static Electricity From Your Dell Laptop

4. Drain The Static Electricity From Your Dell Laptop

Most people find this method very much workable, so it is recommended the most. To perform this method you have to follow the given steps.

  • Firstly turn your Dell laptop off.
  • After unplugging the charger remove the battery of your Dell laptop.
  • Now press and hold the power button down for 40 to 50 seconds.
  • Turn your laptop on after reconnecting the charger and the battery.

By doing so it is very much probable that your Dell laptop gets unlocked and the problem gets resolved as well.

5. Change The Dell Keyboard

5. Change The Dell Keyboard

At this point when you have tried all the methods and nothing is working you might think to replace your Dell keyboard as it would be a great option. But always seek professional advice and get your laptop checked up thoroughly to assure that the laptop’s keyboard needs to be replaced or not.

If you see that the keyboard is completely damaged or faulty then the only and the best recommendation is to replace your faulty Dell keyboard with a new one.

The EndNote!

Wrapping it all, we have given you complete knowledge about different bugs and different problems by which your Dell keyboard can face different issues and get effect on their working capabilities.

We hope that after reading this article, now you are completely able to diagnose the problem and can also resolve it by trying all the above-mentioned methods. These methods are tested by our experts and are the most reliable ways to get your keyboard on a Dell laptop unlocked.

We at always come up with the solution to the modern problems of modern tech. Our motto is to provide you with the most authentic and the most reliable information that can prove itself very much informative and useful for you people. So you can visit us to get the most recent updates and solutions to the different problems of modern technology products present across the globe.

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